Luca Fiorentini: Principles of Forensic Engineering Applied to Industrial Accidents

An introductory text on the investigation of industrial accidentsForensic engineering should be seen as a rigorous approach to the discovery of root causes that lead to an accident or near miss The approach should be suitable to identify both the immediate causes as well as the nderlying factors that affected amplified or modified the events in terms of conseuences evolution dynamics etc as well as the contribution of an eventual human errorThis book is a concise and introductory volume to the forensic engineering discipline which helps the reader to.

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Recognize the link among those important very specialized aspects of the same problem in the global strategy of learning from accidents or near misses The reader will benefit from a single point of access to this very large technical literature that can be only correctly nderstood with the right terms definitions and links in mindKeywordsPresents simple real cases as well as giving an overview of complex ones each of them investigated within the same framework; Gives the readers the bibliography to access in depth specific aspects; Offers an overvie.

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W of the most commonly sed methodologies and techniues to investigate accidents including the evidence that should be collected to define the cause dynamics and responsibilities of an industrial accident as well as the most appropriate methods to collect and preserve the evidence through an appropriate chain of security Principles of Forensic Engineering Applied to Industrial Accidents is essential reading for researchers and practitioners in forensic engineering as well as graduate students in forensic engineering departments and other professionals.