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For actionadventure it doesn t disappoint BLOOD ON THE MOUNTAINSA great western adventure show casing our Lou Prophet and Louisa Bonaventure aka The Vengeance ueen Trailing the curly wolves owlhoots and the worse of the worse gang and gang members thru all the West These particular adventures our partners tracking has separated them but they are still in the freezing Dakota s lands hunting and finally capturing these gangsThis particular adventure has an unknown serial axe iller and is slowly murdering town residents at night with an axe and hatchetgruesome murders until Louisa discovers who the Bikini killer isthe clue is he s afflicted with winter feverLou is returning the leader of the Hatchet gang to Denver to hangmeanwhile he gets caught up with affluent Europeans who ve come to Colorado to hunt wild game for trophies and funThese Europeans are snipping from a moving trainilling our Native Americanswhich for them will result in their deathsGreat reading NEVER slow lots of action rowdy cowboys miners and men who try to take advantage of Louisa Bonaventure which ends with those two men bleeding out on the cold dank floornever underestimate people or their actionsKeep your coffee hot and your cinch tight Literally enough action and excitement for two novels The story starts out with Lou Prophet and the Vengeance ueen on the bounty trail together Then they split up and each has their own wild adventures Russian wild game hunters a countessa a serial Facilitation Made Easy killer an Indian raid bushwacking and back shooting gunfights and floozies a barrel of secrets all set against the backdrop of a brutal winter I didn t find aitchen sink in it though But everything else was there Second book in the Lou Prophet series This was as awesome as the. Lou Prophet and the deadly Louisa Bonaventure have torn a bloody swath across Dakota territory in search of the Griff Hatchley gang When they finally catch up to them an epic blizzard threatens to turn the Dakota prairie into a fr.

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Raped over horses each following one of the trails The rest of the story deals with how they track down the remaining four what they must do pretty much anything to capturekill them and how many bodies they collect along the way spoiler It s than the fourteen Izmeklētājs. Būris killersBrandvold is a clever writer in a realistic historical genre pull off my moccasins my toes are going to come rollin out of my socks like dice off a craps tableWhen he was nearly to where Louisa s pinto and his own horse the appropriately named Mean and Ugly xx tied to his head with his spruce green muffler covering his ears so they wouldn t freeze turn black and fall offxxhe could feel the temperature plummeting like a bucket down an empty wellPlus there is no doubt to the reader that Brandvoldnows a lot about the Old West freight the stout wheeled high sided Murphys had once carried leaving the roadhouse sitting high and dry so to speak likely patronized by only the occasional cowpuncher off area ranches woodcutters and market hunters maybe the rare cavalry patrol out of Fort Totten near Devil s Lake Now and then a begging Indian a Sisseton Wahpeton or Cut Head Sioux too proud or restless to be confined to the agency probably hoofed it by here on a broom tailed cayuse with painted rings around its eyes pausing for a free cup of whiskey and a plate of beansThe author s voice is uick and clever with just enough humor to eep it a grisly story fun Be forewarned There is a lot of blood and gore fighting and death with numerous scenes featuring the guns and rifles and shotguns of that era and details of how those weapons won the day This is highly recommended for those who love the Western genre and don t mind that it isn t sugar coated for today s delicate readers. While Louisa gets caught in Sundown a one horse town where a hatchet wielding maniac threatens to paint Main Street red When spring's thaw comes they'll find a city of corpses beneath the snow And nobody gives a damn about the la.

First one Lou Prophet and his partner Louisa are bounty hunters This one starts with them together then they separate and you hear about both their adventures until they meet up again I like the wa Blood at Sundown Lou Prophet Bounty Hunter was an enjoying read for me I am giving it four and a half stars I love the Western genre There are so many different authors with differing styles and ideas of what the Wild West should look like that you can easily find yourself moving from one blazing gun fight to anotherLou Profit is a bounty hunter Never an easy job in the era of gunfights and saloons it s a crap shoot every time you ride into town Add in the harsh winter conditions of the Dakotas and Lou is working double time to catch his bad guys In the end the bad guys lose and that s what counts The story to get to that point will eep you pulling for Lou and wincing every time he has to duck for cover Western lovers will definitely enjoy this book Lou Prophet and Louisa Bonaventure the Vengeance ueen the stars of Peter Brandvold s Blood at Sundown Penguin Random House 2018 Book 2 of Lou Prophet Bounty Hunter series are a two person bounty hunting team Arnhem 1944 known for their ability to catch the worst of the worst and survive shootouts no one else would In this story they are after a gang of fourteenillers who collectively are worth a lot of money Lou wants to take them alive because they re worth that way spoiler that rarely happens and Louisa just wants their deviant selves removed from the planet To chase this gang takes them to the wintertime freezing conditions of the Dakota territory On the first round they ill ten of them Since the remaining four went two separate directions Lou and Louisa split up each with five bodies Ozen hell To bag their prey before the storm hits Prophet and Louisa split up and take separate paths towards damnation Prophet's course takes him into a town packed to the gills with the deadliest outlaws that roamed the frontier.

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