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Ers and Robert and Lucy learn much about the family than they ver wanted to learnEarly one morning Robert and Dr Fletcher are on their way to the baths for Robert s treatment and Robert is looking forward to his visit with Sir William Only Sir William isn t there but his physician is When they realize that Sir William isn t in the baths Dr Fletcher dives in to find him but it is already too late Sir William is dead Robert and Dr Fletcher don t believe it was natural causes that caused him to submerge beneath the watersLucy Robert s wife has been investigating murders for the ntire three years they ve been married and she always drags Robert into helping her This time however Robert needs no persuasion He wants justice for his friend Sir William and he can t help but feel that it is someone in Sir William s family that caused his death Now he and Lucy just have to figure out who and whyI was happy to see that Lucy s health both mental and physical had improved since her series of miscarriages I loved seeing how well they ve settled into married life and how open they are in their love for ach otherWe have a delightful cast of secondary characters some are recurring and some are new some you will love others you won t Of the recurring ones we have Dr Fletcher and his wife Penelope Robert s former betrothed Lucy s sister Anna and some of their household staff The new appearances include a possible love interest for Anna Captain Harry Akers and his family as well as the oddly blended family of Sir WilliamAs always there is a twisted path to the solution and the villain may surprise you It is a great addition to the series and now the waiting for 7 beginsPlease check out my reviews atBlog Page I reuested and received this Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files e book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher The mystery was okay but the personal aspects than compensated for it I m loving this series now Great fun and one of my favoritentries in this Regency series Sir Robert Kurland and his wife Lucy have come to Bath so he can continue healing from complications from wounds he received at WaterlooA cantankerous outspoken neighbor Sir William Benson is also partaking of the water cures for his health having been knighted for his trade successes in Yorkshire he has decided opinions about his disappointing sons step sons and beautiful second wife Sir Robert reminded of his own Yorkshire grandfather befriends the old coot and they keep ach other company soaking in the hot baths until Sir Robert and His doctor find the old man dead in the baths one morning Was it his weak health or murder Since he was constantly threatening to disinherit his relations Robert and Lucy suspect the worstThis was fun in that Lucy and Robert worked together and Sir William s family are all self centered and greedy with secrets to hide There are red herrings and satisfying twists and turns and a satisfying conclusion I figured it out but not too soon and I still njoyed reading to the conclusionI njoy this Regency cozy series and look forward to the next book I really love this series by Ms Lloyd and I am always waiting for the next one to be available at my local library A cozy mystery with very likable characters and a murder that has Robert and Lucy on the trail of another killer The secondary characters really add dimension to this story as the Benson family are amazingly dysfunctional throughout the book Penelope Fletcher being pregnant and forcing herself into xcursion to Bath was often amusing and also tiresome She really does need someone to give her a reality check. Er with Lucy's aid The members of Sir William's family seem the most obvious suspects to benefit from the wealthy man's death but his will has gone missing To deduce who sent Sir William to a watery grave Robert and Lucy must investigate with the utmost discretion before they too find themselves in over their head.

A very cute historical cozy mystery Lucy did seem a bit too Mary Sue for my taste but I liked the author s An Italian Education effort to spice up romance and I must say this is probably the most romantic book in the series Thending seemed also a bit rushed in a weird way but overall it is a humorous and interesting read that I d recommend to all cozy mystery fans I hope the seuel is in works Death Comes to Bath35 StarsSir Robert and Lady Lucy Kurland travel to Bath for the treatments and investigate the murder of a new acuaintance Sir William Benson whose abominable family all wanted him dead While the culprit is predictable and the motivation straightforward it is the characterization that really makes the story shine Each member of Sir William s despicable family is drawn in vivid detail and this adds depth and intrigue to the rather mundane mystery Lucy and Robert s marriage is back on track after the difficulties of the previous book Not only has Lucy made a wonderful recovery both physically and psychologically but the love and affection she shares with Robert are delightful There are also updates in the lives of other recurring characters including Lucy s sister Anna and Penelope Fletcher who is growing on me The final book so far Death Comes to the Nursery is next and it promises to be very satisfying Thanks to Netgalley I had the opportunity it s read what I consider the best in this mystery series In the sixth installment Sir Robert and Lucy travel to Bath for the healing waters for Robert s health While in Bath Sir Robert befriends Sir William Benson who Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code ends up murdered by someone in his very obnoxious and grabby family Lucy and Robert become immersed in the family s feuds to solve the murder Lucy s sister Anna and Penelope Sir Robert s former fianc add dimension to the story Highly recommend Audio Review I spotted this series a little while ago and just now had the chance to give it a go I love reading books from the English Regency period and adding in a mystery becomes icing on the cake This was obviously a series that had been out for a while and as I discovered while listening it probably would have worked much better getting it in order since the romance family and friend relationships developed over the course of the seriesNow that said the mystery was restricted to this book and the primary players in the mystery were all new and introduced as well as the setting so in a sense it was pretty Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, easy to readlisten to it as a standalone or out of orderSir Robert Kurland had to undergo surgery for a leg infection that was a complication resulting from his time fighting in the Napoleonic War To aid his recovery his wife insists that they follow his doctor friend Patrick s advice to spend some time in the hot sulphur baths of Bath So to thisnd she rented a house on ueen Anne s Suare and invites her sister Anne along The doctor s wife Penelope invites herselfNot long after they move into their rented home they Daddy Wanted encounter their next door neighbors the Bensons Mr Benson is from the North and built his fortune in trade He knew Robert s grandfather and the blunt crotchety old man starts to become a friend of Robert s But Mr Benson s family dynamics are in shambles He has a pretty younger wife whongages in dramatics and sees the world as revolving around her Mr Benson s three sons and her two sons do not get along with Forbidden Stranger each other orach other s parents while none Snowy River Man except maybe Peregrine Benson gets along with the old man Mr Benson threatens to change his will and does so freuentlynough It s a situation rife for murder and the murder becomes reality soon Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze enough Sir Robert s wife Lucy joins him on the uest to. On a visit to Bath Major Sir Robert Kurland and Lady Lucy Kurland discover that the English spa town is not beneficial toveryone's health After Sir Robert's injury from the battle of Waterloo begins troubling him again his wife Lucy insists they relocate from the village of Kurland St Mary to Bath along with her.

Discover who did the murder and it forces them into contact with their annoying neighbors as well as weeding through the background and situation of Les brumes d'avalon : roman each person showing plenty of motives and several opportunitiesI had a good time on the case with Robert and Lucy who were an interesting pair in their own right along with their friends and Lucy s sister The mystery was joined by a few private plot threats from their circle of family and friends and the Regency background along with the Bath setting were well written It did pace out slower and had a few small lag moments but I didn t mind since it got back going readilynoughThis was my first time xperiencing Cat Gould s narration work and I thought she was a fab match for this style of story and a period mystery I liked the way she voiced the main players and the servants for gender age and class and I liked her pace and tone throughoutAll in all this was a fun and ngaging historical cozy mystery that made me The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone eager to go back to the beginning of the series and start from there to get the whole backstory as well as progress forward when the next book in the series releases Definitely recommendMy thanks to Tantor Audio for the opportunity to listen to this book inxchange for an honest reviewCOYER Summer Scavenger Hunt Clue book set in the Regency 1 pt New release series fav Step back in time to Regency England with Death Comes to Bath by Catherine Lloyd and join Lord and Lady Kurland as they travel to Bath England to seek treatment for his leg that was injured in the Battle of Waterloo This is the sixth in A Kurland St Mary Mystery series and my introductory read to the books The story is a complete mystery of its own and it is not necessary to have read the previous books in the series There may be some secondary character development or some Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, exploration of the two principal characters relationship that has beenstablished in The Family Plan earlier books howevernjoyment of this book is not dependent on having previously read anything in the series Lord and Lady Kurland rent a house in Bath for a month whi Series A Kurland St Mary Mystery 6Publication Date 121818Close your A Family Practice eyes breathe deeply relax and move back in time with this masterfully written historical romantic mystery The descriptions of places and people along with the authenticity of thera make you feel as if you are right there meeting the people smelling the aromas of the baths and touring the town of Bath Major Sir Robert Kurland was grievously injured during the battle of Waterloo His leg was completely shattered and the surgeons wanted to remove it Luckily for Major Kurland his friend gifted Army surgeon Patrick Fletcher wouldn t allow it and managed to save the leg The leg has never been truly well since that time but Robert would rather deal with that pain than lose his leg When a large knot rises on his thigh he tries to hide it from his wife and Dr Fletcher His A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity efforts to hide it are unsuccessful and Dr Fletcher has to cut the knot open to drain it and hopefully save Robert s life yet again After Robert has healed sufficiently to travel Dr Fletcher wants him to go to Bath and take the treatments Robert reluctantly agrees but he isn t happy about itIn Bath Robert realizes that the treatments are actually helping him and he is feeling better than he has in a very long time To make the treatmentsven bearable he has the company of Sir William Benson who knew Robert s grandfather Robert comes to really like the older man but learns that Sir William s family relationships are very poor and contentious indeed It seems that the Benson s are very free with airing their dirty laundry in front of oth. Sister Anna so that Robert can take the waters and recover At the Roman baths Robert befriends an Celebrity Bachelor elderly and pugnacious businessman Sir William Bensonnnobled by the Crown for his service to industry Their acuaintance is short lived however when the man is found drowned in the baths Robert vows to find his kill.

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Catherine Lloyd was born just outside London England into a large family of dreamers artists and history lovers She completed her education with a master’s degree in history at the University College of Wales Aberystwyth and uses the skills she gained there to research and write her historical mysteries Catherine currently lives in Hawaii with her husband and youngest daughter Please not