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Old physics professor who is openly gay I loved that on the outside Kelly is an argyle sock cardigan sweater wearing neatly dressed college professor But underneath he is a tattooed pierced man who is proud of who he is and hides nothing Well there is one thing he does hide the way he REALLY feels about his best friend since the second grade Blue Britton Blue Montgomery is an NFL tight end for the Aventura Outlaws Blue is thirty years old and has been dubbed the Blueprint or prototype of a perfect tight end Blue s life has always been about football Without it he has no idea who he is He and Kelly and been best friends since the beginning They are as different as night and day Blue s life evolving around sports and Kelly who doesn t like to break a sweat But somehow it has always worked Until it didn t In the tapestry of our life our threads were so interwoven we d have to unravel the whole blanket to pull them apart Blue and Kelly are so close it s like a marriage without the sex Only for some time Blue has noticed things about Kelly a straight man shouldn t And he is oddly possessive of him like when anyone else looks at him or touches him or speaks to him When a little alcohol loosens his inhibitions a little experimenting happens which changes everything Especially when Kelly finally admits that he s in love with Blue has always been in love with him And now it s time for Blue to decide what he eally wants What did I love about this book Just about everything These two were so perfect for each other I loved the way they were just two halves of a whole My only problem is that when I love characters this much I feel protective of them And I didn t like that Kelly had to feel pain while keeping his true feelings hidden and finally forcing Blue to decide what he eally wanted These two made me smile so much and sigh both out of frustration and when they were happy I can t wait to finish their story in the second part of this duet A Deeper Blue For about this book and so many others come and visit me at Carol s Crazy Bookish WorldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroupsCarol Normally I don t change my ating for a book but I am gonna do it this time See when I ead and eviewed this book I didn t know it was gonna be a series and that there was gonna be a second book This changes a few things for meat least the way I feel about the ending and how things felt a bit ushed So I am upping my ating with half a star The blurb of this one looked all kinds of promising to me I mean Sports Friends to Lovers Opposites Attract and GFY all in one go There were definitely parts of this book that I was very pleased withbut I am sad to say that there were also parts I was not too happy withBlue and Kelly have been friends for a very long time Blue is a NFL player and Kelly is a physics professor Pretty awesome friend duothe nerd and the jock Blue is straight and Kelly is gay Kelly is not completely out but he isn t eally hiding either It s just his family he still has to tell His coming out to his family was one of the greatest scenes in th. Ng at him from all sides From his father who’s only interested in Blue’s football career From his coaches who just want him to play without getting injured again From the fans From his agent And from his mother who has popped up on the adar after leaving his family years before And now his elationship with Kelly is on shaky ground and that fri.

45 Stars Something amazing happens in your world when the person you think is crazy special thinks you e kind of special too I don t know if it was just good timing or what but I eally liked this one And I m kind of mad at myself for waiting so long to ead it It pretty much ticked all of my boxesFriends to Lovers checkGFYOFY checkBanter check Sports checkSteam checkPlus elatively low angst I was worried a bit about Blue toying with Kelly But it felt pretty authentic to me the way it all played out given who Blue was and his background and being in the NFL Yeah Blue was an ass about it at times But I eally believe his brain just hadn t caught up with his body when it came to Kelly Now with that being said the ending was HFN at best I kind of wanted to thump Kelly for his eaction to Blue So in one way I am glad there will be another book but I also don t want a bunch of drama to go down For now I ll be cautiously optimistic 4 Confounding StarsI m scratching my head as to why I thoroughly enjoyed this because for me there were many things in this book that shouldn t have worked despite this containing the well loved trope of the classic friends to lovers progression However this features an adamantly heterosexual star athlete whose gay bestie is in love with him and is tossed liberally with female bits and in the closet overtones understandably giving me plenty of easons to furrow my browSo yes I shook my head about 90% of time while listening to this as Blue tries to econcile these uasi new feelings towards his bff Once they cross the line Blue s not sure about going all in but he s not satisfied in going back to friendship only either However Kelly isn t about to let him have his cake and eat it too and therein lies the ub Props to Harmon in giving both Kelly and Blue distinct voices completely likeable personalities and a dynamic that obviously clicked It doesn t hurt at all that these two were hot as fire My brain short circuited no less than 8 timesI absolutely believe that the narration by Alexander Cendese and Sean Crisden literally brought Kelly and Blue to life and made them and this story 10 times better They delivered their lines with precision expounding on the sarcasm the snark the doubt the back and forth and the above mentioned seriously too hot to handle chemistry between these two UnfDespite my bafflement this was smart and funny and I immensely liked the push pull between Kelly and Blue all the while fanning myself as I listened to this genius narration I m just happy there s a seuel since this ended somewhat suddenly and I look forward to of this mind boggling goodness Thank you to the authorpublisher for the audio in exchange for a honest eview RATING 45 STARSThe Blueprint is book one in the Rules of Possession duet by SE Harmon This is my very first book by this author and I am pretty much bowled over It s witty and fun sexy sweet with not too much angst Not to mention that I fell totally in love with these two This is a MM sports bi awakening omanceKelly Cannon is a twenty nine year. Kelly Cannon is satisfied with his life He has friends a wonderful family and a great job But his love life has eached a new level of pitiful Why Well his heart decided to break all the ules Don’t fall in love with a straight guy And definitely don’t fall in love with your best friendNFL standout Britton “Blue” Montgomery has pressure comi.

Is book I need a story Ma This is not a good coming out story Kelly has been not so secretly in love with Blue for a long long time Kelly knows that Blue is straight as an arrow and he knows he has zero chances but that doesn t stop him from pining for his best friendand yes I do mean pining One drunken night changes everything for these two close friends thoughNow I normally have no problems with GFY stories I love them I am especially a big fan of the straight guy figuring out all the pleasures of gay loving PWhat I am not a fan of though is the straight guy stringing along his best friend who is madly in love with him and using him in secret just to get his ocks off I have a plan Kel and this is nowhere in that plan Eventually I want to get married Have kids You know how important family is to meI was angry with Blue and I was hoping he would make up for his behaviourand in the end he didbut it was too late for meNow don t get me wrong There were definitely parts I eally enjoyed in this book It s also extremely funny so I eally laughed my ass off I was just so dissapointed with Blue s behavior It was very hard to get passed that The ending feels like a HFN not a HEA My eviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession I was a walkingtalking cliche the gay man secretly pining for his straight best friend Friends to Lovers story with two highly likeable characters with great sexual chemistryEver since I ead PS I Spook YouI ve been a fan of this AuthorI love her writing and she always delivers on the witty banterBlue and Kelly have been best friends foreverInseparable in their youth and their strong friendship hasn t wavered over the yearsSurethey love each other but what Blue didn t ealize was that Kelly has been in love with him for as long as he can ememberBlue is a successful NFL playerIt s his passionhis lifeHe s never eally been interested in anything serious and he s definitely not been attracted to men beforeKelly is a Physics Professor and what can I say apart from the fact that I absolutely ADORED himHe s gloriously geeky and a bit of a hipster type with his piercingstattoos and he s got a whole lot of sassiness going onI could have ead about him foreverAnd he s out and proudWhen Blue gets drunk one night things get messya bit complicatedsomething neither of them saw comingBlue definitely finds it difficult to embrace the physical attraction he s feeling towards KellyHe s always been possessive in a friend s only way but this is something completely foreign to himI kind of got BlueI don t think he consciously led Kelly on with the friends with benefits thingI just think he was eally conflicted and yesthere was a lot of back and forwards between them until Blue finally acknowledged his feelingsHe definitely gave mixed signals to Kelly who tried so hard time after time to abide by the friends only thing but eally neither of them stood a chanceThese two had some delicious chemistry going on and I was than happy with the sex scenesnot too long and drawn out perfect for the storyRecommended ead Review copy. Ghtens Blue than anythingWhen Kelly admits he’s in love with Blue bonds are tested and Blue has to decide what’s eally important He doesn’t want to lose the number one person in his life but the cost to keep Kelly close might be than he’s willing to payIt’s a good thing his nickname is the Blueprint it’s time to draft a new set of plans.

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SE Harmon has had a lifelong love affair with writing It’s been both wonderful and rocky they've divorced several times but they always manage to come back together She's a native Floridian with a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Fine Arts and now splits her days between voraciously reading romance novels and suirreling away someplace to write them Her current beta reader is a nosy Amer