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The book literally ended right after introducing a plot point that could ve set up so much for the story This novel also completely glossed over certain aspects of the story and they seemed to only be there for shock value than anything else For example there s literally a death of a itten on page that served as a catalyst for Selina turning into Catgirl the problem with this is that we never got to wholly view Selina and the itten s relationship The exposition tried to accomplish too many hard hitting things too fast and it just ended up looking like a Mess Selina is literally emotionally abused by her mother and physically abused by her mother s boyfriend but it wasn t really discussed in any way and I feel like it wasn t as nuanced as it should ve beenTrigger and content warnings for animal death animal abuse dogs self harm bullying homophobic slurs physical and emotional abuse parental neglect and alcoholism I believe an. Reevaluates her place in her home There's no way Selina and Dernell can live under the same roof and since Dernell won't leave Selina mustFrom New York Times bestselling author Lauren

There are a few positives to this book yo the art is literally so damn gorgeous I SOBBED at certain pages bruce wayne bruce wayne bruce wayne can I mention the art again there were a couple of truly wholesome moments in this book the parkour was a pretty cool element not as cool as the parkour in minecraft tho smhMy rating for this was originally three stars but thinking about it I ve decided to lower it to two stars Overall I feel like this book really didn t accomplish much at all The few plot points that the narrative creates do not get resolved by any means and it ended way too abruptly to have left a lasting impact on Selina s story even though I don t even now Selina s story that wellThe weakness about this book is its short length and I m unsure on whether or not this is supposed to be a novella Frankly this plot is not enough and I was Charity Girl kind of upset when it ended because I was actually invested in Selina and her story. Selina Kyle is fiercer than shenows For 15 years she's put up with her mother's string of bad boyfriends but when Dernell her mom's current beau proves crueler than the others Selina.

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D death Selina Kyle is constantly victimized by her mother s horrible live in boyfriends Her current love Dernell seems to be around to stay Selina has endured his temper and ab That was everything I could have asked forLauren Myracle Isaac Goodhart make a fabulous teamReally looking forward to seeing from them A good Catwoman origin story I have not read the actual novel but I did not notice any missing part in the story so I am assuming everything was covered The art work is great very similar to the Nightwalker adaptation The comic shows how the abused Selina Kyle grows into the Catwoman of Gotham Where she learned her skills and why she needs the amour to survive as well as the compassion she feels for those in troubleThere are a number of troubling themes in this book that teenagers could be facing and I am glad the they have added agencies that can help I enjoyed the book and look forward to trying of the DC INK series. Yracle ttyl and artist Isaac Goodhart comes a story about learning how to survive the world when you've been forced to abandon your home and finding allies in the most unexpected moment.

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Lauren Myracle is the author of numerous young adult novels She was born in 1969 in North Carolina Lauren Myracle holds an MA in English from Colorado State University and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College she has written many novels including the famous IM books ttyl ttfn and l8r g8rHer first novel Kissing Kate was selected as one of ALA's Best Books