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A haunting story of a foster irl who runs away to the mountains to live in the wilderness Obviously scarred by her past and foster status your heart breaks for Morag from the beginning and you just know that her story is inevitably Nightbane World Book One going to end tragically This beautifully written tale will leave your heart heavy and linger in your mind long after you ve read the last word I found this book both beautiful and disturbing Just thinking about if makes me slightly uncomfortable and yet it has followed me thorough two moves while many other favored stories were left behind There is something uite compelling about it Lost my original copy purchased in high school through Scholastic but located a copy through Alibris I m looking forward to rereading a book that has long stayed with me Morag is a 15 year oldirl in Scotland who climbed on a bus to escape her neglectful childhood and the series of unpleasant foster homes that followed it Her destination some beautiful remote mountains beyond a small village as depicted in a photograph she clipped from a newspaper This photo is her happy place something she look. The townspeople believed she was a demon spiritThey frightened each other with tales of a wild young creature The All New Jonah Twist glimpsed here and there for an instant then vanished In truth Morag was a lonely young runaway airl not uite.

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Onths I know A Wild Thing has a sad ending but I still ot a deep feeling of peace reading about this young irl who Legon Ascension (Legon Series goes weeks and months without encountering another living soul It s the sort of thing that sometimes sounds very appealing to me usually when I metting especially tired of having my boyfriend s obnoxious cat around all the time It s not something I ever seriously consider but I would seriously consider rereading this once every few years when I want to feel that sweet sweet solitude An absolutely beautiful book Very sad I read it a very long time ago Just ordered it off of I will re read then add a proper review What a sad little book Perhaps an object lesson to young people inclined to make a run for it I always wondered what poor Morag thought she was PMS going to do when winter came The dream of living in freedom in the wilderness is enormously appealing on a summer s day With snow lying five feet deep outside the cave freedom becomes an appalling struggle just to survive and an Inuitirl of such tender years would find it a big ask in those environs sigh As I began such a sad little book. Y a boy wandered into her strange solitary existence and brought with him all the joys and evil of the civilization she had fledThe most provocative adventure story since Lord of the Flies Extraordinary The New York Times.

S at to daydream when life The Two of Swords gets to be too much She doesn t have much of a plan and due only to tenacity and some extraordinary luck she manages to not die within a few daysSheets set up in a cave abducts a couple of feral Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, goats and steals some things from nearby farmhouses in order toet herself ABCs of Baseball going And at first living in the wilderness isood for Morag being alone with nothing to do but take care of her own needs Ēna gives her a measure of peace that she never had in her previous life Side note it wasn t pointedly addressed but there was something off about Morag s mental state Maybe just a case of ADD combined with an unstable family life maybe something After a while though loneliness and boredom begin to set in Also the superstitious rural townfolk have compared notes about thingsoing missing from their homes and yards and think that some sort of demon is responsible What will happen to Morag Spoiler alert nothing oodThis book made me feel things It was a darker take on the same themes as Island of the Blue Dolphins although the heroine of that book better prepared lasted 18 years instead of nine Sixteen years old who had deserted the poverty and pain of life as an unwanted child to live a harsh dream of freedom in the wilderness Her home was a cave her companions two oats and a moss covered skeleton until one da.

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