E.O. Gordon: Prehistoric London It's Mounds and Circles

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My last book of 1212 I started out with 35 as a oal and this is 60 And strange book it is but I knew that when I started itPrehistoric London is a reprint of a book published in 1914 and the author EO Gordon appears to be another British Israelite though I ve not taken the time yet to look him up The book has some interesti. Best Books, Prehistoric London It's Mounds and Circles By E.O. Gordon This is.

M the ignorant one Anyway Gordon writes with what appears to be some knowledge about high places hills the Tor mazes etc and Druids I was unaware of the DruidMultmutius the father of Anglo Saxon law and thus that s a plus Whether he s talking through his ate about everything else I don t know The flowery language doesn t hel. Mat: Unknown Binding and others 176 pages and has a text language like English.

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Ng stuff in it but I m hardly convinced that England was settled by Brutus the Inverloch Volume 4 grandson of Aeneas and a few thousand Trojansetting out of Dodge after the iil fated Helen affair I was unaware that this was even on the table but he cites enough sources including Matthew Arnold and Dryden who waxed poetic about it so I The Good and Beautiful God guess Veryood and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780934666169: for.