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I ve iven this an A at AARIt s been a decade since Liam Devaliant the Earl of Lockwood stepped onto the pages of Meredith Duran s d but novel The Duke of Shadows Handsome charming and enigmatic Lockwood immediately captured my attention the mention of his mysterious four year absence from society and his obvious discomfiture at the presence of his estranged wife clearly hiding a story begging to be told and now here it is The Sins of Lord Lockwood is an intense angsty story that is sometimes hard to read but is nonetheless a compelling tale of a man s struggle to find his place after having his life ripped away from him and a painful portrait of a marriage rent asunder by hatred and Go-Go-Go! greedAnna Countess of Lockwood and Countess of Forth a Scottish title she holds in her own right has learned second hand of the return to England of the husband who deserted her on their wedding night four years earlier and she s furious Furious that she was stupid enough to fall for him all those years ago furious that he abandoned her furious she s heard nothing of him for four years and furious he hasn t bothered to tell her he s back and she s had to learn of it from the newspapersWhen his wife arrives unexpectedly at his their London town house Liam realises he s seriously miscalculated He had thought he would have at least another month before news of his return could have reached her at her home on the Isle of Rawsey where she retreated after his disappearance a month in which he could bring to fruition his plan to have his revenge upon the man responsible for having him kidnapped on his wedding night and bundled aboard a ship taking convicts to New South Wales That man is Liam s cousin Stephen the man with whom he drown up and played as a boy and who he d looked out for all their lives but with no direct evidence against him Liam has to play a careful devious Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook game behind the scenes With the help of his friends Julian Duke of Auburn and Crispin Burke MP Liam is putting an end to Stephen s fraudulent businesses and strategically and systematically bringing his cousin to the brink of financial ruinAnna s sudden appearance in London doesn t simply make a ripple in the pond of Liam s careful existence it throws a large rock into the middle and almost drowns him in the resulting explosion of spray He doesn t want to be reminded of the feelings he d had for her or the man he had been and he certainly doesn t want her in harm s way but she s having none of it Anna will remain in London for as long as she wishes she will live in their house she will do as she pleases and Liam cano or rather return to the devil but not until after he has iven her the only thing she wants from him an heir to the earldom of Forth Lockwood might not want an heir to his title but she wants one for hers and he s the only means by which she can obtain legitimate progenyIt s a nice piece of role reversal to have it be the woman need of an heir historical romance is littered with stories in which the man marries in order to do his dynastic duty but rarely have I read a story in which it s the woman in that situation so that makes for a refreshing change But Sins of Lord Lockwood is so much than a novel in which an alienated couple find each other again because of the need to procreate It s the story of two people who still care for each other but who have been damaged in very different ways and must learn to accept themselves as they are and to allow themselves to love and be loved Liam s scars are dreadfully deep both physically and emotionally he has taken to hiding behind a variety of different fa ades in order to prevent those around him from seeing how truly and irrevocably broken he is and he can t bear the thought of enduring anyone s pity least of all his wife s And Anna an independent outspoken and no nonsense young woman whose pedigree and wealth mean that her eccentricities are viewed benignly by society carries emotional scars of her own that are buried so deeply that nobody could ever uess at themThe story is of course based on a major misconception Anna s belief that Liam left her by choice and he takes no action to contradict that assumption He constantly evades Anna s uestions letting her believe him to be nothing than the heartless Animal Babies gold digger she has clearly convinced herself he was all along but Ms Duran brilliantly counteracts that in a series of carefully placed flashback chapters that chart the development of Liam and Anna s romance four years earlier Anna areat heiress and peeress in her own right needs to find a husband in order to secure the access rights to the Isle of Rawsey and the future of its inhabitants An impoverished English earl is nowhere on her list of suitable husbands yet the handsome charming Earl of Lockwood somehow manages to disarm her and breeze past her defences For his part Liam has never met anyone like the Countess of Forth and even though he knows he can have no chance with her she s far too shrewd to allow herself to be wooed for her money he is very soon smitten with her intelligence and her indomitable spirit as well as her smile and lush figure These chapters are simply beautiful as they show the younger unburdened or less burdened Liam and Anna falling in love almost against their better judgements and entering into what they tell each other is a marriage for the sake of expediency and which is clearly anything butBoth principals are strong stubborn flawed characters you can t help but root for even at those times you itch t 45 starsA truly excellent historical romance Strong woman strong man STRONG chemistryI was this close to lighting up that elusive 5th star for The Sins of Lord Lockwood by one of my favorite and very underrated historical romance authors Meredith Duran If it wasn t for my hatred of flashbacks I would have done it in a heartbeat I ve actually read a couple of historical romances that have vaguely similar themes to this one heroes with complicated pasts and PTSD from unspeakable things done to them However this story still really shone The plot was beautifully constructed with layers and layers of interest and two MCs who felt like fully fleshed out characters I adored the female MC Anna who was all fire and pride and just made of strong stuff She is a woman to admire and I wish I was as strong as her in my life I was inspired by her confidence and her willingness to Offenders and Detainees grow and learn The male MC Liam was also a man of many facets He was so much than a bored aristocrat and I lovedetting to know all of his sides as dark and sad and resiliant as they were He and Anna made a qasas-ul-quran glorious couple and I loved how the book really took its time making the romance develop slowly and naturally It wasn t rushed and it was extremely compelling If you like historical romances that make you FEEL and root for revenge redemption and second chances at love than The Sins of Lord Lockwood is for you Actually I d encourage you to read the whole Rules for the Reckless series and Meredith Duran is an author to watch Copy provided in exchange for an honest review Oh I m so happy now foriving this book a chanceWonderful writing reat dialogues reat story Dead-End Road Mysteries great hero evenreater heroine I loved all about this bookEven the switching between the past and present was excellent It explained many many things about both of them and their storyI appreciated the fact that everything that happens and everything they do and say is absolutely coherent and logical I could Hear the Wolves get Liam s shame at what was done to him and what he did in order to save lives and to survive I couldet he didn t want Anna s pity or what he thought would be Anna s pity for himI also could et Anna s anger She thought Liam has abandoned her and was wandering idly around the world So even when Liam tells her the truth she doesn t believe him it s too incredible to be true But after she sees with her own eyes the proof everything changes She becomes a she bear And what was wonderful inste. Steamy romance sizzles between a resurrected earl and his repentant bride in USA TODAY bestselling author Meredith Duran's latest historical romanceBACK FROM THE DEAD AN EARL SEEKS VENGEANCELiam Devaliant Lord Lockwood was born into a charmed life Charismatic powerful and wi.

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Anufactured and completely idiotic ie I m just too manly to have feelings dammit How do I tell her that she s not like other women This was not like that at all and while Big Misunderstandings often have me wanting to jump ship it actually worked here because Liam was suffering and slow to trust and Anna was stubborn and pridefulIf you re a romance reader you re probably nodding along impatiently and thinking to yourself Yes that s all well and ood but what about the chemistry What about the sexy times As a romance reader myself I salute you Also you won t be disappointed The sexy times aren t only steamy they re a little kinky as well and the heroine s WTF IS GOING ON reaction was pricelessA lot of historical romances coming out these days feel interchangeable but Meredith Duran has a signature style that I really enjoy and is uickly becoming a fast favorite with me The stories I ve read from her pack an emotional wallop and she s not afraid to take the narrative down a few dark alleys to keep things interesting Thanks to Netgalleythe publisher for the review copy 35 stars Buddy reread Nov 2018 Still loved it As Sam put it damn near perfect Unreservedly 5 Stars for this wonderful historical romance I will say that I think this one benefits from the BFI Film Classics groundwork laid in The Duke of Shadows and A Lady s Code of Misconduct It can be read as a standalone but you would be missing the full impact of this story in my opinion Coming into this story we knew that the very recently married Lord Lockwood had been abducted and taken to a penal colony We also knew that his marriage was supposedly a love match and that society thinks he and his wife were on arand tour during his absence A uestion fore front in my mind was why a recently married wife would not have raised the alarm of her husband s disappearance While I have found every story I have read of Duran s interesting there have been times that the romance has felt a little underdeveloped This was thankfully not the case here While a majority of the chapters focus on the book s present day it does feature chapter flashbacks to their courtship The flashbacks are clearly marked and not confusingThe time of their original courtship was full of hope and promise and two people falling in unacknowledged love They both had ideas for what their married life would bring but they thought they had time Time to understand and Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan grow together as husband and wife They didn t and the wrong words are said Misunderstandings occur and opportunity isiven for a clean abduction One thing I thought striking was that their story would have been compelling and read worthy without the separation and misunderstandings BUT their eventual HEA is all the sweeter because of itKnowing some of the background it is interesting seeing Anna s indignation and hurt when they reunite In her mind he left her with no word Her feelings are real and true and the way the story unfolds and progresses is very well paced and told I relished reading this every second and I finished reading with a smile on my face It is وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله going down as one my absolute favorites and I can definitely recommendI received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I freely admit that not every Meredith Duran book has been my cup of tea but in the Rules for the Reckless series she has impressed me beyond words Literally I find it difficult to write a proper review when all I want to say is This book isreat Read it Our esteemed editor here at Romantic Historical Reviews however insists upon so I shall try my best uite right EdLiam Devaliant fifth Earl of Lockwood who has appeared as a secondary character in previous books is every young lady s ideal handsome charming honorable and full of life Except for one thing he needs to marry for money Fortunately for him he falls in love with Anna a wealthy woman who holds the Scottish title Countess of Firth in her own right In earlier books Lockwood s four year absence from England and his fraught relationship with Anna have been mentioned but not explained Now we find out what happened and it is a heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting story of love determination and victory over one s demons Some characters from earlier books Lord Lockwood s friends make an appearance but this book works uite well as a standalone Four years earlier Lockwood disappeared without a trace on his wedding night leaving Anna so confused angry and embarrassed that she fled to her home on the Isle of Rawsey One day she is shocked to learn from the newspapers that her husband had returned to London eight months earlier without a word to her Barely containing her fury she shows up at the Lockwood town house to find it full of a strange assortment of servants and a Lord Lockwood whom she barely recognizes Lockwood is not best pleased to see her and thinks he can drive her away but he has seriously miscalculated Anna is staying and she is determined to be a wife to Lockwood in every way mainly because she wants a legitimate child to inherit her title Anna and Lockwood once had been madly in love with one another although they never confessed it and pretended that theirs was a marriage of convenience Anna struggles to understand what has happened to the happy charming man she married She had assumed that he was larking about but slowly she comes to realize that something awful happened to him and that his only Fiend goal in life is to wreak revenge on the perpetrator The identity of the villain is no secret to the reader it is Lockwood s cousin and heir Stephen who arranged to have Lockwood kidnapped and put on a convict ship to New South Wales so that Stephen could inherit upon Lockwood s death I won to into the details of what happened during Lockwood s four year absence other than to say that he suffered horribly and has returned with what we would now call PTSD He is so traumatized and ashamed of what happened to him that he Voice of Conscience goes toreat lengths to conceal the truth from Anna until finally he confesses all and she can t believe himThis is a beautiful complex story of two damaged but lovely and loving people finding one another again with some mystery and adventure along with a lovely story of devotion and courage Meredith Duran is an outstanding writer and she is at the top of her PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) game here As with many of her books there isreat angst and it is sometimes difficult to read A reader s perseverance will be rewarded though because as I said at the beginning This book is The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, great Read it It seems like I was waiting Lockwood s story foreverSo was it up to my expectationsYes it was well then why didn t Iive 5 stars thenAs some of you know I don t like past and present settings in my bookI don t mind if the story break down into two parts where part one in the past and part two in present But to mixing up like this NahHere how I feels about Liam and Anna story I totally love their present time However just like someone trying to reach the finished line all the excitement and the spirit there and so looking forward to reach the end then someone pull you back and offer you a nice drink before let you carry on your journey Gosh I feel deflated and it happened few times Yes yes their past story are sweet too and worthy to read too but I don t really bother much because I just in hurry to find out what will happen with them next not what was happening before So yeah I skimmed the past reading a bit So there you Marvins Room go it was a fabulous story and Liam s character is soood Anna needs to do a better job to catching up Also I kind of disappointed with her little bit what kind of a woman is that who will marry a uy who she thought capable to left her behind just like that Seriously She didn t even bother to report about him missing Her selfpity aren t pretty to read but other than that she was okAnd Liam made up all the story weakness for me I just read Lockwood and Anna part in The Duke of Shadow again SighI just wonder is that before or after their 4 years separation. D from death with plans for revenge Standing in his way though is his long absent bride Once he adored Anna's courage Now it seems like a curse for Anna refuses to fear or forget him If she can't win back Liam's love then she means at least to save his soulno matter the cost.

Ad of wallowing in self pity because she was harsh with Liam she confronts him and challenges him until he opens completely Soooo very well doneA fantastic book The first MD books I rate 5 shining stars A man is what he makes of himself she said softly Not what is done to him And so too a woman For a year now since March 4 2017 precisely this has been my most anticipated book of 2018 Period I know I would ve been excited and impatient for a new Duran s book but to have Lockwood as a hero This took it to another level of expectancy Ever since I first read The Duke of Shadows I was intrigued by Lockwood his secrets and his relationship with his estranged wife Then came A Lady s Code of Misconduct early last year which only reinforced the uestion I had Where is Lockwood s story But when the day had finally came and I saw the book magically appeared on my kindle I ot scared to open it Would my high expectations hinder my enjoyment Would they be met Would I be disappointed as I ve been with a number of the authors I loved in the past Well I should ve have faith in Duran and her magic is all I can say nowThis is a powerful story that explores fragility and resilience of human spirit despair and renewal light and darkness revenge and forgiveness It s a compelling love story between two strong multilayered characters who must overcome tremendous barriers on the road to their HEALiam and Anna My heart was breaking for them In the hands of a lesser author the story could ve been easily turned into a melodrama feast with dreaded misunderstandings Not here Every time I felt the deep emotional buildup would crescent into an overflowing territory the author pulled me in with the flashbacks of their initial courtship almost four years before the courtship full of lightness humor witty banter and loveliness At times when I thought oh no just explain yourself don t torment each other I either ot my wish or the characters ave me a reason to wait I don t necessary like stories with flashbacks but non linear storytelling works here so much better in my opinion than the linear would It provides contrast between light and darkness between who Liam and Anna were before and what their relationship could ve been if Liam s kidnapping and imprisonment didn t happen It made me understand both characters better their motivations their actions their hurt their disappointments The dual POV was masterfully employed for the 360 degree view of their relationshipI want to say so much about their relationship but words are failing me They seem inadeuate to express how deftly for example Duran characterized Liam s PTSD In fact I believe it s the best portrayal of the disorder I ve encountered in fiction Claustrophobic hunted unable to escape himself There were moments that left me breathless and I had to step awayAnd Anna I love her strength her independence historically appropriate I may add her determination her fighting spirit to win Liam s soul and save him from his demons no matter how much he attempted to push her away This book is the storytelling at its finest 45 starsThis is one of those books where you start to seriously doubt whether or not the two main characters would even end up together There were just too many issues so much hurt and misunderstanding between these characters that it seems like there might not be a solution to it all But Meredith Duran not only made me feel invested in Liam and Anna s story she also convinced me that these two belong together therefore their love can overcome whatever obstacles they would face in the futureThe Sins of Lord Lockwood is another fabulous addition to Rules for the Reckless Ms Duran continues to write vivid and complex characters you can t help but root for I was completely sucked into the story and its characters I highly recommend this author and this series to anyone who reads or wants to read historical romance An ARC was provided by the publisher for this review Reread 1118 I buddy read this with Joanna and Gaufre and was super annoying as usual Again next year uysBuddy Read Thread I take back that part below where I said I would reread it and update I much prefer just basking in this feeling that this book is perfection for me And I ll say one thing that occurred to me while reading there aren t tropes I don t like there are just authors who can and cannot execute Meredith Duran executedFirst and foremost I d like to thank the many fans who apparently asked for this book I can t believe it wasn t all part of the plan Since I have only been reading Meredith Duran and historical romance for a very short time I m so thankful she listened to your pleas I was absolutely riveted by Lockwood from the first introduction in The Duke of Shadows A strange dark charmI actually didn t realize till late in the book that her new release was to be about him and I was so happy to hear it Now onto the review of this book It s almost not fair What kind of brilliance does it take for an author to understand the human condition make us understand and empathize with both characters nearly in eual measure hurt and hope with them and fall in love with them A Meredith Duran level of brilliance I know I haven t been reading romance long but having read 1 5 6 from this series I unreservedly say that she is the one of the best that romance has to offer Her books are instant classics with their meaty plots incredible but not miraculous character development and beautiful words Which I ll share upon a second reading I am realizing my reviews of her books are far less than adeuate I intend to reread and heavily review these rich examples of romance I can tell you in so many ways this book pushes you to the edges of your capacity to understand and creates a little fissure that eventually becomes something you can identify with Though I still favor Duke of Shadows this is eually poignant She s taken flawed characters and made us love them for it I shall stop with the ushingwell through writing I still have a lot Star Cookies Comfort going on my up in my brain over this stunner of a book Thanks to Netgalleypublisher for the advanced copy of this book Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestAfter reading Maire Claremont s THE DARK LADY I needed a palate cleanser to wash down the angst I looked at my virtual to read pile and selected THE SINS OF LORD LOCKWOOD by Meredith Duran because the title promised sexy times and the cheeky lady on the cover promised saucy adventures Well I was right about the sexy times but wrong about the saucy adventures this book turned out to be just as dark and angsty as THE DARK LADY if not so I was trickedosh darn it TrickedDastardly tricks aside however I really enjoyed reading THE SINS OF LORD LOCKWOOD in no small part because it revolves around a dark revenge plot that appears inspired by THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Liam and Anna were engaged to be married On paper it was a union of convenience he is an impoverished earl and she is a rich countess heiress who wants to keep her freedom and her properties However they had an understanding and affection for one another that transcended what they were bringing to the table Or at least that s what Anna thoughtuntil he ditches her on their honeymoonAs it turns out Liam was held captive and tortured in unspeakably cruel ways for reasons that become clear as the plot unravels Scarred and stricken with PTSD he is no longer the naive and untouched rake his wife fell in love with and he s rather cruel to her in his efforts to push her aside and keep from opening up to her in his feverish attempts to destroy the person who would have destroyed him if he hadn t been able to fight his way out of hell and return back to EnglandOnce I realized what kind of story I was reading note not a light hearted frothy wallpaper historical I uickly Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies got on board I love me aood tortured hero and Liam was exceptionally well done Sometimes I roll my eyes at tortured heroes in romance novels because their misery is entirely Ld he had the world at his feet and one woman as his aim His wedding to Anna was meant to be his reatest triumph Instead in a single moment a wicked conspiracy robbed him of his future and freedomBUT WILL HIS LONG LOST COUNTESS PAY THE PRICEFour years later Liam has returne.

MEREDITH DURAN blames Anne Boleyn for sparking her lifelong obsession with British history She is the author of twelve novels all published by Pocket Books Her debut The Duke of Shadows has been translated into thirteen languages and was ranked among the top 100 romances of all time by NPR and All About Romance Her other books include RITA award winner Fool Me Twice and her February 2017 rel