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D to focus on the aspirational difficulties of fatherhood without generally realizing the expectational difficulties of being a son Fathers can uite easily lose empathy and are not necessarily looking out for their childrens best interes. E to form Many of the book's pleasures are incidental okes intellectual cadenzas agile turns of phrase The author's powers of farcical invention climax in a brilliant bitter episode where the younger man proclaims his final failure Mr Stern has written an excellent novel John Gross New York Times Richard Stern is American letters' unsung comic writer about serious matters A Father's Words produced in this reviewer an apostolic desire to convince a wider audience to try Stern especially the vintage Stern Doris Grumbach Chicago Tribun.

35 stars I read this book after reading my father s extremely positive review of it on Librarything and I thought it sounded interesting which is was though to say I really liked it is an oversell on my part This is a book with a very Cy Riemer fifty ish divorced and father of four surveys the dispersal of his family with a mixture of anxiety humor sadness and pride In this wry moving and wise novel Richard Stern offers his masterful portrait of Cy as the uintessential caring yet controlling parent a relentless seeker of self knowledge whose search is intensified through conflicts with his brilliant ne'er do well son Jack The manipulation of a smart sane self ustifying narrator is not the least of Stern's achievements in this delicate fabrication of tough prose

Pec It is a novelistic genre that is relatively rare the father novel which makes it also a family saga of sorts Well written Stern s use of space and language is excellentThe primary theme I am taking away from this is that fathers ten. Nd tender adjustment of sentiment Geoffrey Wolff Los Angeles Times Richard Stern's novels are robustly intelligent very funny and beguilingly humane He knows as much as anyone writing American prose about family mischief intellectual shenanigans love blunders and about writing American prose Philip RothA delectable rhetorical display The New Yorker Anyone who has read Richard Stern's previous novels won't need to be told he is an unusually crisp and intelligent writer with a sharp edge to his wit; and in A Father's Words he runs tru.

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