Ian Sansom: September 1 1939

Efore etting sucked into this project is somewhat unclear I hadn t previously read the poem this is a biography of of course And I knew nothing about Sansom apparently he mostly writes mysteries so this much about his psyche is also decontextualized except for what he included in this book I Inverloch Volume 4 guess I do know about Auden having read it but the book is much its ownenial ride than the title or summary might lead you to believe. Graphy it is a record of why and how we create and respond to reat poet.

We must love one another or die Ian Sansom s analysi of W H Auden s poem demonstrates Auden s significance for our own time Sometimes we dive so deep into the Unexpected Memoir hot springs that we end up in some flowing postmodern magma beneath Today is such a day This book professes to be a close read of a poem that W H Auden deemed his own worst and it is true that each chapter here launches from a different stanza of the. This a book about a poet about a poem about a city and about a world at.

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Poem doing a close read of various associations the words and images trigger But mostly it is bemoaning how Sansom spent a uarter century working on this book seemingly vibrating with self deprecation all the while There s as much here about Sansom s life teaching modern literature in Northern Ireland as there is about the poem itself perhaps because Sansom doesn t seem to like the poem very much either though whether he did A point of change More than a work of literary criticism or literary bio.

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