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Tempted attacks killing secrets about the past revealed as the reader you truly begin to wonder who the killer actually is Several times I thought I had it figured out but I was wrongInteresting characters tense scenes love making at its best a perfect mystery that results in an awesome climax and ending I couldn t have asked for better Then with the story finished I started reading an excerpt at the back of the book Seems The Last Stand stories aren t over and I can t wait until August 2009 for The Perfect Couple the next novel in The Last Stand series Keep em coming Ms Novak I m loving them About half way through I was certain I had this one figured out but no I really idn t This was exciting from the start and continued to keep me on edge to the end Well this is the best of the series so far There were inconsistencies with conversations repeated back to back That s an editing problem But plot wise there wasn t anything glaringI m grateful to say my guess at who Teaspoon and an Open Mind done it initially failed I guess at the killer bu Third book in Novak s The Last Stand series I think this one is the most well rounded of the three The suspense storyline is fairly solid and it s got the best romance aspect At least that s how it came across to me Watch Me focuses on the last of the 3 founders of The Last Stand a victims advocacy group Sheridan Kohl was only sixteen when a masked man opened fire on her and herate as they sat in a parked truck in a secluded spot Her A Celtic Miscellany date was killed and Sheridan critically injured She s never been able to forget what happened that night or to stop feeling guilty because the only reason she asked Jason out was to make his older step brother jealous And Jason ied because of itNow new evidence has surfaced and Sheridan ecides it is time to return to her hometown and finally solve the mystery of who attacked her all those years ago But on her first night back she finds herself a victim once again Severely beaten the only thing that keeps her from being buried alive is the timely rescue by Cain Granger the boy now man she Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, d given her innocence to long ago And the one she was trying to make jealous by asking Jason out that tragic night After the close call both realize that whoever killed Jason is still around and still wants Sheridanead Now they must find the truth and The Culture Code deal with their unforgotten past if they hope to surviveLike the last book Stop Me this one is another whodunit But I have to admit I guessed pretty uickly who the bad guy was It seemed a bit obvious to me So I was mostly reading to see how it would all play out Iidn t like the storyline as much as the ones in the first two books The hick cops were ridiculously biased and there s not a shred of actual police work It got on my nerves N she wants to face If not for their history if not for her Jason wouldn’t have been in that parked carCain knows that whoever killed his brother probably isn’t a stranger at all But figuring out that person’s identity is easier said than one especially since the killer seems to be taunting them both watch.

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Round up to 35 stars This is the third novel in The Last Stand series I am not sure how Brenda Novak is able to make each additional novel better than the last one but she oes You will not be Stolen Magic (Stardust, disappointed reading this series Now on to book four but it can wait until morning I think I liked this odd southern town messed up as it was Sheridan was a good solid female protagonist even with a few silly moments She wasetermined and like able I absolutely adored Cain and his The Billionaire Daddy dogs Heck I wanted of theogs Every male character had a bit of a nut in themThe mystery and crimes were well written and crisp The romance was good and Pistols for Two didn t overpower the mystery Humorous observation Novak s female characters are the most fertile women on earth Sheridan is the main character in this final book in the Last Stand trilogy Sheridan left home long ago and has now returned to try to solve the mystery of her boyfriend Jason Jason was shot when they were on aate in high school together and Sheridan was badly wounded Now that she is back someone is targeting her again and she joins her old beau Cain to Stronger discover not only who attacked her but also the killer of Jason almost twoecades ago This is a romantic suspense that will keep you guessing The 3rd book in The Last Stand series by Brenda Novak I liked it a lot It had all the reuired elements I look for Romance suspense mystery and a few red herrings to try to throw me off track Though I have to admit I guessed pretty early in the book and stayed with my guess even through those red herrings This was the third in a series of novels about a group of crime victims who have started up a victim s advocacy group in Sacramento In this one Sheridan returns to her hometown to track Loss (Gus Dury, down the man who shot her and killed the boy she was with when she was only 16 She s hardly in town for aay before he strikes again and nearly manages to kill her before being interrupted by Cain her high school crush and step brother to the boy who The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, died Together the two of them battle local gossip and the obstacles thrown at them from all sides in order to finally trackown the killer and bring him to justice A great bit of suspense with a nice twist Unputdownable Watch me won t let you goSheridan is back in Whiterock after receiving a phone call telling her about a break in a twelve year old case Twelve years ago while parked at a lake a stranger yanked open the truck Alacrity (Illumine, door shooting both Jason and Sheridan Sheridan survived Jasonidn t Sheridan has felt the guilt all this time guilt that s been eating at her for if it hadn t been for her Jason would still be alive While at her uncle s home getting it ready to put on the market for sale someone sneaks in attacks her and believes her to be ead as he s igg. “Creepy and absorbing Plan to stay up very late to finish this one” RT BOOK Review Magazine 45 Stars Teenagers Sheridan Kohl and Jason Wyatt were parked at the lake in Whiterock Tennessee when a stranger wearing a ski mask shot them both Sheridan lived but Jason ied and the stranger was never caught Even thou.

Ing a hole to put her inCain s ogs wake him with their barking He assumes it s because of a raccoon or perhaps even a bear But the Arnhem dogs behavior suggests it could be something else and he follows them only to find Sheridan Finding a thready pulse he gets her to a hospital and for some inexplicable reason won t leave her out of her sightAnd now people in Whiterock are turning upead starting first with Cain s ex wife Amy Amy may no longer be married to Cain but she s still obsessed As much as she wants to punish him she knows that it wasn t Cain who killed Jason or who came after Sheridan a second time But someone has and they believe that the current killer is the same person from twelve years ago Finding out who it is is even Fitness for Living difficult as Amy s twin brother is now the Sherrif and he believes Cain is behind it all Everyone in town is talking and speculating Sheridan knows it wasn t him But evidence is being framed against him and as the terror escalates Cain wonders how they will catch the killer in time before he strikes at Sheridan again SPOILER ALERT DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENSIncredible Tense scenes whether fighting a killer or arguments between characters this novel packs a punch Sheridan still believes that Jason sead because of her She Love Is Blind d had a crush on Cain for the longest time and after making love that one time at a party that hadn t resulted in anything she purposely flirted with Jason until he asked her out all with the intention of making Cain jealous She has no idea that the attack idn t have anything to o her whatsoeverThat one night had affected Cain even when he tried to forget it But something about Sheridan touched him and he couldn t get her off his mind She The World in the Curl d given up her virginity to him that night Knowing that she was out with Jason crimped his party mood and he went home only to receive the phone call that Jason had been shot and killed and Sheridan had been shot as well But when her very religious parents moved away shortly afterward Cainidn t think he Connexity d see her again and went on his merry rebellious way Since then he been blamed for Jason s A Personal Influence death by just about everyone but with no evidence nothing wasoneBut twelve years later when the gun that was used was found by two boys who broke in to Cain s old cabin suspicions began to arise again Ned now the sherrif contacted Sheridan who Americas First City decided she go back to Whiterock to help solve the case When the killer heard she was coming back intent on solving the case he was afraid she may have remembered something important from that night and attacked her in her uncle s kitchen believing he Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, d finally killed her and took her out to Cain s land to bury her Only thingsidn t go to the killer s planning And now at. Gh Sheridan’s family moved away right afterward she’s never been able to put the crime behind herBecause of a new evelopment in the case Sheridan returns to Whiterock But when she’s attacked a second time it’s only because of Jason’s stepbrother Cain Granger that she survives and Cain’s the last perso.

It was a shocking experience that jump started Brenda Novak’s bestselling author career“I caught my day care provider drugging my children with cough syrup and Tylenol to get them to sleep while I was away” Brenda says “It was then that I decided that I needed to do something from home”However writing was the last profession she expected to undertake In fact Brenda swears she didn’t have a