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The joy of this book is the discovery of the underwater world Though Cousteau made these discoveries decades ago they are new to you when you ick up the book It s a wonderful read if you can get ahold of a copy A Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten pretty good warts and all story of Cousteau s early dives and how they developed aualungs and new types of euipment that are still the foundation for diving today As a kid I watched The Undersea World of Jacues Cousteau every week so this book was a little bit of a retro experience for me If you have even the mildest interest in biographies diving or anything to do with the undersea environment you should read this book It is also a very interesting look into Post WWII EuropeFind it Read it Wow Scuba diving the Red Sea exploration what else can a girl ask for This girl anyway My favorite bits of this book were the ones that revealed how much diving and biology has changed in theast 50 years No riding turtles ripping out gorgonia or Boneshaker (BA 43-500, petting cuttlefish The crunc During childhood summers spent along the lake at Grandmother s in SW Michigan I was effectively an only child my brother Fin Einar not being born until I was seven and beingretty useless for years afterwards There was only one other kid in the woods we called Livingston Hills Diane Werner the daughter of Dad s childhood friend Christian We would see each other a lot over the years until she maturing faster started getting girlish around age twelveDiane and I had an arrangement whereby we layed both indoors and outdoors on alternating days Indoor days were hers Then we would lay house with dolls and stuff Outdoor days were mine Then we would CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition play army often as tank commandersatrolling the rutted sandy roads in the woods Of course there were The Ornament (Ornament, plenty of exceptions to this arrangement Rarely some adult would take us to town or rain might force us inside or there d be another family with kids up at their summer house for us to visitPretty much everybody in Livingston Hills stayed in a summer house The Werners and the elderly Hogles who lived in a real house between ours were the only year round residents Childless Diane was like a daughter to them and doubtless spent much of their isolated winters with her at their home During summers I was included the two of us sometimes going over for dinner at A new era of undersea exploration began in 1943 when the young French naval officers JY Cousteau Philippe Tailliez and the great civilian diver Frédéric Dumaslunged into the Mediterranean with the first aualung co invented by CousteauIn this fascinating report Cousteau and Dumas tell what it is like to be “menfish” swimming in the deep twilight.

He Hogle lace and always feeling welcome to just drop byThe Hogles had a real library in their house with built in shelves and everything including a globe of the earth and another of the night sky Alfred Hogle noticing that I had an interest in reading made the contents of this library available to me Thanks to him I read CS Lewis and lots of nature and science books at an early age One of the science books which made an impression was Jacues Cousteau s first work The Silent World in this hardcover edition I think Mr Hogle had been an engineer before his retirement because this and so many other of his books were substantially about technology Unlike some of the engineering books he had however this one had a real story some adventure and lots of interesting hotographs The opening shot of Louis Malle s film version of The Silent World tracks a Rant platoon of divers as they descend through blue water the focus of the shot however is not the men themselves but on the long strings of bubbles emitted by their regulators and the flares each of them is holding The trace in other words a flexible buoyant and irrepressible string which threads the seawater beautifully and then disappears on the surface in a series of harmless gurgles Cousteau s writing in The Silent World mimics those bubbles Like Saint Expurey or Jean Luc Godard like so many French artists of the 20th century he is a skywriter whose workulses with tangible enjoyment and the thrill of discovery challenge victory In this way Cousteau s life can be read like this book as an enormous essay that is as an attempt whose constant Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM proboscis like forward motion is balanced by a childlike self awareness a wonder at one s own accomplishment which keeps the whole thing fresh and superiorly I almost want to say innocentlyoised The dives are balletic and so is the Challenged to Win prose that recounts those dives for like Stendhal Cousteau exhibits an almost Spielbergian adaptation to his medium Words fit him like the shell fits the hermit crab like the water implausibly enough fit the menfish All of whom all seem to be happily and undoubtably at home Complications Witness the original manfish Frederick Dumas Cousteau s co author and a sort of ueeueg here wild and irrepressible It seems that every time Didi shows up a fish gets harpooned Zone with sharks mantas morays whales and octopi They tell of exploring sunken ships and of the treasures they brought up They describe ventures into an inland water cave that all but claimed their lives and their crazy human guineaig experiment with underwater explosions Cousteau writes brilliantly of his audacious 50 fathom dive into the zone of

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He carnage is general a string running through this book as consistently and unmissably as the red open here tag running around a Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons piece of string cheese The boys euip themselves with shark billys and harpoon guns my favorite of which festoons the top of the world s first free floating deep sea submersible the Bathyscaphe Peaked with a unicorn s horn of such redundant capability that I have to uoteThe depth gun was designed to secure whatever interesting animals we encounteredossible one of the Brobdingnanian suids that haunted our imaginations The animals could be discouraged not only by the harpoon but by an electrical discharge running through the harpoon line In case the specimen resisted electrocution the harpoon head injected strychnine At the base of the Picard Cosyns gun were spring driven reels for hauling in harpoons and monsters Like Swift I m all for gratuity but clearly the designers of this gun have been reading too many Jules Verne novels They ve gotten caught in their own lot and now find themselves seeing things with a vision that seems urely facilitating now rather than actually accurate Thank God they came before us so that we could Do Right Maybe not the truest statement in the world but at least we re not clubbing baby whales on the backs of the heads in the name of science got our own set of moral blunders to indulge in after allThe The Color of a Leader pelagic Illiad continues through both the movie and book versions of TSW as we watch Cousteau dynamite entire shoals in order to catalogue theiropulations spear dolphins to attract sharks which are then clubbed to death sharks being the diver s natural enemy and dissect the manta rays that cruise above the divers like B 52 bombers eclipsing the sun Explorers are always gratuitous and it is worth noting that Cousteau himself has since his earliest explorations been one of the Into the Planet primary and most effectiveroponents of underwater conservation In this book however there is no ignoring the mediums lessons Language like water only appears to be traceless What it describes in this book at least is a Dusk (Rosales Saga, pure joy in discovery and movement that divers themselves will readily second for as Cousteau himself says One of the greatest joys of sea bathingerhaps not realized by many is that water relieves the everyday burden of gravit. Apture where divers become like drunken gods; and of the 396 foot dive that took a brave companion's lifeCousteau Dumas and their courageous teams of divers have used their new techniues of exploration to make important discoveries in almost every branch of science In The Silent World they share with us the greatest undersea experience men have ever ha.

Born in 1910 was a French naval officer explorer ecologist and filmmaker who studied the sea Although he is most famous to us from his television programmes he also co developed the aua lung and pioneered marine conservation as a political and scientific priorityIn the Calypso an ex Royal Navy minesweeper Cousteau visited the most interesting waters of the planet During these trips he