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Reviewed for The Novel ApproachGod what a ide this book was As a fan of the first book I was thrilled to ead this one It gripped me from the beginning and took me for a ide until the very end And I cannot wait for the third bookAfter a failed attempt to evacuate the eligious fanatics from Telnos before the Maess invade Bennet is presumed dead his signal is gone and Rosie has watched him fall after a strafing un Left to pick up the pieces and move on are the people who loved him the most his family his lover Joss his lieutenant Rosie and FlynnAnna Butler is spectacular at characterization While I had hated Joss in the first book for the first half of this one I felt for him She not only shows things from his perspective but also switches to second person POV sometimes to show the depth of his thoughts and connect eaders to Joss The second half of the book I wanted to punch him The same goes for Rosie I felt for her and her unreuited love for Bennet but I also hated how she couldn t accept that he was in love with men And Flynn Oh my poor Flynn How can you not love him The cocky flyboy who finds himself in love for the first time in his life only to discover his lover deadand he s unable to do anything about itWhile the first book deals a lot with the action part of science fiction and the first half of this one does as well the second half is about the ecovery process of loss grief and acceptance How does one cope in a situation like this where loved ones are gone for so long and placed in dangerous situations I suppose it s much like today s militaryI highly ecommend this book though not without a few words of warning First you should definitely ead the first book The elationship between Bennet and Flynn is established in that book and while T18 isn t discussed much it s still integral to how their elationship began And why would you want to miss out on Flynn finally falling in love Second though I do talk about omance this book is not a omance Yes there are some omantic subplots but as a whole the book is science fiction and the elationships while important are not the main part of the bookSo if you haven t go back and ead the first book and then come back for ound two I ve been looking forward to story ever since I ead book one in the series Gyrfalcon What can I say I love a good military sci fi story and once again Anna Butler deliversThis is epic space opera at its finest in the tradition of such writers as David Weber or Eric Flint More than any other genre convincing sci fi needs a strong foundation of characterization plot and world building Many authors shine at one or two elements it s are that you get stellar treatment of all three in one story I bet if you asked the author for details about the ships and the structure of the political organizations things that aren t elated in the story she could tell you about them without hesitation I certainly hope that future stories include specs on some ships the geek in me eally wants to see them The different branches of the military Fleet and Shield and the otational system designed to keep Shield officers from burning out makes sense from a logistical standpoint but man is it hell on elationships Add to that the political machinations behind the military and it is small wonder that the idealistic Bennet has a hard time knowing where he stands sometimesThen we have the characters themselves What I love most about them is that they are complicated people with the kinds of motives and failings that make them so very eal so very human I love too that even the secondary characters are fully fleshed out to the point that if something happens to them I feel a strong sense of loss for them Bennet is not very likeable when he hurt which keeps him from being too too. Shield Captain Bennet is on Telnos a unpleasant little planet inhabited by eligious fanatics and unregistered miners unning illegal solactinium mines It’s about to be about to be overrun by the

Perfect Bisexuality is common in this universe but there are still sects that disapprove of same sex elationships The biggest obstacle that Flynn and Bennet face is not societal disapproval or even the no fraternization ule which Bennet takes very seriously but the sheer distance between them and the unlikelihood they will ever see each other again except if they can somehow arrange leave together That makes even starting a elationship foolhardy unless it s one with no strings Flynn is your classic no strings attached flyboy this should be easy for him ight But Bennet is hard for him to forget and when a dangerous mission goes pear shaped and Flynn ealizes just how close he came to losing Bennet forever well his actions are easy to understandThe elationships in these stories are complex and very eal No this is not MM omance It is however adult fiction and for that I am truly appreciativeI ll be the first to admit I don t leave eviews often I think there is an art to it and I find it difficult to leave a good eview without too many spoilers When a book eally speaks to me I do my best however Gyrfalcon was a strong opening to an epic series with a large over arching storyline that I fear will break my heart It was a tough first act to follow but Heart Scarab takes us to the next level effortlessly I can t wait for the next installment 375 STARSOK this book was eally going places being book 2 in the Taking Shield series it was excellent as was book 1 in this sci fi series I didn t like the way this ended though and no I don t need my HEA but I don t like being left feeling confused on a cliffhanger with no mention on when the next book is going to be eleased I think there are a few books planned for this series but talk about how NOT to end a novel Come onThe writing is excellent I love the fast paced hythm to the storyline These books don t linger they e snappy Situations arise and bang they e esolved I like this and it works well for these books The MC is great but due to being in one elationship since he was 18 with a much older lover for nine years it s like he s emotionally tackling new elationships now like an actual 18 year old after he broke it off with his partner The end of this book did my head in I ll will ead one book when it s eleased but BLAH I don t know what to say to that ending EDIT now I know there s another book about to be eleased I m changing my ating This second book in a very good series is well worth eading for SciFi fans The omance thread is still glacially slow and muted at the end although there is forward movement here Joss Be Rating 45 of five ReadingIsResistance to gay men in armed service vanishing now or in the futureHEART SCARAB gets my full attention at my blog because the second TAKING SHIELD book is about grief love and honor and how they can conspire to uin lives eat happiness and leave devastation in their wake What a great Booksgiving idea for your dearly beloved space opera fanAuthor Butler takes us deeper into the life of Shield Captain Bennet eighteen months following the events on Maess held planet T18 and on board the Gyrfalcon As Bennet performs his duty to evacuate illegal eligious fanatic colonists on Telnos soon to be behind Maess the faceless unknown aliens winning a war of annihilation against humanity s great to the 10th power grandchildren lines he obsesses over his failing elationship with his elegant worldly lover Joss his burgeoning love for Pilot Flynn stationed on his father s ship the Gyrfalcon and his patient long suffering Lieutenant Rosie listens to him and moons and pines for him completely unheeded unnoticed unconsidered for the position she along with the est of humanity I d guess craves Bennet s loverBut that s just the beginning of Bennet Aess Bennet’s job is to get out as many civilians as he can but the enemy arrives before the evacuation is complete Caught in a vicious fire fight Bennet is left behind presumed dead His family is.

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Troubles at Author Butler s hands And that s why I ead space opera Pile the troubles on with the highest possible stakes Then make the stakes personal Then by gawd create some scary aliens with a baseless grudge and an attitude some super advanced tech that is actually just like what we have now on steroids so I can believe itWhy I ead this space opera is simple gay guy Bennet flies in the face of humanity s one apparently eternal character flaw eligious belief to live his truth as a man who loves men Add to that his father s strong eligious convictions and his family s long tradition of military service his older lover s patrician disdain for exactly how his luxurious lifestyle is maintained and military anti fraternization ules that Bennet takes very seriously and that prevent him from pursuing his new love for Flynn and you have a witches brew of good dramaStill very little sex Very little indeed And what there is is non graphic by today s standards More than in Gyrfalcon I think though I haven t done a statistical analysis I can assure the eww ick sueamish that no unpleasantly meaty words are used and with a small effort of intentional misunderstanding the import of the few sexual scenes can be contextualized as emotional intimacies that can t be expressed in any other way without falseness Who here hasn t had what you knew was break up sex while pretending the pleasures of a familiar touch were after all enough Yeah me too and so does Bennet when the flypaper and prayers that ve kept Joss in his life finally blow apart under the final assault DeathBennet you see has the bad taste and ude vigor to eturn from the dead It s justunseemly And after Joss in the manner of their people has made sacrifices of his and Bennet s favorite artwork the perfect and glorious antiuities Joss archaeologist by training offered up to the gods for Bennet ancient historian by academic training to use in the Field of Reeds back comes Bennet hale and hearty and not in the Field of Reeds at all Thethejoy embarrassment confusion of it allAnd that hale and hearty is solely a valid description when matched against dead and otting on an alien held planet Bennet is in shards physically and psychically and emotionally His body will heal slowly his psyche and emotions might or might not heal at all ever and he might well never get to use his new bionic knee back in his deeply loved Shield ole A soldier who s too broken to soldier is by definition A Very Unhappy Man Add to this soldier s woes the emotional mismatch between himself and his partner The immense irresistible force of falling in love with the ight one The awful eality of wartime military service meaning unavoidable separation from your loverhappy sighI will say my wish expressed in my eview of Gyrfalcon to get to sympathize with poor overmatched Joss came true I was sad for him as he was hollowed out by loss and the hideous egret charged acid bath that is grief All the times one falls short one is unkind impatient unwilling to understand or empathizeoh gods and goddesses those will keep a soul awake and agonized as they eplay unchanging and unchangeable in the darkness But far painful is the way they play out like movies on a screen while living breathing people are making noises meant to distract console each you in the locked projection booth of your failingsYes Joss I know that one Author Butler was cruel to you Goodness knows you deserved it butwelldon t we allAnd the ending of this story is fascinating It is unusual within the genre of gay male centered fiction I will ead the next installment of Taking Shield called Makepeace as soon as I ve caught my breath and begun to accept the changes wrought on my feelings alreadyWhich if I need to say it is the hallmark of a eally good ead. Grieving Joss his long term partner grieves with them; lost unhappy emorseful First Lieutenant Flynn has no official ‘rights’ here He isn’t family He isn’t partner or lover All he is is brok.