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It is about 3 girls who try to come up with something interesting to do because they keep fightingThey decide to create a fundraiser to get their school library named after their mom who has passed awayThey boook is interesting but some parts just bore ou Looooove this book The plot was so brilliantly entertaining and creative and I loved how every Amber Jazz and Geena are three sisters on a mission They really want to have something to act as a memorial to their mum but what could go for They eventually settle on a great idea –.

Haracter had their own development going on What I did NOT love was the fact that all the mysteries in the book were CONSTANTLY listed off to us and mentioned unnecessarily so that we wouldn t forget them or something This was topped off by a slightly disappointing end as all the conclusions I didn t see coming which was a few of them just fell flat in. They’ll get the new library at school named after her but they must first raise some money to stock it with books They plan to stage an amazing reality experiment in their school and.

My opinion and left the characters in the exact same position as they were in before their storyline started Had it not been for this I would have rated this book five star Overall though still a fabulous book and a uality series I loved the way it was written like each character was uniue in his own way there was no drama and it was simply entertainin. Turn it into Big Brother for one week only With Bollywood stars and love struck boys in the mix they know it’s not going to be easy but surely the Babes can handle it – can’t the.