Louis E. Newman: Sex and Intimacy

In the newest addition to the Jewish Choices Jewish Voices series co editors Elliot Dorff and Danya Ruttenberg have brought together a diverse roup of Jews to comment on how Judaism affects their views and actions regarding sex Contributors range from adult movie actor Ron Jeremy to renowned feminist scholar Martha Ackelsberg to noted writer.

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Al and contemporary sources Supplementing these are brief essays written by contributors of various ages backgrounds and viewpoints to provoke lively thought and discussion These voices from Jewish tradition and today's Jewish community present us with new uestions and perspectives encouraging us to consider our own moral choices in a new ligh.

And blogger Esther Kustanowitz as well as rabbis doctors social workers and activists They discuss issues of monogamy honesty and communication in dating and marriage; testing for and disclosure of STDs; abortion sex education sex work and sexuality Each volume in this series presents hypothetical cases on specific topics followed by tradition.

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