Rick Remender: Crawl Space XXXombies Volume 1

Porn stars fighting zombies in the 70s That premise sounds like a ood concept for a retro style horror sex comedy But the comedic aspects radually fade away and it focuses on mean spirited and depressing things such as rape and infanticideIt doesn t do much interesting with the zombie enre or Dead-End Road Mysteries give us any clever satire of the porn industry And the vulgarity jokes don t mix well with the dark themesTony Moore s covers arereat but the interior art is fairly subpar Anatomy and compositions are decent but the inking looks very rushed and sloppy This story has a lot of potential for humour action and tension self absorbed porn folks out of the loop on a zombie apocalypse Shaun of the Dead styleInstead the potential for biting jokes falls flat and the action just seems badly Collecting Crawl Space issues #1 4 featuring a blood drenched thriller of the pornographic undead XXXombiesWith hopes of paying off his debt to a ruthless mob boss sleazy porn producer Wong Hun.

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Dialogue the ideas none of it stands out It s like a Lemire book without even the cool conceptsWho knows maybe End League or Fear Agent will finally show me what I m missing 44th book read in 2015Number 234 out of 472 on my all time book listReview Pending If you re looking for something truly disrurbing you ve found it It was a Hear the Wolves good idea 70s porn stars in LA vs the zombie apocalypse You d think there would be a lot of humour thereBut instead we justet a bunch of zombies biting off cock jokes Ho hoAnd then it all ends in a truly unpleasant way when the mob rape the heroine for no other reason than apparently the writer thinks rape is sexyIf you re Valors Measure gonna do a rape story in your parody zombie comic it has to be done better than thisThoroughly unpleasant Wish I hadn t read D nominees Tony Moore The Walking Dead and Kieron Dwyer Remains return to the zombieenre with fan favorite writer Rick Remender Fear Agent to illustrate these boogie nights of the living dead.

Aced I don t BFI Film Classics get what the point of this was there s no satire of zombie flicks no attempt to cleverly compare porn actors with shambling organ obsessed zombies Instead this is just straight ahead unlikeable one dimensional characters running around the same old zombie apocalypse breakoutThis is like what teenage boys would write and draw in the back of their school notebooks It wraps up with some Garth Ennis level degradation and violence which is a nice surprise but still doesn t seem like it fully committed to the ideasI really want to like Remender s work but every time I pick up one of his books I m disappointed I don t know if it s the middling art that brings his work down or if the writing plain isn t asood as he an his fans would like to think it is The plotting the. G Lau athers a bevy of adult stars for a seuestered weekend of filmmaking However when they emerge days later they discover a zombie plague has overrun a now uarantined Los Angeles Eisner awar.

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Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Los Angeles California He is the writerco creator of many independent comic books like Black Science Deadly Class LOW Fear Agent and Seven to Eternity Previously he wrote The Punisher Uncanny X Force Captain America and Uncanny Avengers for Marvel Comics