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The Neighborhood is the to date most recent novel from MVL I love his writing so I am iving it four stars however it is not the best that MVL can offer see my reviews of The Feast of the Goat and The Green House for example This particular story is about modern Peru under Fujimori one of his rare contemporary stories The characters are interesting and there is a Kafkaesue atmosphere but again not his strongest outing like a 37 rounded up The dustjacket blurb of this book says that it s a crime thriller but while there is a crime a murder as a matter of fact the book is certainly much than just mere crime fiction fodder I will say right up front that in terms of the writing The Neighborhood is nowhere close to the excellence of his other books that I ve read Feast of the Goat and Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter spring to mind immediately having said that though I think it is a book worth reading most especially because it comes down to the uestion of journalistic integrity in a country rampant with corruption While people hoping for a straight up crime thriller here may be disappointed aside from the sex scenes and the kind of unnecessary subplot attached to them although I do sort of et why they re here the story makes for compelling reading Overall it is a ood not reat book which although it s set in the 1990s is highly relevant at the moment an even better reason for reading it If you re into stuff like this you can read the full reviewHam Fistedness Cinco Esuinas by Mario Vargas LlosaOriginal Review 2016 03 05I m really lad that Mario Vargas Llosa s Cinco Esuinas wasn t the first of his books that I ve read or I d have abandoned his work forever An unbidden recurring image of him hunched over his keyboard lickerish and drooling haunted me as I read what were surely his pollution s nocturnes about the room temp romps of a pair of married fabulously wealthy PMS gorgeous bestirlfriends all the throbbier for the perils posed by the Fujimori regime I loved this book for many reasons I am a big Mario Vargas Llosa fan and since this book just came out couldn t wait to The Two of Swords get my hands on it Mario just turned 80 and he is still writingood stuffBut then a word of caution It kicks off with a rather steamy love scene Its risue cover and this section was being flaunted on various Spanish media that one might think that the man who won the Nobel prize in literature just divorced Patricia his long time wife marries a woman many years younger and is writing porn My answer is that he tackled this in many other books from The Bad Girl The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto In Praise of the Stepmother and Pantale n y las visitadores All fun and naughty to readThen the book takes on blackmail illicit photos and throw in a murder and you have a reat story unfolding like Death in the Andes or Who killed Palomino Molero Throw in some politics like Conversations in the Cathedral or The Time of the Hero or The Green House and you have classic Vargas LlosaThe characters are very memorable with an odd assembly of different classes and struggles But here is were it can be either powerful or strange Vargas Llosa ran and lost to Alberto Fujimoro in 1990 Although often mentioned Fujimoro is captured through the book s villians This is the frightful times of the 1990 s when a wealthy person might be held for ransom by Shining Path uerillas or worse captured by the Secret Police Corruption is rampant and every character is touched by this the phrase on the cover toue de ueda surfaces a few times and can be translated as the feeling remains Peru was not a ABCs of Baseball good place thenBut the weird part is that this book was coming out as Keiko Fujimoro s daughter is running for the presidency and looks like she isoing to win in 2016 According to some the Peruvians can put up with corruption as long as the economy can be revived under a strong armed leader So does this weaken his argument Guess it depends what side you are on For me I love a Ēna good story and with all these topical issues his wacky characters the twists and turns I loved this book Maybe not his best but just an enjoyable page turnerRead in Spanish of course 350 Stars A rich narrative with a modern noire edge a hint of a modern fable ish tones this is aood read that s survived translation well seemingly and deserves the pra. À conversa sem os maridos e desatentas da hora do recolher obrigatório Chabela e Marisa terão de pernoitar juntas O ue aconteceu na cama nessa noite passará a ser um rande e saboroso segredo Chabela é mulher de um advogado de renome; Marisa de uma das figuras cimeiras da exploração mineira O mundo perfeito em ue vivem

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A I wasn t onna expect the most three dimensional characters However by the end the book went from yah this kind of sucks but I m still enjoying it to WOW that was not even a half assed effort to try and resolve things satisfactorilyWhy this book is bad1 So there s two rich housewives who start having a steamy affair w each other in parallel to the much interesting plot about how the Fujimori regime used tabloids to persecute and humiliate political threats The whole set up of the plot makes the reader think that eventually these two threads will collide I read the whole damn book waiting for this to happen Kentucky Grandmothers guess what It doesn t What a sloppy half assed way to set up and then never resolve the plot2 Because these two storylines never really collide I couldn t help but wonder WHAT was the point then of all these laughably written sex scenes Boy oh boy does this book win the Nobel for worst maleaze writing Marisita couldn t help but admire Chalula s curves firm and toned from the three days she spent every week at the Štěky Broka Špindíry gym I m paraphrasing but I m sure the actual sentence was much worse If MLV wants to write badly written lesbian sex sceneso ahead but badly written sex scenes that end up oing nowhere and have nothing to do with the other storyline despite countless hints that both will eventually intertwine Get in the fucking sea3 Did NO ONE edit this thing The story is set in the Fujimori regime WHY DOES A working class tabloid journalist TEXT FROM A CELL PHONE during a key plot development Get in the fucking sea4 The writing was probably also bad but honestly I was just rateful I could follow what was If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, going on as it s the first MLV book I ve read entirely in SpanishIn conclusion this book had some interesting ideas but it s a FIRST DRAFT It does not diminish my love for MLV but this took phoning it in to a whole new level Riding the Backs of TigersLima was a dangerous place during the lengthy insurrection lead by the Maoist Shining Path The neighbourhood of Five Corners was particularly dangerous but not because of the Shining Path It was dangerous because it was a slum in reasonable proximity to those with economic and political power in Peru One way or another everyone was riding on its back rebels the secret police and their thugs politicians businessmen the fashionistas even its own residents Ending up inside the tiger of Five Corners was only a matter of time for everyoneInside the beast of Five Corners is chaos a complete lack of discernible order This is not just a world of violence sexual perversion and filth it is also a world without logic Nothing has purpose Motivations are entirely opaue Even rumours can t capture the reality of the irrational movement of things Perhaps most shocking is that those in charge have as little understanding of the situation as their victims The epicentre of sleaze corruption and the national malaise is not theovernment or the rebels or the petty criminals of Five Corners but a sensationalist scandal sheet called Exposed Remarkably similar to the National Enuirer in America the weekly magazine is run by a man close to the President In fact if it weren t for the date of publication of The Neighborhood 2016 it would be easy to confuse Exposed s proprietor with the infamous David J Pecker friend and protector of Donald Trump and Trump himself with the Peruvian President FujimoriMore enerally The Neighborhood is a reminder of just how close the Peruvian national chaos described by Vargas Llosa is to the current sordid conditions in the United States Political and economic polarisation has followed the same trajectory in both countries Personal loyalty is the sole virtue of those in power Government is used primarily to settle personal scores Dirty tricks are the norm Vulgarity is triumphant Pornography is what leaders doWhen Five Corners eats those who ride upon it it does not disappear it expands Its ethos infects that of the most expensive neighbourhoods with the wealthiest inhabitants Previously separate social worlds become indistinguishable Conversations cross boundaries and blend into one another A new kind of composite society is formed and held together by a shared lechery for power without any other purpose than its own maintenance Present day America it might be said is 90 s Peru with nukes. Ssassínio brutal Mas a relação de tudo isto com o poder político nomeadamente com o homem ue na verdade overna de forma corrupta e autoritária o país o Doutor braço direito do presidente será trazida à luz curiosamente pela coragem e fibra da redatora principal do referido tabloide ue usa o nom de plume «La Retauita».

Ise it has received critically but I can t uite put my finger on WHY I m not rating it higher there is just something missing thats It immediately obvious perhaps some cogitative thought will bring it forward I like Llosa but this one is a disappointment Could be skipped Nobel prize winning Vargas Llosa shows himself to be a versatile writer because this book is very different in structure from two others of his I have read In Praise of the Stepmother and The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto Both of those other books had long philosophical passages about art life and love but The Neighborhood is a much traditional novel I won t call it a thriller but perhaps a dramaThe Neighborhood is set in Lima Peru in the period 1990 2000 when Alberto Fujimori was president and the country faced violent revolutionary activities and terrorism from two different rebel Decadent (Wicked Lovers groups Tupac Amaru a Marxist USSR influencedroup and Shining Path a Maoist Chinese influenced roup Bombings kidnappings killings power blackouts and curfews were daily events One event captured world attention in 1997 when 72 hostages were held in the Japanese embassy for 126 days The story follows two ultra wealthy families who are ood friends with each other One man is an engineer who made his millions investing in mines the other is a lawyer to him and other elites They have maids cooks Intermix Nation gardeners chauffeurs and apartments in Miami where they escape for shopping and RR Of course these are precisely the folks the rebels want to eliminate The engineer is subjected to blackmail with sexually explicit photos that if published in the localossip rags may cost him his job his prestige and his family In contrast to these high flying elites the folks involved one way or another in the blackmail scheme are all down and out folks at the other end of the economic spectrum They live in one room holes in the slums among people who eat cat and basically living off the coins they have in their pockets To spice up the novel the two beautiful wives of the male best friends are having a torrid lesbian relationship with a lot of explicit sex It adds love interest but to be honest comes across to me as largely disconnected from the rest of the story Will the husbands find out or perhaps De-cluttering Your Closet get involved turning this into a version of Bob and Carol and Ted and AliceThe explicit photos are published the editor who published them is killed and the mining engineer is arrested undoubtedly on order of the upper level political echelons it couldn t happen otherwise to one of the eliteThe authorives us a strong sense of the ineuality of those with superfluous wealth while others are starving But we also feel the terror of the elite Bodyguards are often in cahoots with the kidnappers security De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, guards are often tied in with the rebels Will you make it to work today in your chauffeur driven limousine Will your two daughters make it home from school Will your car blow up when you turn the key What s it like to live in a country where there s a patron saint of thieves I thought it was aood read it moved along and kept my attention and had a lot of local color including places and street names in LimaTop photo of 1997 hostage event from ulfnewscomMiddle photo of Lima from cdnwallpapersafaricomPhoto of the author from ep01epimgnetportadillasetiuetasi Actually between 2 and 3 stars it is not a book Llosa used to write A thin story line nicely put There is one chapter where the typical Llosa dialogues appear There is no challenge for the Llosa reader after reading almost all his works I would say this is one of his weakest writings Abundance of sex scenes very descriptive The whole freedom of speech thingfreedom of press freedom of trash magazines I dont knowthe story was too trivial for me sometimes i was thinking i am reading some jackie collins novel WOW Mario Vargas Llosa what were you thinking I could tell looking at GoodReads that this book was onna be sub par but I want to join this Spanish literature book Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, group and this was their January pick so I enjoyed the first 80% of this in the sense that I had zero expectations It was readable I wanted to find out what happened and I enjoyed the descriptions of urban Lima in the early 1990s The characters were pretty flat but I just shrugged it off if MLV was aiming for a policiac. ? não fora a constante ameaça dosuerrilheiros e seuestros – será fortemente abalado por um escândalo Após tentativa de chantagem por parte de Rolando Garro diretor do pasuim Destapes a participação do engenheiro Enriue Cárdenas numa orgia será tornada pública em todos os seus pormenores mais sórdidos Segue se um

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Mario Vargas Llosa born in Peru in 1936 is the author of some of the most significant writing to come out of South America in the past fifty years His novels include The Green House about a brothel in a Peruvian town that brings together the innocent and the corrupt; The Feast of the Goat a vivid re creation of the Dominican Republic during the final days of General Rafael Trujillo’s insidiou