Johanna Jenkins: Music from Heaven

Included. E tries to hide it behind a plain pleasant exterior Joanie knows that Noah Harding her accompanist has problems that she can’t even begin to imagine starting with his distrust of Churches Christians and the idea of God in general In helping Noah find his faith can Joanie discover her own purpose as we.

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20 bonu. A Standalone Short Story with HEA Joanie Meeks is ost And not just on a university campus that is too The Touch large for her and a music program where she’s not sure that she belongs She also feels as though she’sost her purpose or that she never truly had one Deep down she knows that God has a plan for

S books. Er If she didn’t believe that then she truly would be On His Majestys Service lost She just wishes that she could see that plan for herself When she hires an accompanist to help her with her end of semester vocal audition for the University's performance program she realizes that she is not the only one feelingost Though