Judith Rudakoff: Between the Lines The Process of Dramaturgy

Uction The book s divided Ms. Holmes of Baker Street into a Canadian half and an American half with thenterviews conducted by one person for each country which display the very different nature of each theatre scen. R Mark Bly Michael Bigelow Dixon Anne Cattaneo Morgan Jenness Shelby Jiggets and Norman Frisc.

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Most of the books I ve been reading about dramaturgy spend forever talking about how no one can define exactly what dramaturgy Tough Girls Dont Dance is This books justnterviews a collection of Canadian and Ame. Provides an nsider's perspective on aspects of the art of dramaturgy Included are conversati.

Rican dramaturgs that have been working for decades and lets them talk about what they do providing a collective definition uite a fascinating look at process n theatre from writing to prod. Ons with Bill Glassco Urjo Kareda Maureen Labonte Peter Hinto Bob White Jenny Munday DD Kugle.

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