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I liked Tessa and Ian right from the beginning They were both very laid back comfortable with who they are spoke their minds Tessa has been running her bakeryfarm for the last 6 years She had a fiance once until she found another woman in his arms and since then she has pretty much sworn off men She writes romance novels during the off season and that is as much romance as she she is inclined to entertainOf course everyone else in her life from her friend Darinda to her randma would like to see her paired off with some handsome man Ian seems to fit the bill except that he comes with a city slicker His To Protect girlfriend Lily Ian has come to Mill Pond toet his new resort in working order This means lots of renovations as well as decorating Good thing the irl next door shares his interests and knows the area Lily is planning on moving in after the renovations are done and as she travels all week for work will only be around on the weekends It soon becomes clear to everyone but Ian that Lily is not a country irl nor does she seem to be able to become one I liked Judi Lynn s writing and enjoyed this first book in the Mill Pond series The second book Opposites Distract is coming out in July She referenced another author Ilona Andrews a few times in this book so I figured I would have to check her out as well I figured that if I liked Judi s writing then I would probably like someone she likes as well Magic Bites is now on hold for me at the library Okay oh my Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) god I am seriously between heartburn and disbelief when I read thisI mean the story wasood but it can be a whole lot better Here is what I thought the nerve of her ex Gary How magnanimous of him to come to Tessa s house and said that she should move on I don t know whether to applaud or slap him hard I may be forgiving if he apologise to her first because of his cheating that he feel remorse from doing that It went like Hey I cheat on you now I am happy and u shouldn t blame me and move on I really like that Tessa s know what s right and didn t do what s some people around her suggested I said this because I am in shock that Darinda would support her if she could snatch Ian or in another word make I honestly can t remember why I asked for this book from NetGalley I think I ve been trying to branch out and try new authors If I hadn t wanted this review to be honest about the whole book this would have been a DNF for me The heroine is a definite Mary Sue In fact the whole book is Tessa is supposed to be this sweet heroine who has locked her emotions away after her fianc cheated on her Even he can t be a totally bad Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? guy stopping around to tell Tessa that she still deserves love I think it s supposed to be kind or something but comes off as smug and patronizing And speaking of smug and patronizing Tessa s a romance writer But she doesn t write books with sex in them She writes sweet romances and is aghast at the suggestion There is a sex scene in this book thoughIan is from the Big City but has bought the land next to Tessa s in order to start a vacation lodge He fits the city slicker stereotype to a T not being able to change a tire buying the wrong kind of car etcEverything is wrapped up so uickly and neatly it s eerie Problem solved problem solved It s like stack em up and knock up down one at a time Andood lord we know Indiana is in the Midwest and that the people in this book have Midwestern values but repeating Welcome to Mill Pond and small town country living filled with fresh air fresh food and plenty of fresh ossip especially when it comes to romanceIt’s impossible not to notice when someone new shows up in Mill Pond Especially someone as obviously out of place as Ian McGregor His stylish suit and fancy car scream “city slicker” And when Tessa Lawrence discovers he can’t even chan.

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Versa that ood traits in a person could both be their strength and weakness and the other way around I referred to Tessa s ex Gary and his wife it s rather convoluted but I couldn t help but to applaud him his interference in his ex s lifeTessa was very self sufficient she Baby Legacy (So Many Babies gave cityirls a ood run for their money In case of this book Lily her new neighbor s fianc e The unfortunate side of course Ian was a clueless city boy who could not change a flat tire or deal with bat in his house But I liked that he was man enough to admit his limitation and asked for help Otoh I really dislike his slowness in deciding what he really wanted There s sticking to his promise and there s plain oblivious Ian s disapproval over Tessa s closeness to other men was expected still it s frustrating and odd for me especially as everybody people of Mill Pond and even Lily were aware of itI also wish Tessa s other occupation as a romance author was shown instead of only told it could be interesting Another thing that was a let down for me was the way to Ian and Tessa s relationship It was rushed on the last few chapters and relying on other s action too muchLet s hope the next book would have powerful characters than we have here ARC is kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the exchange of a fair and honest review When Tessa spots Ian on the side of the road with a flat she stops to help like any small town Mill Pond irl would do She later finds out he s her new neighbour and plans on turning the property into a small resort She s attracted to him but after her ex cheated on her she s sworn off romance Besides he has a fiance So she s okay with them just being friends She thinksI loved the small town setting of Mill Pond where everyone looks out for each other Ian and Tessa are wonderful characters that I really liked Langlais correct pour les Nuls getting to know Being friends they were very open andot to know each other well Staying friends Constantly Craving got harder the they were together The secondary characters helped pull the story together too Tessa s friend Darinda and herrandmother were nice and helpful but Ian s fiance Lily not so muchI m so lad I won Cooking Up Trouble in a iveaway and highly recommend it to contemporary romance readers I enjoyed this book and the introduction to Mill Pond a place I am sure I will visit again Main characters Tessa and Ian are extremely likable along with several secondary characters who keep the plot moving forward at a steady clip I loved the small town environment What made this book really fun for me is that it doesn t follow the normal romance formula Ian and Tessa start off as friends and their relationship develops at a believable pace Everyone else can see they re perfect for each other but it takes some time for them to realize it too Getting there is a This review covers the first three books of the seriesThey are very like Aryan Idols good chocolate cake sweet and addictive you want the next sliceAll three have strong independent women at the centre and all available men in Mill Pond are over six feet tall handsome and with perfect bodies apart from one in the third book who is Pond scum Everyone has their issues none are insurmountable and theyet their HEA Definitely like ood chocolate cakeAnd I do love all the cooking which is at the heart of each book this is a real hook for meI can t help thinking Judi Lynn once had a bad experience with a formal wedding though. Friendship and temptingly close proximity Tessa plans to keep things with Ian strictly neighborly For one thing Ian’s ot a fiancée who unlike Tessa doesn’t have dirt under her nails Plus Tessa knows from bitter experience that a Bourdieus Secret Admirer in the Caucasus guy thisorgeous is all too likely to break a simple country irl’s heart Even if he’s as sweet as one of her cinnamon buns and eually hard to resist.

T 8 times in the first 80 pages is a bit overkillThis book really reminded me of reading Trixie Belden It was sort of blandly ood I know there are readers out there for whom this kind of romance is a nice read but definitely not to my tastes I wasn t sure how I would feel about this book but I have to say I LOVED it Yes it is a romance with the usual format boy meets Byzantium girl some sort of issue issue resolved and they live happily ever after but it stillrabbed me from the beginning and I finished it sooner rather than laterTessa has her issues with men Ian is the hot new neighbor but he is engaged to someone else I really liked how Tessa ran her own farm and did a lot of bakingmy mouth was watering at mention of the pies Just wish we had recipesTessa has a Contacts Desired good friend Darinda who seems like a hoot and kept TessaroundedIan has his own issues with his fiancee and with starting a resort but luckily Mill Pond is a small town and everyone watches out for one anotherAt the end of my book was the first chapter for the next book Looks like another enjoyable book This is probably better than an okay book I just didn t like the situation between Tessa the main character and Ian the man to whom she was attracted I kept waiting for Tessa to lose her temper and tell Ian a few hard truths but she didn t For some reason the covers on this series has always appealed to me so when I Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, got approved for the newest book in the series as an ARC I sat down with what I did have and started reading Unfortunately this book didn t really live up to the blurb or cover at all Tessa is a definite Mary Sue seemingly perfect in every way as if she was Mary Poppins She is a sweet heroine who has locked her emotions away after her fianc cheated on her He even stopped back around to tell Tessa that she still deserves love which I think was supposed to be kind and showcase that he s not really a baduy but it comes off as smug and patronizing Tessa also is this wonderful baker and romance writer but she doesn t write books with sex in them She writes sweet romances and is aghast at the suggestion of sex scenes in her novels yet this book showcases sex scenes so it felt a little hypocritical Ian is from the Big City but has bought the land next to Tessa s in order to start a vacation lodge He fits the city slicker stereotype to a T not being able to change a tire buying the wrong kind of car etc yet even with all that he still comes off as a bit on the perfect side The Oracles Golem (The Oracle giving the town exactly what it needs as if it didn t even know it needed it He comes as a package deal with airlfriend that is absolutely horrible for him and when he and Tessa start Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations getting attracted to one another he practically defends theirlfriend at every turn even though he has doubts about them working out in the long runEverything is wrapped up so uickly and neatly it s eerie like stack em up and knock up down one problem at a time Midwestern Values took a prominent point here but not in a Let It Bree / Cant Buy Me Louie (Harlequin Duets, good way as if it was somehow better than the rest of the country This book was sort of blandlyood of a 25 star read than a 3 but the town was cute enough to warrant rounding up 325 StarsA feel The Solitary Self good and sweet romance with an independent and lovely heroine this book is aood start to the Mill Pond series and nice debut of Judi Lynn This book left me with conflicting feelings that sometimes bad things happened for The Ornaments of Life good reasons and vice. Ge a tire she has no choice but to help That’s just what the locals do And when she finds out Ian’s her new neighbor of course she’s obliged to invite him to dinner tooTurns out Ian’s come from New York to open a luxury resort on the property next door to Tessa’s farm where sherows berries and sells her famous jams and delectable baked One Wish (Thunder Point, goods But despite their uicklyrowing.

Judi Lynn received a Master’s Degree from Indiana University as an elementary school teacher after attending the IPFW campus She taught 1st 2nd and 4th grades for six years before having her two daughters She loves gardening cooking and trying new recipes