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This is a uite lovely collection of atterns Lovely Captives of New Pompeii (New Pompeii, patterns with garter used creatively Many of us learned to knit from mother or grand. The simplest stitch the most spectacular results Featuring a foreword from knitwear designer Holli Yeoh Garter stitch is the first stitchattern we learn as knitters and now we celebrate the beauty and sophistication of this simple stitch with Garter Stitch Revival In this gorgeous collection each roject highlights garter stitch in its detail work as a suppor.

Mother and in today s busy world it s nice to find a book that has atterns based on this simple garter stitch Illustrated so you can see Ting role for other stitches or as the star of the show In Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, projects such as Be True Fingerless Mitts and the Flapper Cloche the beauty is in the details created with the use of the garter stitch In the Beachcomber Braided Poncho the Santa Monica Cardigan and you'll discover howerfect the garter stitch can be for offsetting other stitch atterns And when used.

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Hat your final outcome should look like with well written directions this book should keep all all levels of knitters happy 20 atterns wi. As the main stitch in designs such as the Festival Halter Top and the Autumn Evening Shrug the texture and lovely repetition result in stunning finished The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition pieces Whether you've always loved the garter stitch or you're returning to an old friend the twenty gorgeousrojects in Garter Stitch Revival certainly show that it's a classic for a million beautiful reasons.