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Ave to read the series to actually understand what I m talking about unfortunately I m not the best explainer in the world Anyways it is WAY better then the Harry Potter Books thats or sure This was amazing Even though everything we started with in Chronicles has changed and even though everyone we knew in Chronicles has moved on it still manages to end in such a way that makes us remember the beginning I Breakfast with Anglo found it simply breath taking It s interesting because most of the reviews I ve read on this book said that its a huge letdown that it s not worth reading and that the new character suck I strongly disagree with them Iound that the book exceed my expectations and straight after One Big Damn Puzzler finishing it Ielt like I could read it again We actually can see some of the original characters in this book Glithas actually becomes very much like his Landscapes of Communism father Tanis Gerard reminds me a lot of Sturm Palin turns into what Raistlin should have been and Dalamar turns into what Raistlin Ven to desperate measures leads theight against overwhelming oddsTwo unlikely protagonists emerge One is a dragon overlord who will not easily relinuish her rule The

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Talk about a good way to end the series The last trilogy really got me hooked on the story and characters of the previous books along with the new The character of Mina really evolved into a strong enough character to land her on story that takes place after this series The story and characters within the world of Dragonlance seem to live on to this day I don t think you could entirely put an end on it but if this was consider the last book then I could be happy I just need to go back and read the rest This is a good book and a great climax to one of the best NORJAK fantasy series I have ever read The entire series which is about 16 books I believe isn t one of those regularantasy good vs evil thing The series is always complex then that showing how the evil side of good and the good side of evil Most of all it shows that if good would win the day then world will be destroyed because it always has to be kept in balance to make the world a good place to live You truly The lames of war devour Ansalon The army of dead souls marches toward conuest led by the mystical warrior Mina who serves the powerful One GodA small band of heroes dri.

As before he redeemed himself I came to care or this brave new world and care The Outside for the brave new characters as well and I actuallyelt tears welling up in my eyes as I reached the conclusion Don t listen to the people who tell you not to read this just do it You won t be disappointed This was the 11th Dragonlance series book that I read The Loving James (Surviving Elite High, first three where myavourite by Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, far and while some of the others were ok because Tasselhoff and Fizban made everything so much better I was really disappointed by how this book ended Still I would love to check out the authors latest works some time I did not like very much theirst two book of this series but the I See Rude People final and third book is really greatI ve been curious about where will the story goes what will happen next and how will itinish Nearly all of this book is interesting and i liked the end partEven you can see Huma Magius and Raistlin in this bookAs I said before it is always enjoyable to read Dragonlance novels. Ther is an irrepressible kender who has been on a strange and remarkable journey that will end in startling and unforeseen ashionThe stirring climax of the War of Souls.

Fantasy novelist who along with Tracy Hickman was one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world I've written numerous novels and short stories set in the world of Krynn as well as series in other original worlds These include Darksword Rose of the Prophet Star of the Guardians DeathGate Dragonvarld Sovereign Stone Dragonships and the Dragon Brigade I also wrote two para