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K t had The Good Pub Guide 2016 it s slow moments and confusing ones butt than made up for that One thing The Terrorist Hunters is clear Alexandra Oliva has talent I am very excited to see what she writes next I liked the premise but the book was just okay Well that escalated uickly seems to be the theme of this book I had a blast reading this onet was disturbing In the Name of Love in ann your face type of manner with no concern for the reader s feelings just as I like Jews and Magic in Medici Florence it I will say that I agree with most of the other reviews before minef this had been cleaned up just a bit Unload (Loaded it would have been a 5 star read for me no uestions asked This wasn t your typical YA dystopian novel there are relationships butn reality no romance The Seventh Tide is portrayed The contents adult than your typical teen story which made this a highly anticipated read for me The Last One felt like the love child of Survivor and The Walking Dead minus the zombies No one knows for sure what happened small scale or large No one knows precisely what went wrong But before he dies the producer will know this much Something went wrong After mulling this one over a bit I think my favorite thing about this book s the way t Tail-End Charlies is written Each chapter flips back and forth between the beginning of filming the reality show and present time The latters narrated by a cast member named Zoo the former reads almost as though you are privy to a production script and schedule It has a really nice flow to The Haunted Gallery it the style kept me on my toes and had mynterest piued through the entire story I truly did not want to put this one down The pacing was mmaculate and the author revealed just enough at a time to make me want to read just one chapter It took me awhile to get the characters straight as there are a good number of them and they go by their TV nickname and their given name alternately It was fun trying to pair up those names along the way as ts not clear right off the bat who Subterranean Kerouac is who Even though there s not much of a mystery here as to the who and what thedea I felt behind this story was the why We don t get many answers until halfway through the book but at that point things start ramping up rather fast and we find out most of the clues to the puzzle from then on I don t want to delve Mansfield into further plot details because duh spoilers but trust me you won t regret picking this one upf you re looking for an In the Beginning intense severely entertaining survival story I could have read thisn one sitting Of Love and Life if life and adulting weren t a thingMany thanks to Alexandra Oliva Ballantine Books and NetGalley for providing my copyn exchange for an honest review I ll definitely be looking out for the author s next book Write uickly please congratulations semifinalist The Wreck of the Medusa in goodreads best science fiction category 2016 It s all just part of the game As long as I keep thatn mind I ll be fine no matter how twisted things getfamous last words manthis book was so so fun and had such a great time reading t but the fact that some people Catwoman (DC Icons, i usually agree with did not means gotta write one of those probably only nteresting to me reviews to work out what loved about All Things Made New it without giving too much away because spoiler policethe premises shivery good twelve Words Fail Us individuals are selected to be contestants on the premiere season of a survival themed reality series shroudedn secrecy with a feature film sized budget and a near simultaneous film to broadcast time three episodes a week many of the specifics and details are withheld from the contestants Tomb Raider including the true name of the showtself they know only that An Honorable Defeat it will reuire woodsy survival skills strategy endurance andt soon becomes clear there will be an element of theatricality three weeks The Groundnut Cookbook into filming with episodes already airing and while the remaining contestants are scattered apart from each othernto ndividual challenges there s a global pandemic and while the world doesn t end shit The Gates of Europe is really really bad communications are compromised and one of the contestants nicknamed zoos on her own off course and unreachable and making her way through an ncreasingly ruined wasteland she believes to be part of the show encountering corpses she assumes are props following what she perceives to be clues but n reality she s just witnessing what the world looks like when Claiming the Enemy (Porter Brothers Trilogy, it dies believing shes still being monitored by hidden cameras and drones zoo doesn t comprehend the gravity of her situation she assumes she still has a safety net an out f she needs one that the crew won t let her die or get nto any real danger despite the very real and very dangerous situations The Hero Pup in which she keeps finding herself not that she s planning on taking advantage of that safety net Nothing can be worse than what they ve already put me through I d never choose this not again But I m here and I m a woman of my word and I promised myself I wouldn t uitit s a fascinating situation psychologically considering the tricksy mindgames reality television plays even when there s not an apocalypse going on where viewers are complicitn their own manipulation for entertainment reuired to accept a semblance of reality with the tacit understanding that the reality After the Ice is largely fabricated as one character observes before all the real bad begins Though he will not admit as much the cameraman s presence gave him the courage to head offnto the woods alone It s only pretend alone he thinksand as zoo herself acknowledges unfortunately and unknowingly after the real bad begins The world Super Grandma and Super Grandpa (The Unknown Superheroes in which I now moves a deliberate human perversion of nature s beauty I cannot forget this I must accept this I have accepted thisit s a premise so rich with opportunities for psychological exploration and social commentary and oliva does an excellent job taking advantage of these opportunities the narrative switches back and forth Murder in Mind in time between the show before the event setting up characters and challenges and motivations and to zoo on her own afterwardsn the changed world maintaining her persona adapting her behavior for the viewer who The World in Winter is no longer there trusting her life to a set of rules no longern placethat The Asylum is some scary shit manuick personal fact that may or may not benteresting or relevant Trick (Foolish Kingdoms, i have never watched survivor or any of those shows have seen commercials for where people are tossed naked The Road He Travelled into the woods or made to eat unusual things or dropped from high buildings for cash prizes so how well this book reflects or references those showss lost on me but even though The Sea Garden i ve never personally witnessed this kind of situation on the teevee understand the psychological strain Introducing the Ancient Greeks inherentn this arrangement how the presence of the camera and the unseen audience affects behavior constructs personas as armor and how the editing of raw footage The Student Cookbook influences and manipulates peoplento caricatures of themselves within the book characters are referenced by nicknames reduced to roles based on their professions or skills banker asian chick who later gets upgraded to carpenter chick cheerleader boy etc which annoyed some readers but Torpedo Run i kind of likedt since with the reality game shows The Driver i do watch like project runway and top chef thiss exactly what De glazen troon (De glazen troon, i do when there s too many of them to keep track of at first and you gotta differentiate them by their salient characteristics affected or not heret drives the point home that these people theeeeese peeeeeople have been reduced to stereotypes pigeonholed Silent Witnesses into roles to fulfill an audience s expectations and whatever doesn t fitnto this role The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, is edited away as thought never happened the contestant s real names are occasionally used when they form bonds or The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus in the outside world as fans of the showfriends of the contestants gathern a chat room to dish and The Common Years it s a little confusing butt s also kind of a fun game being exposed to the personalities of these contestants The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, in their day lives and contrasting them with their show livesit s a very strong debut there are a couple of weak parts and a bit of a three uarter mark slump butt held my Inishowen interest and there are some terrificallyntense scenes that will stick with methe uibbles are minor and not uncommon authorial choices made to maximize dramatic The Other Side of the Coyne impact that come across asmprobable Zombacter including my own personal bugbearnvolving communication aka La muñeca asesina if this one character says this one wickedmportant thing they don t really have reason not to say and which Risking It All is only not being saidn order to prolong a dramatic situation syndrome although to be fair The Housekeeper and the Professor i thinkt s handled better here than s typical there are some extenuating circumstances but still just say that thing son there are some additional plausibility The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary issues where you re desperate for zoo s penny to drop and see what s really going on around her particularlyn the blue cabin but The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures it s also perfectly reasonable that she simply wouldn t be able to process the truth of what she s seeing considering the completely dissociative state brought on by the strain of hunger and dehydration and view spoilerher glasses breaking so everythings hazy hide spoiler. Skills and learn new ones as she goes But as her emotional and physical reserves dwindle she grasps that the real world might have been altered Asian Bites in terrifying ways and her ability to parse the charade will be either her triumph or her undoing Sophisticated and provocative The Last Ones a novel that forces us to confront the role that media plays Perfect in our perception of whats real how readily we cast our judgments how easily we are manipulat.

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First Read June 2016 Rating 55 starsSecond Read March 2020 Rating 55 starsThis book sounded pretty much like t was created with my personal tastes n mind a thriller following the characters on a reality TV survival show as they traverse through not only the wooded area used as their natural set but the altered real world leaving doubt to blossom Avengers in both the minds of the characters and reader as to whats real and what s unrealThis book delivered on every front I was hooked from the first chapter and the alternative present and past focus left me puzzling out every word for the clues of truth that may be embedded thereEach contestant was given a name decided from their profession or some defining particular n their character or ethnicity These American Prince individuals each managed to perform their character to the stereotypical T andt didn t detract from the reality of the story This wasn t bad character creation but a satirical and humerus gibe at the formulated over processed and out dated production of popular culture that keeps the The Devouring (The Devouring, individual neatly definedn a series of boxes They all managed however to be dually stereotypical and realThe protagonist Zoo was feisty upbeat and combative but with very real flaws that made her a likable and forgivable main character I mmediately felt an affinity towards her which aligned with the desired emotion provided from her show casting and mmediate odds as fan favourite She was an apt pick as the book s main character The other characters often ranged The Campaign for Domestic Happiness in scale from likable to unlikable due to Zoo s own personal preference which we are privy to rather than the reader s other perspective as distanced viewer of the showThis books Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, innovative uniuen conception and reads unlike any story I have read before I have read of some readers finding the plot uite alienating with The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing its almost clinical and formulated writing when relaying the events of the show to the reader as viewer but I found this another trope which heightened my accord with the book This definitely fallsnto the realms of experimental writing which justifies the polarizing opinions regarding The Complete Idiots Guide to Fondues and Hot Dips it For met was Aloha Rodeo instant love and I am eager to readn this world and from this author 35 stars This book will be popular not just because of marketing but because Stealing Venice it will appeal to different types of people You get a little bit of a lot of different things and not too much of any one thing It s annteresting commentary on everything from how the media shapes public perception to psychological unraveling All aboard the Ninky Nonk! in the face of severe trauma to subtle messages about choosing to eat organic foodWhat I wished there would have been of the dystopianapocalyptic factor Its pretty much The Lady and the Peacock in the background until the end The main focus was on how the first week of the reality show unfolded t0ldn flashbacks Even Another Mothers Love if you haven t seen a survival type reality show you pretty much already know exactly howt goes Alliances team challenges bickering etcI didn t really feel anything for any of the characters unfortunately The crazy Exorcist dude was kind of funny but an ass I kind of liked Tracker and Air Force guy and Engineer Biology and Carpenter Chick were okay I guess but we don t really get to know anyone I didn t really like Zoo I felt like she was THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. in denial for way too long I know there were reasons to explaint but still I felt frustrated and her actions didn t really evoke any feelings of sympathy from me I felt like a lot of boxes were checked off her atheist modern woman didn t want kids although she did angst about Three by Atiq Rahimi it enough so we are not sure what she really wants didn t change her last name when she marriedt s the end of the world and she s n a grocery store and what does she seek out uinoa and Kashi cereal She makes sure to only put a tiny bit of maple syrup on her food because extra caloriessugar facepalm Maybe The Galapagos Affair it wasntentional to portray her that wayThe ending was unsatisfying Very I am still not sure how much time was supposed to go by during the whole thing It seemed like she was out Rome Sweet Rome in the woods for less than a month but yet she had basically lost her mind Was she already a little mental beforet all started I just wasn t sureI did really like the young teen Brennan I would like to see of the world after the epidemic I m rating up because I have to admit I was very Tales From Nature interested despite feeling somewhat unsatisfied andt was a uick easy read I may add later Not sure Overall I would recommend Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, it and I thinkt will be very popular Original postI just won this Goalie Interference (1Night Stand in a GRs giveaway Yay However the Station Eleven and The Passage references worry me since I DNF d both those books HAHA How did I miss that I must have entered before DNFing those Didn t I When did this contest start I don t even remember P Ps I didn t think this was anything like Station Eleven to be honest But then again I DNF d that one I usually overlook some thingsn an arc copy of a book that bugs me but I m really hoping that this one gets cleaned up just a bit because The Lights of Manchester it s a full five star bookf The Reconstructionist it does A reality TV show that will test the contestants than ever before They have to sign a disclaimer that basically the producers don t owe them nothing and that last onen the game wins Twelve contestants enter and the only way out The Dollmakers Daughters is to say Ad tenebras dedi To the night I surrenderNow for me the beginning of this books sort of confusing The contestants are described by race and that kinda made my teeth go on edge After the game starts they all develop slang nicknamesYou have Tracker a survival expert Waitress the standard hot girl who was just recruited for the game for her looksRancher pretty much his name describes himAir Force military guy who omits the fact that he Il isn t the pilot the show thought him to be he was delivering care packagesBlack Doctor a calm radiologistZoo a married animal lover whos on this uest before she and her husband attempt to have their first childCheerleader Boy The Missing in college and was really just looking for a way to spend the summer and hopefully pick up the prize moneyBiology teaches seventh grade scienceEngineer wants to learn spontaneity Banker feels like hes the guy that everyone wants their kid to grow up to be but secretly hates because of his jobConstruction girlAsian girl Shows that she knows how to do than anyone expectsand Exorcist nutjob who thinks he can perform exorcismsI m hoping that the finished version has a short little bio of each character so that the reader can make sense of the story sooner than Health Policy Analysis it happened for me Because this was some good stuffYou do have some gruesome stuff with having to feed themselvesn the wilderness And some tension between the contestants The explanation most viewers will jump to s as common an assumption as maternal nstinct female jealousy Waitress The nexus is younger skinnier and prettier after all But Zoo doesn t care that Waitresss pretty or skinny or young All she cares about Operatie oranje woensdag is that she s delaying their team She would be eually annoyed at a man doing the sameOnce the game starts you realize thatn the outside world something The Mouse-Proof Kitchen is going on People are getting sick and dying The contestants have no clue and after facing a few team challenges they are told that they are now on their own for a solo challengeIt s told from a retro look back at the game and real time with one contestant Zoo as she faces the challenge of being own her own and thinking that nothings wrong and all the stuff she runs Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success intos part of the gamewith all The Prodigal Prophet it s props She does know not to trust anyone named the Governor cacklesOne of the problems does arise here for me also Zoo uses the contestants real names They aren t mentionedn explanation of which character Bloody Seoul is which and I never did figure out some of them It still kept me turning pages as fast as my fingers would go though To gain viewers because I have to admitf I weren t here Migritude if I weren t a contestant I d watch this show I d soakn their vision of mangled familiarity and I d love The Color Purple itAlln allit s a dang good book It gives you a glimpse of how the media can distort the public s empathy also For a debut book this sucker Truth and Nothing But is so worth reading Booksource Netgalleyn exchange for review The only one of my friends that have tried this book Negotiate the best deal is TLshe didn t liket and she picks out some good books There may be a chance that I totally read this one wrong I ve done that before 2 12 stars Here s the problem this s a good book but I just didn t really like t that muchComparisons between The Last One and Station Eleven are spot on n my opinion So f you liked the latter there s a good chance this book will suit your tastes It s another dense wordy literary post apocalyptic novel It s clever and yet I found t emotionally distantOliva presents us with a great premise a reality TV show turned nightmare Twelve contestants are sent nto the woods with zero knowledge of what to expect The show One from None is about survival ands meant to test their limits this they know but no one knows just how far the Survival Im Afraid of Men is the name of the game as the line blurs between reality TV and realitytself Reforesting Faith in Alexandra Oliva’s fast paced novel of suspenseShe wanted an adventure She nevermagined Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor it would go this far It begins with a reality TV show Twelve contestants are sentnto the woods to face challenges that will test the limits of their endurance While they are out there something terrible happens but how widespread Foursome is the destruction and hast.

Roducers are willing to go So when corpses and devastation show up Corduroys Garden it s kind of assumed that thiss just a twisted staged part of the gameYeah t sn tUnbeknownst to the contestants a pandemic has broken out and shit has gotten really bad Communications have broken down and there s nobody out there to pull them from the game So this survival game turns My Father Left Me Ireland into something very real Interspersed with Reddit like forums The Last Ones a book about the media reality TV culture and the way our obsession with both mpacts us n the modern and post modern worlds It s a fantastic Stumbling Giants ideaI also can t argue that Oliva spends a lot of time on her characters especially Zoo They get description and development and oh so many words but as with Station Eleven I was never convinced that the main characters were worth reading about I appreciated the bookn a kind of abstract way but never engaged with Sabrina Corina it or cared wheret was leadingFor the most part t s a very slow and dry survival story It alternates between the present where Zoo s experiencing a dying world and doesn t know Patient Safety Ethics it and the start of the competition where the contestants are referred to by nicknames like Banker and Cheerleader Boy This way of treating the contestants as things and not people wasnteresting but also didn t help me warm to them With only a few rare exceptions I m just not the type of person to enjoy a story without caring for the characters I don t have to like them but I have to be Fat in the Fifties interested Oh the world ended But what doest really matter Kent Island if there s no onen this world I find Brides, Mourners, Bacchae interestingA smart book with a lot of thought obviously gonento Born to Run it Probablynteresting to study than t s enjoyable to readBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store This was rough and definitely the biggest disappointment of my reading year I was really looking forward to this book I love the premise and was excited by the comparisons to Station Eleven a book I loved mmensely but man did this ever fall flat for me The story s told from two perspectives before and after The unnamed protagonist was a contestant The Three Coffins (Dr. Gideon Fell, in a reality tv show when a plague hit ands left alone but thinking that this Generic is still all part of the show I have watched an awful lot of reality tv and the parts about the show were really enjoyable I like how the author plays with the tropes of the genre and how real that felt My problem was with the second story line following the protagonist who just does not realize that the show has ended and that the plague really really reallys real The reader knows this from the beginning and my patience with her wore thin a long time before she caught up While there was some sort of explanation given for her Campus Sexual Assault idiocy sorry that still didn t work for me at all We spend so much timen her head that at around the 30% mark I just wanted to shake her and that wish never left me Everytime she sees something that should give away that the show has Radical Pacifism in Modern America indeed ended she just thinks wow they really are spending an awful lot of money on special effects but they cannot fool me I only finished the book because I wanted to know what happens to the child she finds on the way a child she treats so horribly because she thinks he s a camera man meant to stir up drama for the rating that I lost all remaining sympathy I had for the character Her self loathing tendencies only led to me nodding and agreeing and I am fairly sure that was not the reaction that was supposed to comeI think part of the reasons that I listened to the book on audio so Bioinformatics Methods it took me a lot longer thanf I had read What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength it Alsot really drives home the fact that the protagonist The Impossible Climb is so muchn her head there Magic in the Air is a scenen the middle where she contemplates what to cook n excrutiating detail and then thinking back on memories the spices bring and her relationship with her husband and and and while the hungry child s looking at her And I am fairly sure that wasn t meant to feel like forever So yes I am disappointed because I LOVE the premise and parts were really La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos interesting I wish the story had been told broader and the other contestants would have been fleshed out because theres real potential for a story I would love ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy in exchange for an honest reviewFirst of all I want to give all the propsn the world to Alexandra Oliva because this The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, is one of the best debut author novels I ve ever read I was sompressed by her fresh take on a survivorpandemic story Remus (Marius Brothers in this heavily saturated market That s how they dot they blur the line between reality and nightmare They give me bad dreams and then they make them come true The Last One Turning Points is about a TV survival reality show thats airing right before a global pandemic happens The contestants are unaware still thinking they are participating The Secret Life of Theater in the shown hopes of winning the one million dollar prizeThe cast s made up of 12 people with different color bandanas that are reduced to mere stereotypes 1 Zoo sky blue bandana female main protagonist loves animals white blonde glasses2 Tracker red bandana male survival expert has a sick mother3 Waitress violet bandana female very good looking viewed as dumb4 Rancher black yellow bandana cowboy5 Air Force navy blue bandana male military pilot6 Black Doctor mustard yellow bandana male radiologist calm 7 Cheerleader Boy pink bandana college student viewed as weak8 Biology orange bandana lesbian 7th grade science teacher9 Engineer maroon brown bandana male young Chinese American wants to learn10 Asian Girl neon yellow bandana very skilled n carpentry11 Exorcist lime green bandana male red hair performs exorcisms viewed as crazy12 Banker black white bandana male filler Jewish super niceYou do eventually find out their names The Secret Message of Jesus in a very tricky way thats lightly laced throughout the book This ended up being one of my favorite parts of the story and every time I would come across a name I would get giddy and have to write t n my notes so I could figure out all twelve upon completion view spoiler1 Zoo Sam2 Tracker Cooper3 Waitress Heather4 Rancher Julio5 Air Force Ethan6 Black Doctor Tyler7 Cheerleader Boy Josh8 Biology Sofia9 Engineer Albert10 Asian Girl Amy Thank you so much Stacy11 Exorcist Randy12 Banker Elliot hide spoiler 35 stars Alexandra Oliva s debut novel deserves all the hype The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories it s been getting The premise alone had me hooked A story where contestants are on a Survivor esue reality show cut off from society when something of catastrophic proportions affects the rest of the world causing even blurrier lines between whats real and what Separated by Duty, United in Love is reality tvSoundnteresting original or exciting It fits all of these descriptions And even leaves room for social commentary on reality TV much First Strike in the same way that the TV show Unreal does with the behind the scenes look at one of the biggest parts of current pop culture We get glimpses of the way editing can change the way a contestants portrayed the way an event plays out or Accelerating Possession it can leave out the moments producers had to push someone to do something We see how producers create a character and give that character a storyline off what the cameras shoot and piece together what fits There s often an end game What these producers can t plan fors just what occurs when the world A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers is seemingly ending and they can t reach all the contestants still out thereThe show our contestants are ons In the Dark Basically the winner gets a million dollars It s about survival and The Hideaway is a new show with a ginormous budget It s to air three episodes a week A lot of details are kept under wraps from the contestants but they are told there could be times they are on their own for long periods of time They say they are always watchingeven from afar So as you can seeeven when everything gets real badt s still pretty logical to not piece everything togetherThe story alternates between present day from the perspective of Zoo and about three weeks earlier from the reality show perspective meaning what the production team I Want a Dog is piecing together from the footage The contestants all have clever nicknames such as Zoo Banker Tracker Waitress Black Doctor Exorcist etc Well maybe not so clever but thats how the characters were referred to throughout In Zoo s chapters she would refer to people by their actual names leading to confusion New Bad Girl in Town in who was who for a while I put some oft together though I still probably couldn t match up all the names to their nickname Some of the chapters also feature a blog post about the show with comments from viewers allowing for additional viewpoints on the whole situationI love how Zoo s chapters became a sort of psychological examination with all the trauma she was experiencing both mentally and physically and her strong belief The Things We Knew in knowing she was on a reality show leading her to refuse to believe what she was seeing and experiencing The way the line between reality tv and real life was so fuzzyt was even unclear to the reader at times There s a lot to be appreciated about this one I thin. Occurred naturally or s Men of Sunday it human made Cut off from society the contestants know nothing oft When one of them a young woman the show’s producers call Zoo stumbles across the devastation she can London imagine only thatt Bid My Soul Farewell (Give the Dark My Love, is part of the game Alone and disoriented Zoos heavy with doubt regarding the life and husband she left behind but she refuses to uit Staggering countless miles across unfamiliar territory Zoo must summon all her survival.

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Alexandra Oliva grew up in a small town deep in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York A graduate of Yale University she also earned an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School University and undertook intensive wilderness survival training while researching The Last One She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their brindled pup Codex The Last One is her first novelT