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Nes concocted to eep the police officer ignorant of the murders that have occurred in the Storybook his suspicions are assuaged when Miss Scarlet simply tells him We re having a party p43 The best part of the Storybook is that it s lavishly illustrated with stills from the movie The endpapers also give us a nice floorplan of Hill House which is set up exactly like the game board Clue famously featured three different endings when it was released in theaters and a fourth ending was filmed but cut before the movie was released Like the novel the Storybook also features the fourth ending The gist of it is that Wadsworth The Medieval Forest killed everyone and then poisoned all of the guests who will die within three hours if they don t get an antidote The police show up and Wadsworth starts another reenactment of the entire evening but then steps out the front door and steals a police car He is then attacked by the police dogs in the back seat Presumably the guests get the antidote in time It s understandable why this ending was cut from the film but it s interesting to read Presumably the film of it is lost since it s never reappeared on any of the DVDs of the movie Speaking of endings why isn t there a Colonel Mustard did it ending There s a lot of suspicion thrown towards his character during the film and he s al. S the mysterious Mr Boddy No one has the answers but before the evening is over six people have beenilled Who is the murderer Is it Miss Scarlet Professor Plum Mrs White Mr Green Mrs Pe.

The 1985 murder mystery comedy Clue is my favorite movie I just read the novel based on the screenplay In a similar vein I ll discuss Clue The Storybook which was adapted by Ann Matthews Like the novel it sells for ridiculous prices on Clue The Storybook was published by Little Simon a division of Simon Schuster that produces books for children Considering that the plot of Clue is all about blackmail and contains multiple murders it might not have been the best candidate for the Little Simon storybook treatment That being said I saw Clue at a pretty early age although not in the theater and it doesn t seem to have warped me too much Clue The Storybook reads like a version of the movie with all of the jokes left out Some of the content has been edited to make it acceptable for children Which means that when in the movie Mr Green tells everyone that he s gay in the Storybook he says I work for the state department and I am engaged in a relationship that I have to The Road Beyond Ruin keep uietsort of an affair p23 So he s having sort of an affair That makes zero sense And many of the best parts of the movie just don t appear For example Wadsworth and Colonel Mustard s great back and forth about whether or not there s anyone else in the house is skipped over No Sorry I said no meaning yes Instead of the elaborate sce. WhodunitOn a bleak rainy night a strange dinner party is held at a gloomy mansion The guests don'tnow each other They don't even now their host Why have they been called together Who

So connected to two of the victims But I digressThe Storybook also features the original version of the Mrs Peacock did it ending which ends with her getting shot by the Chief This was changed at some point But the Storybook has Mrs Peacock encounter the Chief who she still thinks is a religious beatnik outside of the mansion He persuades her to put her gun down and then just as she gets to her car she asks How did you now my name He laughed Then he picked up the revolver and shot Mrs Peacock dead p54 Yikes Shooting an unarmed suspect is a pretty harsh end for Mrs Peacock The novel has Mrs Peacock put her gun down but also makes it clear that she is still alive after she s arrested by the police I wonder if Mrs Peacock s getting shot is the reason for Mr Green referring to her in the past tense in this classic exchangeWadsworth You see like the Mounties we always get our man Mr Green Mrs Peacock was a man Colonel Mustard and Wadsworth both slap Mr Green Clue The Storybook is entertaining for diehard fans of the movie like myself and it will definitely make you want to watch the movie again so you can experience it with the jokes I ve had this book for 10 years now and finally got around to reading it It pales in comparison to the movie obviously and the photos featured are nothing new The sur. Acock Colonel Mustard Or did the butler do itThis mystery isn't like any other because it has four solutions so read carefully follow the clues to CLUE and choose the ending you like best.

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