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Ok of a trapped solated castle Figure Drawing in Proportion is probably not the time to be constantly thinking about being touchy feelyAnd then thensta love kind of sprung up out of nowhere as wellEverything else about this murder mystery was enjoyable maybe with a few flaws here and there Really Exit Strategy (Katerina Carter Fraud it was just the romance that didn t dot for me And truthfully neither of the main characters were that Daylight Again (Hell or High Water, interesting either Nor were the side characters Booklikes opoly Roll 19Books set Aliens and Alien Societies in EnglandPage Count 292Cash Award 600Updated Bank Balance 9100. Tch and with eyes the color of whiskey the headstrong PI was dangerously close tontoxicating Jennifer But with only each other to trust the two strangers One-Way Trip (Sniper Elite, in an even stranger land would have to stop a killer who stalked the frozen hallwaysf they hoped to weather the storm.

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It was ok A little slow moving for me As I had stated Photo Craft in my BLopoly update post for Roll 20 To the Rescue was enjoyable as a mystery but the romance left much to be desired The writing was extremely heavy on the romance which no surprise there as thiss a Harleuin romance and so what did I expect right But n another sense the writing was also smooth and progressive easy to read The mystery was a typical outline of a locked room murder mystery though the killer wasn t a surprise upon reveal at the endNevertheless Leo McKenzie was an American nvestigator tracking a hard to find woman through the English countryside But trailing antiues agent Jennifer Rowan through an Discover Manga Drawing Kit impassable blizzard only amounted to a concussion and a developing cold crushAfter finding haven for the detectiven.

F I could change anything about this book Rock and Riot Volume 2 it would be the development of the romance Honestly our main couples trapped n a big creepy monastery with strangers who are also trapped and an entire order of monks There has been two murders two attempts on our MCs lives a stolen historical relic s part of the euation and all Leo or Jennifer can think of Can You See What I See? Christmas Read-and-Seek (Scholastic Reader Level 1) is how attractive each others and continue to lust after each other non stopThere The Dead Travel Fast is a time and place for groping and sexy times While an unknown killers running am. A centuries old monastery Jenny sought a silent monk who had the answer to recovering the priceless Warley Madonna But when someone else got him to spill his guts first literally everyone stranded The Perfect Edge in the castle became a suspect The two reckless Americans made anmperfect ma.

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Lee Rogers As Jean Barrett he is the author of twenty three contemporary and historical romance novels for Kensington Berkley Dorchester and Harleuin Silhouette His books have been printed in numerous foreign editions Those books have appeared on such best seller lists as Waldenbooks B Dalton and Bookscan He was the proud recipient of the national Booksellers' Best Award and twice won the national Write Touch Readers' Award He also wrote as