Colin Dann: Lions of Lingmere Journey to Freedom Bk 1 Lions of Lingmere

LOVED IT An excellent children s book exploring the closur. Lingmere Zoo is about to close and its twin lionesses Lorna and Ellen will be put down unless a new home can be found for them So when a sanctuary in Africa

Release of it s lions and honey bear to the wilds of Africa. Ing Ellen to face an unknown fate aloneCan the lionesses survive without each other in their frightening and confusing new worlds And will they ever meet agai.

E of a zoo in northern England and the transfer and eventual. Ffers to take the animals Lorna and Ellen begin the long journey together But Lorna wants her freedom and dramatically escapes ot the English countryside leav.

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Colin Dann born 1943 in Richmond Surrey now part of London is an English author He is best known for his The Animals of Farthing Wood series of books which was subseuently made into an animated seriesDann worked at the publishing firm William Collins Sons & Co for thirteen years and his first novel The Animals of Farthing Wood was written during this period The original cover for thi