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I found it interesting that while a majority of the cases Watanuki and Yuuko san end up dealing with in the manga involve the paranormal all three of these stories are primarily involving human issues Although these human issues may initially appear to be the work of spirits they are in actuality studies in psychology and human nature which Yuuko cleverly deciphers These are really detective stories than paranormal stories which is consistent with Nisioisin s other work that I ve read One other feature that I appreciated in the English edition is the excellent work of the translator in providing explanatory notes the text is infiltrated with references to Japanese culture language and literature This story xxxHolic AnotherholicThe book consists of 3 short stories that revolve around Kimihiro WatanukiI really liked how the characters are very consistent in comparison to the manga the characters didn t feel out of place and the pop culture references were on pointThe first story is called outerholic It s about a woman that suffers from what she calls urges those urges are urges to break taboosAfter Watanuki watches the woman throw herself into traffic he decides the best course of action is for her to see Y koThe second story is called Underholic this story is about a girl who receives text messages from her dead friendWatanuki hears about this from a classmate and decides to investigate those incidentsThe culprit was surely an unexpected oneThe final story is called Afterholic this story is about a day when Watanuki woke up without being able to see spirits his wish is actually fulfilled by someone other than Y ko he realizes something very important about himself and uestions why he s even working for Y koSo yeah Nisioisin did a great work writing an xxxHolic novel spin off disturbing and heartbreaking Watanuki and Yuko s relationship is still relatively new and he has no idea what he s in for but his feelings are complicated than he realizes I was thrilled with the Azumanga Daioh reference YES and well not surprised by the psychological mess within these pages One thing I must say about this is NisiOisiN seems to have decided not to write the other characters at all ie Himawari and Doumeki were referenced by name but never appeared Maru and Moro were not even named at all I guess he also doesn t like mascots that much because Mokona isn t a big a presence here either So if that s what you re here for then it might be good to give this a missThat said Landolt Ring Aerosol a title so confusing one can only guess it was written by a Japanese person since they are known to ust go with what sounds cool remains uite true to what CLAMP have set out to write in the manga In fact I think one story made it into the anime But what exactly is that Now I can t say that I actually followed Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle I liked it but xxxHolic is up to my speed because of its genre so I probably missed a lot of the layers close to the end of xxxHolic s original run but for me it s alwa. Introducing the thrilling first novel set in the exotic mysterious world of xxxHOLiC Written by bestselling author NISIOISIN and spectacularly illustrated by CLAMP this original story features the ever excitable high school student Kimihiro Watanuki the mystifying time space witch Yûko Ichihara and a host of fascinating new charactersNothing could have thrilled Kimihiro than stumbling upon the bizarre wish granting shop of the beautiful but unnerving Yûko Ichihara who solemnly promises to make the spirits plaguing Kimihiro go away ust as soon as her fee–rendered in daily afte.

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He anime I m a fan of CLAMP and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle but this light novel was my first venture into the story of Watanuki Kimihiro I ll admit that there were a few moments when I was a bit lost if only because I wasn t familiar with the original story but it wasn t really that hard to figure out what was happening once I got further into the storiesThis book is comprised of three stand alone short stories the first is about a girl who can t help but break any taboo that she comes across if the pedestrian light is red she ll cross the street if a sign says do not enter she enters anyway the second story is about a girl who seems to be receiving text messages from her dead best friend and the third story was about an obnoxiously rude man who can see demons but also has the power to unsee them if he wishes All stories feature high school student Watanuki Kimihiro and the dimension witch Ichihara Y ko and are tied together through the idea of wish grantingWhile I liked the stories well enough I do have to say that the writing was a bit flat This may be because it was translated into English from the original Japanese novel but it felt a bit unattached as though I were watching an anime with no sound and having to rely only on subtitles This bothered me uite a bit but as the stories themselves were pretty interesting I was able to keep reading they each had a uniue spin on some oddities of human behavior which I found entertainingI now think that I d like to check out the original xxxHOLiC manga to get a better grasp of the story line the idea of a boy working as an indentured servant to a wish granting dimension witch in exchange for losing the ability to see and attract demons is rather intriguing But for now this particular story collection gets 3 out of 5 stars from me The book is of three separate stories Watanuki learns of people who have supposedly had a run in with the supernatural and he brings them to Yuko s magic shop to have their wishes granted The way things are handled is very different from how stories are portrayed in the manga And having read several of Nisioisin s other work I could easily identify his style It s similar to Bakemonogatari only shorter and even simplisticAlso Watanuki And Yuki are the only characters from the manga that appear Domeki And Himawari are mentioned but not seen Some of the new characters were likeable enough though I was surprised when I first learn that xxxHolic has a written novel so I decided to pick it up I realy like the morals in each of the 3 stories and I have to say that the description of Yuko san was somewhat cruel and mysterious in Watanuki s view compare to the Yuko san expressed in the manga and anime But overall this is another great book written by NisiOisiN and I m looking forward to read work from him This does not even compare to other xxxHolic books Where s Maru and Moro Where s black Mokona Domeki Himawari The only good things about this book was the cellphone story and that I now love to play shiritori. Ception can swing both ways Next when a classmate seeks help solving a mystery involving text messages from the dead Kimihiro is glad to play Sherlock But he must turn to Yûko to determine whether the root of the riddle is otherworldly shenanigans deceit or murder Finally however ready willing and able Kimihiro thinks he is to face the most unusual of circumstances he still finds himself completely bewildered by the stranger who chases away his darkest spirits condemns Yûko as a craven charlatan and offers Kimihiro a way out of his preternatural predicament–and a fortune besid.

Ys been about the mysterious Maybe that s not exactly the word but we ll run with it It doesn t matter if it s yokai or the human psyche Sometimes things happen that are hard to explain Maybe singular is the wordIn LRA NisiOisiN wrote about three different people who wished for something That s normal enough right All stories start because someone wanted something First story is about a woman who can t accept happiness view spoilerBut who turns out not to be that type of person at all but actually someone who avoids responsibility What Yuuko points out here is Nurie doesn t want to accept good things because those good things usually come with responsibility All good things happen to balance out bad things If you reject good things the bad things won t happen A complicated reasoning but let s say there s a student taking entrance exams for university She pretends to be sick the day exams are held for her first choice so she goes to her second choice instead Is that so much rejecting happiness as rejecting the responsibility that would come with going to her first choice of university hide spoiler I hate giving this such a low rating because I m a huge fan of the manga But I had a few issues with it First of all if you don t read the manga I wouldn t bother This book would ONLY be entertaining to those who are familiar with the storyThe three stories that appear in it are in true xxxHOLiC fashion strange creepy and thought provoking The writing itself though this could also be chalked up to translating issues is a bit too passive for my tastes You ll be reading pages regarding subjects that could be settled in paragraphs Some of it is round a bout and difficult to understand while in other instances you ll think I get it alreadyAnother sad lacking in this book was the near absence of some of our beloved characters Black Mokona the strange twins Doumeki and Kunogi are only passingly mentioned In fact Yuko and Watanuki are the only familiar charactersSo in the end if you re a big fan of the manga you may pick it up to add to your collection But you could probably live without it I wish I could give this a higher rating but I can t in good conscience This book is essentially broken up into three stories The first two are uite good and keep the spirit of what we see in the animemanga series The third story is the biggest let down My biggest issue with it was that it bends the rules of the canon a little too much for my liking Some fans may not like that only Watanuki and Yuko are the only familiar faces but for this book I think it works well enough These two are the central characters and as far as the first two stories go I think putting in Himawari or Domeki would ve felt forced However I think that with the lack of Yuko in the final story having another familiar character from the regular series put in could ve helped it a bit Overall I enjoyed this book for what it was despite its flaws Let me start off by saying that I have never read the xxxHOLiC manga nor have I seen Rnoon chores at her shop–is paid in fullOf course the thrill wears off as soon as Kimihiro realizes that his payment plan bears a disturbing resemblance to indentured servitude eternal indentured servitude Still he soldiers on ready for whatever number of adventures lie ahead But in Kimihiro’s case three may not be the charmHis first assignment–to procure a pair of fake eyeglasses–is exceptionally pointless even by Yûko’s standards Or at least it seems that way until Kimihiro watches a woman throw herself into traffic He soon discovers that the doors of bespectacled per.

Ōkawa Nanase 大川七瀬born 2 May 1967; Ōsaka bloodtype A