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This was so great I want trying not scream or cry the whole time So terribly scary I loved it The author made such a frightening story in few words it was so amazing THAT WAS UNFAIR I WAS BLINDSIDED I WAS LURED INTO A SENSE OF COMPLACENCY AND I WAS CRUSHED LIKE A BUGview spoilerSomeone has gotta help Josh Preferably someone who is not a complete whackj. Secrets have a way of finding their way out For five years Josh and Jett have been living happily in their big house in the country They’ve started the family Jett always dreamed of and eve.

Ob thank you very much hide spoiler OH MY GOD She did not just do that I can not believe you just did that Ofelia GrandYou better be writing another bookWTF I was worried it would happen and it happened didn t it The hell There has sure as fuck better be a Deadly Sugar 2 that is all I am say Ofelia That did not just happen OMGSeriously WTFThat twist. Rything seems erfect Everything but the feeling Josh has about not being allowed into the garden With Jett out of the house for the day no one can tell him not to go opening doors that shoul.

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And how it ended that was just ugh it buggs me though hopefully we ll get another story Please OMGThat is all OMG This is the seuel for Deadly Sugarhttpswwwgoodreadscombookshow2And OH MY GOD what a seuel There is no numby Rant pambyussy footing around here this is serious deadly shitfuckery By the time I got to the end I had eaten both my cats and my sof. Dn’t be opened Deadly Secrets A Hidden Chapter is a bonus short story available as a free download with the urchase of Deadly Sugar by Ofelia Gränd or Buried Desires a horror double featu.

Gay fiction and MM Romance writerOfelia Gränd is Swedish which often shines through in her stories She likes to write about everyday people ending up in not so everyday situations and hopefully also getting out of them She writes contemporary paranormal romance horror Sci Fi and whatever else catches her fancy Her books are written for readers who want to take a break from their everyday