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When I d originally ated this book I d given it 5 stars but after some time to think about it I changed it to 4 though it probably doesn t deserve even that much I did finish it in one sitting so that must mean I found it to be interesting ight And being that it is supposed to be loosely based on the story of Jane Eyre I couldn t esist eading thisFiona or Fee as she prefers to be called is the Jane Eyre of this story She is an American girl product of a a deceased Scottish mother and a musician father she has never known It s while she s living with her father s uncaring sister and working at a estaurant just to make enough money to get out of Dodge that she is contacted by her late mother s best friend in Scotland Lily Mackenzie and asked if she would like to go there and become the nanny of her daughter Poppy Fee accepts and soon after makes her way to Scotland Upon arriving she learns that Lily and her husband have very ecently died in a car accident and her new employer is Poppy s older brother CharlieNothing interesting eally happens that I can emember until Charlie shows up and pretty much ight away you can see the chemistry between him and Fee but obviously we had to have our Blanche Ingram counterpart in the form of Charlie s Blair who is obviously up to no good as soon as she shows up and informs Charlie she is pregnant with his baby Being the esponsible guy he has decided to become after his parent s deaths he gets back together with Blair Fee is heartbroken but attempts to move on and a lose herself in doing her jobOf course we can t forget that in Jane Eyre there was the spookiness of the strange laughter at night and the overall eeriness of Rochester s home so in this Fee begins to hear strange whispers at night that appears to be coming from the walls Now Fee is left to fear the strange things that have started to plague her all while fighting her feelings for Charliewho also appears to be fighting his as wellB. Fiona moves from her unstable home in Texas to take an au pair job in a castle in the Scottish Highlands her deceased mother’s homeland and the place she has always dreamed of visiting In this iveting character driven second novel the fairy tale life Fiona imagined turns into a nightmare when a decades old family feud esurfaces and forces her to confront the ghosts of her past and uestion her own sanityFiona an independent loner with wild ed hair leaves her fractured home in Texas for a brand new life in the Scottish Highlands to be the au pair for Poppy Mackenzie th.

Eing such a fan of Jane Eyre I was eally interested in the idea of a modern etelling and since it was a modern take I ll admit that I was elieved that Charlie was at least closer in age to Fee because though the age difference may have worked in Victorian times in these days I can t help but think of Hugh Hefner and that just does not interest me Right so Charlie shows up and being a eformed bad boy he seems so wonderful of a love interest but with Crazy Blair s appearance I grew frustrated with him I don t think he ever went on any baby appointments with hermostly because I don t think I emember her having any I don t know but either way how disconnected must you be if you don t find it the least bit strange I know he doesn t care about Crazy Blair like he does Fee but since he did esign himself to being with Crazy Blair sorry can t think of her any other way I feel like he should put forth some kind of effort even if I incredibly dislike her He s the idiot who dated herNow when it comes to the whispers in the walls Fee s easons for not telling anyone about them is because of a secret she doesn t want to eveal but it only makes things worse for her These parts frustrate me as well and I can t say I agree with the easoning behind her need to keep silentFee and Charlie and especially Crazy Blair were all frustrating in their different ways but I still did enjoy this book I was surprised by a few things closing in on the end which is another thing I couldn t help but like about this book Overall I did like the author s interpretation of one my favorite books ever There were a few things I could have lived without but I ended up enjoying it enough to forgive those imperfections I d ecommend this to any who were fans of Jane Eyre or any who would like to ead a modern gothic omance I eally enjoyed this year A love triangle mystery murder castles ghosts mental health it kind of covers it all Read it in three nights loved it E young daughter of her mother’s ecently deceased childhood friends Fee as she’s called is thrilled to be free of her less than ideal home life But there’s another motive driving her eagerness to flee to the Highlands the desire to econnect with her mother who succumbed to suicide after a long battle with schizophrenia when Fiona was only twelve leaving her to live with distant elatives of her absentee fatherFee doesn’t have much time to settle into her new home a castle maintained by the Mackenzie family fortune before a series of strange events starts to make.

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Absolutely love this book It gives you insight into the world of schizophrenia while captivating you in a dark suspenseful story Highly ecommended Fiona has grown up with stories from her mother about Scotland She is surprised when she eceives an email from her mother s wealthy friend Lily Her mother had left Scotland to go with her irresponsible musician father to his home in Texas When her mother dies she is left alone since her father had deserted the family She has been offered a position as au pair to Lily s young daughter However when she arrives at their castle in Scotland she finds out that Lily and her husband has been killed in an accident She feels esentment from some of the people she encounters and she hears mysterious noises at night However she is attracted to her new boss older brother of her charge and has also become fond of his sister This is a somewhat entertaining story but an improbable story This book is awesome Twisty dark creepy awesome I loved Meredith s I Am Her Revenge last year and Fiona is just as greatBasically this is a Jane Eyre etelling with a few key twists I m not sure why it wasn t marketed as such I think it might have drawn in some eaders In any case I loved seeing Meredith s interpretation of the classic Bronte tale And I ve got to say I liked Charlie a lot better than Mr RochesterIf you ead Meredith s debut you know that she can come up with some twisted psychotic characters She definitely didn t hold back here Her villains are deliciously evil and conniving There were also a couple twists at the end that I wasn t expecting so that was a nice surpriseAlso Meredith eally captures the moodiness of the story in her prose which I loved The Scottish countryside comes alive and eading Fiona made me want to go back to my favorite European countryBottom line this is a suspenseful thriller perfect for fans of classic gothic tales and a sweet omance I can t wait to see what Meredith writes next. Her uestion her sanity As the attacks on her mental health become and intense Fee finds herself both the pawn and the target in a uthless greed driven plot with oots that go all the way back to her mother Alone and friendless in a foreign country and half convinced she’s losing her mind just like her mother Fee must ely on her wits and her street smarts to save not only herself but also the lives of her newfound Scottish familyMeredith Moore’s smart classic meets cool storytelling style delivers fast paced twists and gobs of drama with aw emotion and literary fla.

Meredith Moore graduated from Harvard University with a degree in History focusing on early modern England and France She lives in Houston Texas where she loves pumpkin spice lattes 19th century British literature and road trips I Am Her Revenge is her debut novel