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Brilliant story absolutely oved it Very good A real pa. When journalist and aspiring war novelist Frank Murphy returns from the 10th Annual World War Convention he has no idea that the mysterious videotape he holds in his hands will change his Finding a Dream (Conquest, life forever He has been handpicked to participate in a specialized experiment in mass psychology and a uniue form of Living HistorySpend two weeks with three hundred other men in an authentic replica of a World War Two German POW Camp the tape says Come and experience the thrill of aifetimeFor Frank it is the chance to research the book he has always wanted to write firsthand a chance to relive a piece of history a chance to feel closer to the heroic and beloved father he barely knew Eager for adventure Frank and his best friend Dean.

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The good guys Read all but the first 20 pages in one day. EUnaware of this danger and desperate for freedom Frank and his men try to escape the camp's brutality personified by the greedy and sadistic Sergeant of the Guard Hans MannheimAnd everything's about to get worseKoenig's mental deterioration has eft him believing the camp is real and the war still rages He orders the compound expanded tortures the prisoners for outdated military secrets istens to the Fuhrer's speeches by the hour and begins having nightmares from his past nightmares that Porterhouse Blue (Porterhouse Blue, leave him dangerously disorientedNow the prisoners' only hopeies with John RileyAn ex cop and private eye hired by Frank's wife Brenda Riley must find the camp get inside and help them shoot their way out before Koenig tires of the ga.

Ge turner Would definitely recommend Has you cheering for. Seger Finding Robert Johnson leave their wives and families behind and plunge headlong into a time gone byEverything about Camp Stalag is authentic The buildings the uniforms the food the guards the weapons the savage treatmentSoon Frank Dean and the others find their cherished fantasy turning into a nightmare The Germans are playing for keeps and no one mayeaveeverCamp Stalag the monstrous creation of billionaire defense contractor Heinrich Koenig and his adopted son Johann Schmidt is Koenig's ast hurrah his final revenge for the humiliations of Germany's defeat and the death of his mother at the hands of marauding soldiers Dying of brain cancer he has secreted a weapon of terrifying power within the camp to insure that no one will interfer.

A graduate of Emerson College's prestigious film school Bill wrote and directed his first feature film Pawn while still a student After graduation he co founded Newbury Filmworks Inc an award winning production company renowned for making high uality corporate films and commercialsIn 1990 Bill relocated to Los Angeles and began a freelance story analysis career for various studios and