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35 stars I think I ve burned through all the worthwhile Highland novels and while futilely searching for this showed up as a suggestion in my feed Marketed as a book about the old gods of the Isles and appealing to fans of Outlander and Mists of Avalon both of which I really enjoyed I was totally lost The first book completely drew me in The ways of the old gods are always fascinating for me to read about I like contemplating other ways of living other religions and ractices and other ways of viewing the world This is not an accurately historical novel a lot of creative license was taken you need to know that up front or you may be disappointed This is a fantasy novel And the The Tokyo Zodiac Murders pace of these novels does move along kind of slowly but it will be at least a 4 novel series when the 4th book comes out and maybe so it s kind of a saga and if you go into it knowing that it sits better Besides that I didn t mind the slowace when I found the characters and setting enchanting if somewhat dismal this is Lady Macbeth we re talking about here after all These are also not very fluffy in terms of feel good emotions and happenings This is a gritty graphic violent sexually free series where the realities of life as a woman at this time are often very grim Despite all of those disclaimers I really enjoyed this first book and the rest of the series so far Ah I really wanted to like this one The Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances premise was so intriguing and drew me in A Macbeth retelling in Lady Macbeth s voice with a lot of historical fantasy elements thrown in and reframing the tale in the religious struggles of the dark ages between traditionalagan worship and the spread of the White Christ Unfortunately I didn t like it so muchI should mention the book s abrupt ending I know it s only the first book in a four Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten part series But nonetheless I think it is bad form to end the book so abruptly This was a minoroint howeverWhat really bothered me was throwing in everything but the kitchen sink which bred a kind of Mary Sueism Lady Macbeth Gruoch is a heck of a character to work with and historically her lineage was impressive I knew the book would have historical fantasy in it so I accepted it just fine when she learns ancient magic in a Boneshaker (BA 43-500, pagan coven Then it turns out she s the incarnation of Cerridwen a veryowerful goddess Wow That s uite something But she s also destined to become one of the Wyrd sisters A Star Is Born practising dark otherworld magic too Okay this character is really extremelyowerful Oh but she s also a reincarnation of the ancient ueen Boudicca Uh And that s kind of a CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition problem Gruoch is too special She simultaneously holds several very important andowerful The Ornament (Ornament, positions which stretches suspension of disbelief not to mention threatens the tension in the story because there s very few who actually haveower than. Destined to become ueen of Scotland Bound by blood to the Celtic gods Scotland 1026 Gruoch descendant of the line of MacAlpin should have been born into a life of ease But fate is fickle Her father's untimely death rud to have been lotted by King Malcolm leaves her future uncertain and stained by the rophecy that she will avenge her family line Escaping to one of the last strongholds of the old Celtic gods Gruoch becomes an ad.

She does To be honest I think the story would have been better if Gruoch had not been an incarnation of Cerridwen or Boudicca She already had enough going on with joining a coven and becoming a Wyrd sister not to mention being born so close to the crown That s enough specialness for anyone to handleAnd then there were the sex scenes which were too heavy on the Rant purplerose for my tastes and didn t seem to fit with the tone of the rest of the storyI also wanted to mention that I initially started this book as an audiobook but uickly switched to a standard book because I didn t enjoy the narratorI guess I won t be continuing with this series4 out of 10 This is one of those stories I was drawn into and really enjoyed yet it s difficult to write about I don t want to give away anything as I want you to have all the feels as you experience the story as wellThis story is Gruoch s Who is Gruoch She s who we know as MacBeth This story tells of what she s experienced as she has grown up On the day she was born her father called to the goddess That goddess has answered and will call on Gruoch when she s older Gruoch lives a good but at times difficult life with her aunt as her father fights for their king and his brother But then finds she lives Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM permanently with her aunt when her father dies on a mission for his brotherThe story really gets goin LOVED the characters in this book and the Celtic feel of the storytelling and world Highly recommended I recently bought a kindleaperwhite so thought this would be the Challenged to Win perfect time to read some of the Scottish inspired books I ve got on my TBR Highland Raven is set in Scotland in 1026 and follows Gruoch who goes on to become the wife of Macbeth I will admit that I ve never actually read or seen Macbeth so I don t know the storyThis book seems to be an introduction to Gruoch and set before she even meets Macbeth I enjoyed this book but I will admit that theacing was a little odd The Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons plot seems to be a mash of multiple stories and myths from Celtic folklore but that is exactly what I am in the mood for right now so I really enjoyed reading it I almost felt like I was doing a uiz seeing how many different Celtic myths I noticed throughoutI really liked reading from Gruoch s POV and I look forward to starting the next book in the series Highland Blood tonight I m just hoping that the second book will have a slightly uickerace we will see The End Bambi Nooooooooooo It can t be overFrantically checking Audible to see if the next book is out No Gah flailsIt s been a while since I had that reaction to the end of a book but I was utterly captivated by Highland Raven It was just so so magical for lack of a better word And I can t say enough good things about the narrator Lesley Parkin She really did a fabulous job with the accents and. Ept in arcane craft Her encounters with the otherworld however suggest that magic runs stronger in Scotland than she ever imagined Haunted by dreams of a raven haired man she's never met Gruoch soon feels her fate is not her own She is duty bound to wed a owerful lord if not the Prince himself; however she's not sure she can stop her heart when she meets Banuo a gallant highlander and druid Fans of Outlander and Mists of Avalon.

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Tenor of the story she brought all the characters and the setting to life with a lyrical cadenceSo this story is about Shakespeare s Lady MacBeth with some aranormal twists Now it has been many years since I read Shakespeare in school so I really can t much about the correlation between this story and Shakespeare And I could really care less the storylines meshed or not I was thoroughly entertained by Melanie Karsak s talePledged to the Morrigan at her birth by her vengeance driven father our heroine is known by many names Gruoch Corbie Boudica Cerridwen Lady MacBeth She is of the royal line of MacAlpin with ties to the thrones of Scotland and Ireland Cerridwen s family follows the old Gods at a time when Christianity is sweeping the land so the story is full of Celtic and Pictish rituals and mythology But Karsak weaves even magic into the story with fae interludes The Color of a Leader prophecy wizardry and travel between realms I liked Cerridwen as our warrior woman heroine I loved that she was capable and curious and emotional At thisoint I m not really seeing Cerridwen as Lady MacBeth she is a young girl who is stretching her wings literally to learn family traditions and cope with her fate as best she canI am not usually a fan of the love triangle but this one has me uite intrigued I was very excited by Cerridwen s visions of a raven haired man with eyes full of love I thought I had an epic love story on my hands But then along comes Banuo who had a special connection to Boudica as Prasutagus We see a lot of soul magic happening and it appears that Cerridwen and Banuo have been reconnecting time and again through each life So not remembering much MacBeth at the time I was confused as to whose team I should be on I think this allowed me to really feel the same conflict that Cerridwen was feeling when she had the soul deep connection on one hand but was still curious about the raven haired man from her visions on the other handThis story ended on a cliffhanger and I absolutely cannot wait to see what s next in store for Cerridwen and MacBeth I only wish these stories were longer because I was not ready for this one to end While I am sure reading the story in Into the Planet print is great I highly encourage you to give it a shot in audio because the narrator is fantasticI received a copy of this audiobook at no cost from the author in exchange for an honest review Full reviewosted at Bambi Unbridled 3 12 startspacing was a bit odd but overall a different yet enjoyable read 45 StarsWow what a storyFirst of all look at that cover 3The end left a lot of uestions but the rest of the story was beautiful and magical OK I have to confess I got this book because of the cover Highlands stone circle my Outlander loving heart just started beating faster Then when I started reading I couldn t stop Celtic Will relish this sweeping Scottish Historical Fantasy that tells the tale of Gruoch a woman struggling to escape her fate without blood on her hands A great novel that captures realistically a world of witches and fairies warrior women and barbaric men and a woman exploring a life she had no idea existed Author Carrie L Wells A rich tale of lore and legend that will trap you faster than a fairy ring Fabulous and Fun Book Review.

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