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Anew with a new ob at the hospital new friends and her family She doesn t tell them of the things Gary did nor does she want to she was never really that happy with him and she doesn t want her family to worry about herEnter Jeremy James Oh Lord I have an ex by the name of Jeremy and I originally balked when I first read his name There was no way I could go on through this novel with that name constantly invading my thoughts I am SO glad that I pushed through it though There were some absolutely great and caring moments throughout the book that made Jeremy show Teagan that he did in fact care and love for her in ways than one Jeremy has done his wrong in his life and with Teagan and he has to prove to her that he is what she needs after all he needs her in his life because he feels incomplete without herThings take a turn and wow Let me Dead Boy just say that you HAVE to pick up this book My reviews for the other books in the series The Reason Just Say Yes and Beautiful With You will all be posted on Goodreads as well as this coming weekend This is one author you do NOT want to miss out on I absolutely adored Andy and Zoey sourney in the Just Say Yes series so when I learned that Jen Andrews would be adding to it I knew it was going to be a must read for me You don t have to read the other books either as this is a s Running Away This bookloved it so Three year relationship with a man who cheated shamed her and berated her for her weight and life choices The once secure yet spirited woman cannot figure out what Jeremy wants with herFor Jeremy it’s plain and simple He wants Teagan to stop running away and give him a chance But for Teagan taking a chance with Jeremy means she could lose herself all over againAuthor’s note While this is book four of the Just Say Yes.

Uch I laughed I cried my heart broke ust like Teagan s did Happy ending Great read Running Away by Jen Andrews Hummm I didn t know what to think or what I was going to get out of this book when I Read and reviewed for FMR Book Grind 4 starsI haven t read a book by Jen Andrews in too long I m glad I rectified that I enjoyed Running Away so much from the dual POVs to all of the fun and supportive side characters it was such a great story Teagan finally moved home after finding her boyfriend cheating with a friend of hers She moved to get away from the drama Little did she know she was walking straight into it back homeJeremy is realizing what he really wants in life that being a wife and a family He s ready to settle down and he knows it won t be with his current fling When he meets a beautiful red headed nurse at the hospital he knows she could be it Not only were Jeremy and Teagan great but their friends and family were pretty amazing All of them were supportive and hilarious No matter what was happening and there was definitely some drama they both had a wonderful support system to fall back on and help pick them up This is definitely a story that I know I ll find myself picking up and reading again I found myself not able to put this book down even while my favorite show was on Now I have to catch up on all that I ve been missing by Ms Andrews. Series it can be read as a standalone This book is a spin off from Andy and Zoey’s story which takes place in books 1 3 Characters from the first three books will be mentioned throughout but Running Away is written in such a way that there are no uestions as to who everyone is If you’d like to delve deeper into the James family dynamic and the wonderful characters I recommend reading the first three books Thank you Je.

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Running Away by Jen Andrews is definitely on the top ten list for emotional trauma for 2015 Seriously Running Away is an extremely well written heartfelt novel that was gut wrenching and a once in a lifetime love between main characters Jeremy James and Teagan Donnelly I could not set this book down once I started it and finished it in record sped of 5 hours in one sitting Jen Andrews did such an amazing ob bringing two broken characters to life in this novel that I really cannot wait to read what comes after thisTeagan Donnelly has had enough of being broken hearted Walking in on her boyfriend Gary of multiple years together with her best friend in their bed sends her over the edge Realizing that he isn t what she wants or has wanted for a long time for that matter she is told by Gary to pack her thins and get out by the time he returns home from work Already having the start to a crappy day Teagan packs her things all the while wondering where in the world she went wrong Moving in with her only friend left in Denver Reese she figures this may be a good beginning to her new startAs always though something happens in her already shattered world and she must make the move back to Sacramento California where her Nanna has had a stroke and is placed in a home where she will received round the clock care Leaving her life in Denver behind Teagan begins. Nearing age thirty Jeremy James is cruising along in life doing as he pleases No girlfriend no wife no drama Women go as easily as they come but inside he feels something’s missing After the birth of his niece Hannah and a not so gentle nudge from his sister Zoey Jeremy decides to make a change in his life and settle down Then he meets Teagan DonnellyAnd she wants nothing to do with himTeagan has recently come out of

I live in a small town in Northern California with my husband and all of our rescued pets Like the main character Zoey in my book series I come from a family of mechanics My father is a mechanic all of his brothers arewere mechanics at one time or another I have never NOT been around hot rods My husband is a mechanic as well so we have a few of our own classic Chevys I have always been