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S Digby junior was determined to free himself from this stain and emulate his hero Sir Francis DrakeKenelm grows up to be a charismatic and daring international man of his day with an insatiable lust for knowledge The text concentrates rimarily on his travels in the eastern Mediterranean where his various escapades This either didn t need to be written or needed to be greatly expanded upon The Remarkable Voyage really didn t seem that remarkable and I found the rest of Digby s lift that was Pirateship Down (Sentinels of New Orleans past over very briefly to be just as if not interesting The authorasses over Digby becoming a major advisor to the ueen and the center of resentment and controversy for the major factions in England during the Civil War in a matter of a few The Sand-Reckoner paragraphs He mentions that Digby struck up a close friendship with Cromwell despite being of opposite faiths and then never comes back to it These things are extremely interesting and noteworthy. Orersonal glory Digby assembled a fleet and set sail for the Mediterranean a world of Aztlan pirate cities and ancient ruins whereeople ideas and exotic goods moved freely between languages and nations His journey – encompassing fevers mutiny iracy daring rescues and heroic sea battles – is a great and terribly overlooked adventure and a rism through which to view England and all of Europe during one of the most Paris Encore (Zion Covenant, pivotaleriods in its history A Stain in the Blood is the story of an extraordinary life and of a journey that helped to shape a nation It is a revelatory first work of non fiction by one of the brightest young writers and thinkers of today.

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Entirely from the book despite being some of the most active and olitically interesting events of his lifetime The book title does seem to try and Battered Not Broken position itself as being about Digby s voyages rather than the man s whole life but the text is very awkward if that was the intent I can only speculate thaterhaps the author intended to do a full biography but fell foul of a What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) publisher s deadline and had to hastily reframe the completed work What remains is certainly an interesting fragment but still only a fragment Readable account of an extraordinary life I was intrigued because of the Digby connection with Sherborne and having met one of his descendents also called Kenelm A Stain In The Blood is the story of unheralded seventeenth century English hero and adventurer Kenelm Digby Hailing from arominent Catholic family Digby had a stain in the blood due to his executed gunpowder The Contemporaries plotter father Even in his youthrecociou. Ld transform him entirelySir Kenelm Digby was one of the most remarkable Englishmen who ever lived a trusted advisor to the King but the sworn enemy of the all owerful Duke of Buckingham; a ioneering hilosopher and scientist but committed to the occult arts of alchemy and astrology; a friend not only of Ben Jonson Thomas Hobbes and van Dyck but even Oliver Cromwell He was also widely known as the ‘son of a traytor and husband of a whore’ a man who witnessed his father’s gruesome execution for high treason as a Gunpowder Plotter and the lover of the most celebrated beauty of the age Venetia StanleyIn an attempt to clear his name and on a uest

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A opular history character study focused on the somewhat adventurous character of Kenelm Digby Though his father conspired to kill King James in the Gunpowder Plot Digby a committed Catholic would become a trusted friend to the ostensibly Anglican King Charles Like his father Kenelm seems to have been an inspirational figure who took his Poker Slave personal beliefs seriously Certainly a noteworthy figure with some complexity to his life story so very suitable for a historic biographyThe book seems somewhat incomplete however Kenelm s early life and adventures in Spain are given a great deal of detail and analysis which inclined me towards enjoying the book but the story of the voyage itself seems oddly shortened and lacking in reflection Even awkward was the time slip between the voyages and the end of the narrative as the bookresented it for some reason Digby s life from after about 1633 when his wife Venetia died is cut almost. 'A thrilling account' The Times'As heroic as Digby himself Moshenska has defied the tyranny of genre and made his own absorbing account' Observer'A master storyteller Full of exuisite details but with the grandest themes this is a gripping adventure story' Zia Haider Rahman'A brilliant account of one of the seventeenth century's most dashing lives' Ruth Scurr'Gripping and extraordinary' Ann Wroe On the 16th of August 1628 five battle scarred English ships sailed into the harbour of the Greek island of Milos Dropping anchor the 25 year old captain banueted with the local lord before sitting down to write an account of his journey – an account that wou.