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Is stepped up to even better levels as there is an even better drawing of Cal just can t a break can e It seems every girl Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, he falls for eventuallyas a bad end I liked this book It continues with the themes of the many other mountain man books LoveHorrible people will always be amount us until the end of time Smoke Jensen really came through again and I could not stop reading the story Enjoy the 43rd book of the smoke Jensen series Great writing as usual and the usual outlaws and good guys A little different plot in that Smoke is not the main character and I would The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore have rated itigher but I don t like the ending It was okay I wanted to continue reading it so that s a plus However it became predictable and I figured out the plot long before I got to the end of the book The ending Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber however was abrupt and while one of the possible outcomes I foresaw was somewhat disappointing I still rate it as a decent read. S a man on a mission Calling themselves the Ghost Riders a savage gang of outlawsas stealthily moved in from Wyoming Territory Smoke now New Exploration has a personal motive for going up against the Ghost Riders No matterow many they are no matter The Shaping of Western Civilization how many guns theyave e’ll unt them down one killer at a tim.

I liked it I don t put Johnstone on the same level as Louis L Amour but if you like westerns you re likely going to enjoy reading books by William Johnstone Just another good book Easy to read The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles hard to put down Smoke Jensen stories never get old Just wish there were Other than the rather abrupt ending that left me disappointed it is another one of Johnstone s page turners featuring Smoke Jensen This time Smoke is facing down a band of brutal outlaws that don t care who their victims are especially if they are in the way of their plans The usual gunfights romance saloon girls abound and plot twists that characterize these novels are all there This is 43 in the series I guess Iave a lot of catching up to do DESTRUCTION AND HEARTBREAKLife can throw you a boomerang and doesn t necessarily Medicine and Religion have to come back the way it was thrown Hannibal aka Enid Prescott a dishonorable discharged officer from the US Army who Where There’s Fire There’s Smoke Smoke Jensenas journeyed up to the Colorado Rockies to a sell a prized bull to a local rancher Instead the rancher and The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, his wifeave been mercilessly slaughtered by outlaws only moments before Smoke’s arrival In a ail of bullets Smoke pulverizes two of the murd.

Tole Army s guns that eventually fell into the ands of warring Indians He was narcissistic woman beater a d thought because e was a West Point Graduate e should be promoted to Major as was the graduates of is class This man engaged in robberies murdered everyone no exceptions Smoke Jensen presented is prize bull for sale and it was bought by a rancher Smoke was delivering the bull to the rancher when they eard a scream and gun fire The rancher and is wife were murdered by the GHOST RIDERS led by HANNIBALSmoke goes to the governor of Colorado to ask Oba, the Last Samurai him to appointi Certainly one of the best Mountain Man books in the series It s still comes down to Smoke confronting treeing a town without the treeing word being usedWhat makes this entry extremely different is the depth of the story and even a twist near the end The characters are always the strength of the entire Johnstone Clan series In this book this. Erers and drags two others to the town of Brown Spur for justice Come anging day the two killers are on the way to the gallows when a thundering gang of raiders crashes into town and rescues them from the jaws of death When the bloody onslaught is over dead bodies litter the streets and Smoke Jensen

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was