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Ters philosophers or other nefarious flaneurs that he has known and loved Fortunately I have acuired the taste and am happy to follow him on his ramblings mainly because I know most of the areas of London he visits and I have also read or seen the works of most of the people he writes aboutSinclair is what is fashionably if a tad pretentiously called a psychogeographer In this book he follows the trail of the recently joined up and rebranded Ginger Line the circular overground London railway On his travels he iscusses the likes of Angela Carter JGBallard Leon Kossof Sigmund Freud etc What I also like about him is that I share most of his views on London past and present a fascination for walking and making Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] discoveries from the past Like him I see railways and roads less as the city s arteries and as mystic ley lines thatraw together and trace bits of the history of London I also share his anger and sadness about much of what has and is happening to London in the 21st century I can best sum this up with the example of a visit I made two week s ago to the Bryant and May factory in East London This is where the famous matchgirls strike took place in the 1880s one of the seminal events in the struggle for workers and women s rights The factory is of course now a gated community of luxury flats This means that the wall Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, displayescribing the history of the factory and the strike is inaccessible to the general public I went with a group and we phoned in advance to gain entry but when we arrived the man at the entrance was very reluctant to let us in and it was only after several lengthy phone calls that we gained access A perfect metaphor for much of what is happening to London DNF Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm dull rambling un engaging and overblown Not a walk around the Overground a ramble through theictionary to try and use as many sentences and self important words that left me bored and isappointed It could have been so much better Other people liked it but not me. Nts of the political classes and a joyful allegiance to the ordinary oddball Sinclair guides us on a tour of London's trendiest new transport network and shows the shifting changing city from new and surprising angl.

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This book is total rubbish I m breaking with the five word review format to say this There is something oh so very satisfying about opening your book on platform 15 at Clapham Junction only to find yourself at the start of a new chapter entitled Clapham Junction to Imperial Wharf Sinclair keeps himself in my top three writers with this book inspiring me to The Dukes Gamble discover as yet unknown passages journeys and wordsAelicious salmagundy indeed Largely pretentious twaddle A journey around one of the less interesting lines really just a rebranded collection of bits n bobs of railway with a pompous narrator There are some good passages such as the potted biography of Angela Carter but mostly this consists of trying to make largely mundane parts of London sound great What he marshals and how he presents his tales though are intense and yet ull Then there his eulogising of his walking companion who isn t so interesting as to warrant such extensive examination Although the twist at the end might partially exp I came across Iain Sinclair by accident I was watching some London stuff on YouTube and came across a walk he id and it was so utterly fascinating He is a novelist but Let Go does a lot of London exploring works and this is a walkone with the film maker Andrew Kotting Places buildings spark off Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition diversionsown historical and literary paths I learnt so much and have plenty of follow up reading to tackle His writing style is very individual it Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh does at times verge on ridiculously over written but its like taking a walk with a good train nerd expert Peter Ackroyd and Stephen Fry all rolled into one Iain Sinclair cramming as many cultural references and metaphors into your proseoesn t make you appear sophisticated or witty it makes you come across as a pretentious sniveling cunt Sinclair well past his best out of touch and by now cripplingly self aware of his techniue I m not really sure what to make of this book For a flaneur s memoir there s littl. Iain Sinclair explores modern London through a Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward day's hike around the London Overground routeEchoing his journey in London Orbital over aecade ago Iain Sinclair narrates his second circular walk around the capital.

E about walking and for a book inspired by a railway line there s not much about trains either Sinclair uses the London Overground line as eparture point for reminiscences and musings about a variety of subjects but mostly themed around his own artistic and literary past and friends I id enjoy How to Disappear diversions into London history and gossip but for me reading London Overground felt like being a spouse at the annual companyinner I recognised names of people and places but mostly felt excluded from the conversation If you re familiar with Sinclair s previous writing and work or that of his accompanying friend Andrew Kotting you might well get a lot out of this book than I Act Like You Know did As it is I have noted a few potential books for my TBR list but am ultimatelyisappointed than inspired to follow in Sinclair s footstepsSee of my book reviews on my blog Literary Flits By Sinclair s wayward standards London Overground is a strangely focused account of a strangely controlled expedition around the new Ginger Line which brought above ground train routes through areas of London which had been bereft since Thatcher took her throne I will use Sinclair s own term for this impeccable prose managed gloom There s a poesis in A Guide to Americas Sex Laws decay for the author One thinks of Jules Renard or famously Harold Pinter Linking Angela Carter JG Ballard and a host of lesser figures the account is both heartbreaking and forever fascinating We have Becketturing his troubled faze Rimbaud and Verlaine engaging in spats and using fish to prove a point Most bizarre of all is Boris Johnson That holds true in all contexts Here he s the Mayor of London and whistling about on his bicycle I recognize that Sinclair isn t for everyone but he s endlessly intriguing worth a look Ian Sinclair is an acuired taste His prose is often overblown metaphor is heaped upon metaphor and imagery runs riot He s also apt to veer off on lengthy Agewise digressions on some of his pet obsessions usually obscure writers pain. Shortly after rush hour and accompanied by a rambling companion Sinclair begins walking along London's Overground network or 'Ginger Line' With characteristic playfulnessetours into folk history withering assessme.

Iain Sinclair is a British writer and film maker Much of his work is rooted in London most recently within the influences of psychogeographySinclair's education includes studies at Trinity College Dublin where he edited Icarus the Courtauld Institute of Art University of London and the London School of Film Techniue now the London Film SchoolHis early work was mostly poetry much of i