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Settle for Meg finding hope anywhere I find that troubling because some people are so hungry for hope that they cling to insubstantial things which dissolve out from under them We need hope on the solid things the real things that can go the distance with us in life I like this C S Lewis uote on the matter If you look for truth you may find comfort in the nd if you look for comfort you will not get Indianomix either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin and in thend despairContrast that My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, empty hope with the hope of the Bible we who have fled for refuge might have strongncouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul a hope that Doglands enters into the inner place behind the curtain where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf having become a high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek Hebrews 618c 20Or this one Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for He Who promised is faithful Hebrews 1023Or Now hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us Romans 55It bothered me that Meg didn t talk with Ace after their almost kiss had troubled her Instead she speculated wildly about what he meant She didn t tie it to the reality of what he meant by asking him So instead of discovering the real issue and working through it she suffered through her wild imaginations and distanced herself from him Then when she finally did talk to him about it instead of just mildly inuiring she was 1insulting him calling him stuffy and 2 taking it too personally instead of asking What was wrong asking What was wrong with me I have heard that people who are not used to working through their hurt feelings and disagreements with another often do this When they finally work up the courage instead of calmly discussing it theyither attack or personalize things that are not personal She did both And yes while it might be a common way people fail to communicate that didn t mean I wanted to read that Riveted (Iron Seas, embarrassing dialog Yes sigh I know that young real life love can be full ofmbarrassing dialog My concern here was that Meg didn t realize how she could ve communicated better The next time Ace does something she doesn t understand she ll probably still distance herself from him refuse to talk about it and then when she finally does talk about it come out attacking him She doesn t understand that there s a better way to do things I can t imagine the abuse some women suffer Having never lived in such a situation as a child or as an adult it s incomprehensible Nonetheless our heroine Meg has suffered at the hands of her now dead husband is it ok to be glad who was killed while our hero Ace Asa was trying to defend a friend as well as himself While he s not glad he killed the other man he is glad she ll An Officer and a Spy experience no abuse at his hand Is it ok to admit he s had anye for her since he first saw herThey Fates (Fates, each come withmotional baggage and physical scars Will the people of little Wolf Creek allow a white woman and a half American Indian to be than friends What about his mother What about Meg s children Lots of circumstances to overcome Join them on their journey I Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, enjoyed reading this book It was a perfectxample of a true historical romance and when I had to put it down I was disappointedWhat I liked The characters were real they had strong and uniue personalities yet their flaws were vident as well Meg and Ace grew in character faith and personality all the way from the beginning of the story to the very last page I love the strength of character Meg shows in spite of an abusive marriage and a disappointing childhood I also love the unselfish way Ace and his mother step in to help Meg with chores she could not handle while she healed completely both physically and mentallyWhat I didn t like The abrupt nding Throughout the OBaby entire book I watched Meg and Ace struggle with the attraction they feel forach other During their time of uncertainty I was hoping they would Nerds eventually find a way to surmount the difficulties of being together and make the decision to ignore the problems associated with a marriage between them Excitement built when they both realize they would only be happy if married toach other However the culmination of that Zack (Areion Fury MC excitement and anticipationnded with one single sentence as the Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, end of the book Giving a little whoop of joy he ran to her It would have tugged on mymotional strings so much stronger if I had been able to hear their conversation and feel their ContamiNation emotional response toach other at that point Instead I found a single short unsatisfying sentence Normally I would give this book four stars because of personal preference concerning the abrupt and disappointing Taxi ins Glück ending However I reallynjoyed reading the rest of the book and I feel that it asily deserves a full five star review I recommend it to anyone loving historical romances and I definitely will be reading by this author 25 starsWolf Creek Widow was okay It started out really boring at least for me and had some repetitiveness that bugged me but then the story did get better I never connected with the story though and just didn t care about the characters or what happened Sorry to say that this wasn t a book for me Maybe it would have helped had I read the previous books in the series firstI received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review As always all thoughts and opinions xpressed are my own Rated 45 WOLF CREEK WIDOW by Penny Richards is an uplifting beautiful book about recovery from abuse with a ray of hope I m so glad I chose it for this month s TBR challenge of our favorite tropes I m not normally attracted to romances by most reuested tropes but I do love a good settlers story where pioneers work peacefully with Native Americans This has that and so much Why is this book in Dorine s TBR I had a Love Inspired Historical subscription with Harleuin then canceled when I couldn t keep up so I have a huge pile to choose from I ve dreamed of someday writing inspirational romance so a huge pile to read will tell me if they re like my style Luckily it also met my western frontier romance craving with several books This is the best one I ve read so farWhat I loved most about this book is that it s a complicated story It s detailed and takes its time with this couple s relationship But there are very good reasons for the slower pace Meg Thomerson needs assistance while she recovers from her injuries caused by her husband To really twist things up the man who helps her is none other than the man who killed her husbandDid he want to kill him Any half decent man who knew what the husband did over and over to Meg would hav. In the world He keeps himself isolated from the community but sweet Meg begins to penetrate his defenses At first he simply wanted to make amends to her Now if she'll let him he could become the loving husband she deserve.

Uick to point out any kindnesses or positive traits that she sees in others I have taken up that practice too for me at bedtime I uote to myself I will bless the Lord at all times His praise shall continuously be in my mouth My soul will make its boast in the Lord Psalm 341 Then I will ask myself how I will boast about God that night to Himself to me I find that practice puts me in a better peaceful frame of mind I like the verse too because it reminds me that we should bless God at all times in the sad times as well as happy timesI also liked the uote You of all people should know that much of what happens in our lives is neither right nor fair I liked the reminder that life is not fair because so many people Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas experience bitterness or disillusionment because theyxpect it to beIn the story Meg apologized for many things and Ace kept reaffirming to her that she didn t have to be sorry for those things It got repetitious but it had a good point There is such a thing as false guilt and there are some things outside of our control that we don t have to be sorry for Probably in real life someone who struggles with false guilt does need to be reminded over and over again that they don t have to be sorry until their own inner voice The Magic Rolling Pin echoes it Anything that we cannot control we are not culpable for I wish however that they dxtended that philosophy of refusing false guilt to feeling guilty over our other Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, emotions Early on she apologized for feeling frightened But feelings don t make a person good or bad Notven negative feelings like fear or anger Feelings just are Sometimes our feelings can mislead us as in Meg feeling frightened when she didn t really have to be In those times we need to remind ourselves of the facts and of reality when our feelings tend to make us think that something is real that is not But having those feelings to begin with is not something to be sorry for We have no control over our initial feelings although we can then mitigate them by thinking over the reality that we are inAnd where we did have choices and are culpable there is forgiveness I liked the uote Enough Blaming God was not only futile but was wrong She d made the choices that had shaped her life and some of them had been bad choices She could blame only herself for her circumstances It reminded me of Proverbs 193 and I have seen people do that When a man s folly brings his way to ruin his heart rages against the Lord I ve seen people destroy their own lives in one way or another and then blame God for it and that mystifies me I wonder how they could blame Him for their own choices I wonder if it s because they re mad at Him that He really meant those boundaries that they ve crossed or likely they re mad that their view of how the world should work didn t turn out the way they Not Without a Fight expected And I have no idea how to bridge the gap to help them see that God isn t at faultspecially when they have so much vitriol towards Him So kuddos to the character Meg and author Penny Richards in showing how Meg bridged that gap to uit blaming God for her own choicesWhen friendly women all hovered around Meg trying to help her heal she thought Don t get used to it Meg Things will always go back to the way they were once you re up and about They always did No one came to visit unless she was recuperating from one of her Garden Bouquets and Beyond encounters It sounded to me like Meg confused sympathy with friendship I would say that fewer visits and less help doesn t mean less of a friendship Some people get confused and they don t feel loved if someone is not actively helping them at all timesIt s the way a friendship works Consider these twin verses opposites just a few short lines apart Bear one another s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ Forach will have to bear his own load Galatians 625 Whenever one of us has a gigantic boulder sized burdens we should all help carry it But we should also The Unseen Wonder each carry our own daily load our back pack s worth of weight So yes when Meg healed they should help her less That doesn t mean they loved her less It meant she was capable and that they could spend their time andfforts on someone The Management Bible else who wasn t But the friendships and the conversations and the occasional visits for pleasure could remain As the story progressed we discovered that this was true of Meg s new friendships They might have seen her less often but they stillnjoyed Zu schnell each other s company when they didI liked that Libby talked about the role of prayer in her parentingThe anachronisms in this book bothered me I know that it s just nit picking but for me finding something out of place for the historical time frame was distracting and this book did it a few times Yes the characters could have had thoughts like those but they wouldn t havexpressed them that way in slang and phrases from our times I almost felt like the author had taken people from our culture and time and plopped them down into Arkansas in 1886 It wasn t as jolting for them as it was for meAlso there was a scene in which Ace tried to smell what flowers had been in the soap that Meg used Perfumed soaps didn t come until much later They did use flowers for fragrance but not with soap Soap smelled so strongly of lye that s what he would ve smelled after her bath strong pungent Sleepless (Bird of Stone, eye watering lye They wouldn t have put flowers into the soap because any scent would ve been lost and buried under the lye scent Sigh I know I m being too analytical hereThis uote was a red flag warning By letting your heart heal and being careful not to rush into anything By finding a man who will treat you with the love and respect you deserve Yes she should let her heart heal and shouldn t rush into anything but it almost seemed here like finding man who would respect her was a recommended part of the healing No There s a reason that relationships like that are called rebound relationships and that they stereotypically don t last very long It feels good to have someone appreciate a person but that doesn t do anything to heal them in the long run They d be better off healingmotionally and becoming as whole as they can before they get involved with someone lse Rushing into a relationship before you re whole may boost your mood and your motions but it does little to actually restore you I know that Meg said that she hadn t loved her husband in a long while but she still was clearly not motionally stable or healed Understandably soAnother troubling uote You re saying that I chose Elton and that verything he did was to see if my faith was strong Invisible (The Curse of Avalon enough That s a disturbing view of God being cold hearted in order just to test us Yes there are troubles in this life but God is with us in them not just grading us critically on them from afarYet another troubling uote for now he An's rage Now Ace is keeping Meg's business and farm running while she heals both physically andmotionally But is he helping her out of charity or because of something Half Native American Ace struggles to find his place.

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Ace Allen feels guilt for killing Meg Thomerson s husband thing is Meg only feels relief that he is no longer alive to hurt her Ace decides that he and his mother will help Meg out on her farm while she recovers from her husbands final beating Ace and Meg are both trying to work through past hurts she is fearful of men and because he is half Native American it s hard for him to believe that people would accept him When feelings develop between the two Ace decides there can never be a future for them because he doesn t want her to be ridiculed for marrying someone like him Will these two wounded souls find spiritual healing and perhaps Yummy Supper even a love that willndure a lifetimeHistorical romance is one of my favorite genres to read and Wolf Creek Widow was that and The characters were so asy to connect with I found my heart breaking not only for Meg but for Ace as well He was such a kindhearted person who had faced many trials through his life for so many years he struggled because he felt like he wasn t sure which world he belonged in His faith in God allowed him to grow and realize the person he could be The story that developed between him and Meg was second to none Instead of it being a uick romance the author allows the readers to witness first hand Meg s spiritual healing something that happened because of the kindness that Ace and his mother showed her I found myself savoring the dialog between Meg and Ace because of the many spiritual messages that were woven into them While the author does deal with domestic violence she handles it very well and the positive messages that comes from the story line is certainly inspiring When I started reading this story I didn t realize that it was part of a series but honestly the author provided nough background information about the characters that I had no problems understanding the story With that said I was so swept away with this story that I feel like I need to go back and read the other books just to reconnect with the people in Wolf Creek A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review Meg Thomerson s life has been difficult First because of her mother s behavior growing up and second with the abusive man she married Now she finds herself a widow and needing help getting back on her feet The help comes from Ace Allen the man who made her a widow and his mother Ace wants to help Meg heal mostly because of guilt but also for another reason one he s not willing pursue Meg fears men thanks to her husband She finds herself jumpy and on dge when Ace is near But his gentle and patient ways slowly teach her how a real man should treat a woman Ace is half breed and has always been the subject of talk so he s stayed mostly to himself Meg however has gotten under his skin and makes him long for all the things he never thought he could have He doesn t want Meg and her kids to deal with what he dealt with growing up Does love really conuer allI thoroughly njoyed Wolf Creek Widow It was an asy going story that had a gentle pace so you just njoyed the journey The characters were very well drawn and fully fleshed out Meg was someone your heart went out to She was very sweet but life had dealt her an awful hand Ace was a the kind of hero that you just can t get nough of I loved the way he was with Meg and how he gently handled her Definitely a swoon worthy guy I also appreciated Ace s mother She was such a wise woman who seemed to know just what to say This was an uplifting story but it also tackled some tough subjects like abuse racism and taking someone life All of which were handled very well The message that God is always with us was woven throughout but we also see that although we go through difficult sometimes unthinkable things that God uses those circumstances in our lives for a purpose That to me was ncouraging My one disappointment was in how the nding was handled To me it was such a great build up only to nd abruptly I was really left wanting perhaps an Trajan epilogue or something just to make it feel complete Other than that it was great story This is book 4 in the Wolf Creek series yet I didn t feel lost It actually made me want to read the other stories in the series because the secondary characters were veryndearing I m a cover person and this cover really made me want to read the storySome favorite uotesHe d begun to treat things he d once considered burdens as opportunities to change his thinking and to grow in faith and trust in GodI never forgot what my father always said about rough times When something bad happens to you lad it seems to me you ve three choices You can let it define you destroy you or make you strongerOne of the hardest things for me is to thank God for the bad things that come my way How can anyone do that she asked wide Bunnys Book Club Goes to School eyed Believe me it isn tasy he said in a wry tone but I truly believe that things good and bad happen for a reason and I know God sifts us give us trials little tests to see how loyal we really areThis complimentary copy was provided by Harleuin through NetGalley in The Peculiar Pig exchange for an honest review It was a very cute story I love that the widow is level headed and notmotionally dramatic I would recommend I really love this one It is so beautiful and shows that good things CAN come out of a bad situation through love and faith I love it A nice romanceabusive dead husband guilty hero add an injured widow struggling to make her way and get her children backan Cherry Ingram epil I debated between rating this a 2 and a 3 My mom read this before me and marked it as one of her favorites of the box of books but I disagreed It probably does deserves than a 2 I think that part of the reason for my rating was that I d just read a book from the same box of books with a similar theme Naomi Rawlings The Soldier s Secrets which I rated a 5 in that a woman makes peace with her husband s killer It was a different setting different culture but I preferred Naomi Rawlings book possibly because it had actionThe good parts of this book Wolf Creek Widow involved the kindnesses that helped Meg heal both physically andmotionally I The Mermaids Shoes enjoyed the characters inner thoughts I liked the Georgie character description and conversation and the book got interesting after her introduction I do love stories of kindnesses and reconciliation so this book should ve appealed to me than it didI did like the uote to find her way back she should look for joy in small things telling Meg that God sprinkled dozens of blessings throughout our days if we only took time to look for them I liked that uote because there was someone dear to me who had gone through some horrific things and that s how she copes and gets on with life She finds the blessings she bird watchesnjoys her carefully prepared meals and is. The Widow's Second Chance Meg Thomerson needs assistance getting back on her feet ven if it comes from the man who made her a widow Ace Allen didn't intend to kill her husband he only wanted to protect the town from the

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