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Ther than that I ve liked every recipe I ve tried out of this book So this is like the most popular cookbook in Canada right now I thought I d check it outDisclaimer that my rating is completely subjective YMMV big time I tried to be generous because I knew going in that it was Not My Bag but two stars is ust how it compares to my other cookbooks for my preferred style of cookingI think Oh She Glows will work best for people who already dabble in veganism or have major food allergies because these are the people who will already have a lot of the sci fi ingredients in their pantry like nutritional yeast chia seeds flaxseed tamari brown rice syrup nut milk exotic nut butter etc I have a very well stocked pantry and I would ve had to buy a few things for almost every recipe Some recipes also reuire special euipment her chia bread for example reuires that you grind your own oa This is a gorgeous cookbook that will make you realize that plant based eating doesn t need to be associated with a sad person chewing on a kale leaf Everything I ve made so far is amazing The instructions are clear There is sufficient introduction to ingredients I LOVE this cookbook I was so excited to read this book that I actually pre ordered it online and it arrived in the mail before it was. Meat eaters will love to fresh and inventive dishes all packed with flavor  The Oh She Glows Cookbook also includes many allergy friendly recipes with than 90 gluten free recipes and many recipes free of soy nuts sugar and grains too  Whether you are a vegan 'vegan curious' or you simply want to eat delicious food that ust happens to be healthy too this cookbook is a must have for anyone who longs to eat well feel great and simply glow     'Angela Liddon knows that great cooks depend on fresh ingredients  You'll crave each and every recipe in this awesome cookbook' Isa Chandra Moskowitz author of Isa Does It 'So many things I want to make  This is a book you'll want on the shelf' Sara Forte author of The Spro.

Set to be officially released I was not disappointed If you want to experiment with being vegan or are vegan already and want to have new easy recipes get this book I am very impressed never have I ever had every recipe be successful I have tried a lot of different vegan cooking and baking books and online recipes galore Most of the ingredients are basic and are attainable at the local grocery store with the rare exception The recipes are easy to throw together and most are fairly uick to throw together The imagery is beautiful I think there is practically an image to accompany every recipe in the book The story of the author Angela Liddon is a nice touch to the book I feel many readers will be able to relate to her experience especially women in today s society My favourite recipe so far is the one to make your own almond butter the recipe is to die for I actually let out a little moan when I tasted the first teaspoon I shall list the recipes below that I have tried so far Overall I recommend this book really to anyone simple yet so enjoyable The RecipesEffortless Vegan Overnight OatsProtein Power Goddess BowlEffortless Anytime Balsamic Vinaigrette Crunchy Maple Cinnamon Roasted Almond ButterI haven t gotten to try manybut I couldn t wait to review this book any longer. Uted Kitchen 'The Oh She Glows Cookbook proves that vegan is not a four letter word Angela's imaginative mouthwatering and totally approachable recipes will motivate everyone to cook healthy vibrant foods for their whole family' Sarah Britton creator of the blog My New Roots 'If you can choose only one cookbook this year Oh She Glows is it  Angela's approach to vegan recipes is fresh vibrant and simple and her connection to her readers honest and real'  Dreena Burton author of Let Them Eat Vegan 'The Oh She Glows Cookbook is nothing short of a revelation  A brilliant collection of accesssible and vibrant vegan recipes it's hard to decide which recipe to cook first'  Kathryne Taylor creator of the blog Cookie Kate.

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This book would be 100% better if I didn t have to read about whether the author s husband enjoys these recipes enough to have them included and published Update I was feeling really snarky when I wrote and thought I would add there are some really good recipes in here especially if you re ust starting out with vegan cooking Some classic simple recipes with easy to find ingredients Four stars for recipes 2 stars for the betty crocker stuff that comes out in the intro and recipe descriptions I thought she started the intro to the book really honestly by talking about her past eating disorder Very admirable for real thank you for sharing But lady if you re so about empowerment who gives a shit if you cook well enough for your husband Eric Let that dude make his own smoothie for once fc I love this cookbook and I use recipes from her blog ohsheglowscom several times a week Fantastic healthy food and beautiful photographyJust one little uibble The chia seed doughnuts aren t doughtnuts I mean I LIKE overt health food but if someone told me they were going to give me a doughnut and then they gave me one of those I would be annoyed Don t get me wrong they are good as little fluffy balls of chia studded dough go but they aren t doughnuts Words have meanings I m ust sayingO. A self trained chef and food photographer Angela Liddon has spent years perfecting the art of plant based cooking creating inventive and delicious recipes that have brought her devoted fans from all over the world  After struggling with an eating disorder for a decade Angela vowed to change her diet and her life once and for all  She traded the low calorie processed food she'd been living on for whole nutrient packed vegetables fruits nuts whole grains and   The result  Her energy soared she healed her relationship with food and she got her glow back both inside and out  This is Angela's long awaited debut cookbook with a treasure trove of than 100 mouthwatering wholesome recipes from revamped classics that even.