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Of the same of volume 1 But that s not a bad thing at all The thought xperiment gets pushed Prohibido nacer even further There are new characters chess pieces to follow and old favourites back again It really is just annjoyable and intelligent ride So recommended for those SF fans who are also humanists Giving a three star review to a seuel of one of my favorite books is really difficult So let me try to warrant this in writingThe Long Earth book introduces us to so many new interesting and weird concepts Its seuel The Long War provides us with just some human centered stories that run in parallel and as usual foreshadow the Serafina and the Seven Stars existence of a third part The writing of this book was very well copyedited as is the case with all Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter books that I have read so far That makes it a fairlyasy and uick read The problems are many and they infuse the book cover to cover A peculiar plot line spans almost the ntire book While being mentioned in other plot lines it could be simply dropped Even the mentions of the plot line could be kept since they were completely self containedWhile the ntire book has a rather light feel to it our main hero goes through rather suddenly through a kind of torture The torture pops up without any good reason and rather suddenly And leaves the same way The hero gets hurt but not lethally and none of the characters are significantly influenced by what has happened Why leave it there It changed the mood of the book without warning and without reward for the reader who What She Saw (Conard County empathized with the tortureThis book had a strange problem of non interference from deusx machina As a deus Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan ex machina character is written into the book without many practical limitations the moments when it could step in and resolve the situation but did not were disappointing Feels like a moment in a James Bond movie where Bond chooses to get beatentorturedyou name it by choosing not to use one of his gadgets without making any significant impact on the plot The previous book was published nearly a year ago and that is when I read it In the meantime I forgot many of the details about the characters and world mechanics In this book we are reminded about most things relevant to the plot but some of the reminders simply arrive too late After the points where they were relevant in the plotI realize that one can already preorder the next book from with the release date in January 2014 Stillven a second book from a three part series can be made to function much better than this Patches for the above problems are fairly straightforward and it is strange that they were not applied The Long War looses two stars for having Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n easily fixable problems despite the level of professionalism that the rest of the bookxhibits First I would note that according to the goodreads rating system 2 stars indicates that the book was okay In other words the book isn t bad I just thought it was okay I loved the first the books and was highly anticipating this second book Unfortunately it lost a lot of the charm and curiosity of the first book and focused on those areas that I didn t like from the first book In the first book it was a lot of fun to read the chemistry or lack thereof between Joshua and Lobsang In this book Joshua and Lobsang are almost never together Lobsang himself was a character I loved from the first book In the second book he s only in the background Even Joshua is less in the spotlight but not to the degree of Lobsang And at any rate Joshua s character has changed from the wandering loner Some of what made the long Soft Focus earth itself so intriguing is also missing in the second book The first book was a wondrousxploration of the multiverse Alien Chastity Belt earths The view spoilerfirst person singular hide spoiler I see I liked this than most reviewers did I ll try toxplain whyOK the other reviewers are correct the characters are pretty much cliches and mostly do not directly have any conflict with Faker each other though they missed a GREAT opportunity with the SallyHelen subplot Mostly thoughveryone is railroaded by the book s version of fate or destiny which is an AI I doubt that this is a spoiler for anyone who s read 1The overall plots are diffuse though some of the individual immediate scenarios are well handled The overarching plots are seen obliuely than directlyAnd that is why I gave it 4 starsLife is what happens when you re making other plans and that s what s going on here I don t know if it was intentionally done but it was pretty clever Even with problems people were trying to address directly usually the direct approach was a FAIL and only indirect holistic approaches worked And that s appropriate and reflective of real Life though many of us read fiction because things ARE direct there than in RLWhat does it mean to be a member of a bellicose species that suddenly has really no Lawbreakers Suspense Stories excuse for war nor any realistic way of waging it How can you keep people in a broad sense oppressed when they can just leave For me these uestions and the sometimes direct sometimes obliue approaches to them make this book well worth reading but the reader does have to put many of the pieces together I think that s good otherwise it d be too much of a polemicAnyway I liked it and am looking forward to Recurre de nuevo a él porue se avecina una guerra una guerra distinta a todas las libradas hasta ahora Tras La Tierra Larga Fantascy 2014 Terry Pratchett y Stephen Baxter dos titanes de la literatura fantástica vuelven con una nueva aventura tan inteligente como divertida ue indaga las consecuencias de un mundo ilimitado «Aluimia literaria» SFX «La calidez y la humanidad de Pratchett se alían con laxtraordinariamente fértil imaginación de Baxter» The Guardian.

To start off with the title is a fallacy there s no war here long or otherwiseInstead the book has the HIPPO IN THE GARDEN exact same problem as the original It s a dozen or so characters in search of a plot Baxter and Pratchett do a marvelous job of continuing toxplore the ramifications of the Long Earth but that s about all the book is Beyond that we get some disconnected stories of various individuals that we re not really that attached toIf you thought the setup in the first book would be paid out by some actual plot in the second you re going to be disappointed When The Long Earth came out about a year ago I considered it an interesting Spinal Trauma exercise in world building but not so interesting as a fictional novel But what the hell it was nicely written and only part one of a two part series so I was happynough to be introduced to this fascinating world of literally infinite possibility ready for the seuel to actually have characters doing things in some kind of plot line Here we are a year later and that seuel The Long War is out It s an interesting Shadow (New Species, exercise in world building but not so interesting as a fictional novel But what the hell it s nicely written and only part two of a trilogy so oh wait a minute The Long War is basically of the same but so Twelve years have passed since thevents of The Long Earth You can tell this because characters who were old are now really old and characters who were young are now not so young Prototypical is the protagonist Joshua who was a young man in the first novel but now is pushing middle age He has a wife and young son whose primary role in life is to remind the reader that twelve years have passed and that Joshua who was a young man in the first novel is now pushing middle ageWhile the first novel showcased via a bunch of vignettes the immediate ramifications of the opening up of the 細味人生100篇 eponymous Long Earth an infinite row of parallel Earths that usingither a simple device or innate ability people suddenly became able to step between This seuel showcases via a bunch of vignettes the slightly less immediate ramifications There are a half dozen or so subplots but no superplot Characters just kind of The Gathering (Darkness Rising, explore the many Earths again getting into and out of scrapes and then the booknds on a big downer Fabulous the concepts are thought provoking the story continues on to number three Terry Pratchett loves cat but I m not sure how he feels about dogs considering the dogs in this book But that s okay he loves cats His cat apparently tried to MongoDB eat hamsters onceFor the record I love Pratchett s work and the three books I read by Stephen Baxter Injoyed I was thrilled they were working together It should be noted however that I am a reader not a fan as Pratchett would say I still love Pratchett and I am glad about his book dealHoweverIf you have never read Stephen Baxter or Terry Pratchett before do not start with the series let alone this book Start Chastity elsewhere DoThis book the second in a series most likely of three raises some very interesting topics and uestions It would make for a good philosphey and moralstic debate The world building is niceAnd it is a morals and world building novel looking for a plot because there is not one Sorry no plot maybe a wink of one Have to call it as I see it No plot At least the first book in the series had some humor going for it No humor in this one Some very boring characters who talk too much Some interesting characters who don t donough and in one case disapper for about half the book and some interesting characters who sing but who knows what they sing Something happened at the Experiential Learning end but honestly at that point I didn t care because THERE WASN T A PLOT It reminded me of the Otherworld series by Tad Williams The writers got caught up in the idea and were able to overlook the plot that was jumping up and down to be included I hate reading books from a series that isn t finished yet I don t know how all of those fantasy geeks do it This being the secondntry in The Long series I found it somewhat of a disappointment after the world building that was done presumably as a set up for the longer series in the first novel was Die Neurobiologie des Glücks essentially just continued with further travelogue like anecdotes from several characters scattered about The Long Earth I m not complaining too much I ve signed up for this ride now afterall Baxter and Pratchett are describing some interesting scenarios andxciting my imagination BUT I wish I d known to xpect that this would be all I would be getting as opposed to something intricate and fascinating and xciting something like the Xeelee seuence mixed with the characters that inhabit The Discworld perhapsIf anything The Long War is a better book than the first one the two authors have largely avoided the annoying issues I had this time around gone are the A New Philosophy of History endless arbitrary pop culture references forxample and the Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction evolution of the culture and politics of their universe is handled well the frustrating nature of the America centric tale becoming a positive as the reprehensible nature of their government and people in reality allows for anasy villain of the piece in near future fiction you can truly believe that the xtrapolation made by Baxter and Pratchett would come to pass and it made me an. La Tierra Larga s un sinfín de mundos paralelos a solo un paso de distancia La humanidad ha FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck explorado muchos dellos impulsando l comercio y la cultura Pero también ha alterado l The Man from Beijing euilibrio político de nuestra tierra de origen y lastabilidad Creating Lasting Value ecológica destos nuevos mundos Por un lado la Declaración de Independencia de una lejana colonia provoca la censura del gobierno ultraconservador Por otro los humanos han descubierto ue los trolls unos pacíficos humanoi.

Gry which would be Understanding Markets and Strategy exactly what the authors intendedBut still I wanted from this one I have no real preference for war fiction and I was disappointed that the story was going there so uickly but as it turns out when you re promised war and there is no war in the novel you actually get disappointedSo the third part is called The Long Mars at least I ll know toxpect a bunch of characters travelling to various Mars incarnations probably in a direct copy of the plot from the first book which will be interesting but nothing too Montana Dreams exciting will happen there won t be any conflict or any real science there will just be a calmxploration There is a place in the multiverse for Immerwelt - Der Pakt even the most improbable of worldsven a flat one on the back of a giant turtle Unfortunately we live on the ONE world where the forces of nature did NOT prevent this book from being written In this unlucky universe Stephen Baxter must have cornered Terry Pratchett at a Sci Fi convention pouncing on him like an over Modern South Asia excited puppy Ooooh please Sir Terry Let me play with one of your nice shiny worlds And sir Terry threw him a short story world as a bone in order toscape Here s one I ve had under the bed for years try not to break it Down boyBaxter may not of uite broken it but he definitely wee Picture Theory ed on the rug and chewed the sofaI can t think of a worse possible writer to collaborate with for this type of novelBaxter s only talent is coming up with a range of superficial what ifs but in this book the core ideas are Pratchett s It s Baxter s task to pad them out and link them up but the structure of this book is at best a travelogue and at worse a disjointed series of unrelated vignettes crying out for a unifying theme or character drama If Pratchett had written this it s possible he could have drawn the threads together into somethingmotionally and intellectually satisfying Unfortunately Baxter has no idea how to write characters on a good day he can just about manage a job description with a back story This means he cannot write dialogue All his characters speak in the same glib white middle class male heterosexual voice Ancestral Voices even the Chineseven the ladies I suspect he thinks this flippant tone is comic but he comes across as a nerd who laughs at his own jokes before the punchline These characters are only in place to deliver lectures about whatever random scene we are in at the time You could shuffle or delete over 90% of this book s content and mix up the protagonists and it would make just as much or as little sense Like worlds strobing under a super stepping Twain it all blurs into an indistinguishable smudge punctuated by the occasional bright Joker world sentence obviously supplied by Pratchett via post it noteEnough about Baxter he s a twit and I should know better than to pick up one of his driveling texts It s Terry Pratchett I m concerned with I think he s a genius but when you strip him of his awesome powers of word smithery and And Bid Him Sing examine some of his ideas without the comic trickery as we can in this book they tend to the simplistic rather than the simpleHe champions a moderate libertarianism and usually sweetens it with uirky folksy characters oozing common sense I m reminded of all the times he writes about the Laissez faire way Havelock Vetinari governs Ankh Morpork how he champions the ugly messy violent chaotic capitalism but the city works it worksWith The Long Earth series we see anotherxpression of this libertarian politics lots of self governing crowd sourcing decentralized post scarcity communities but without Sir Terry s Magic box of tricks the posturing comes across at best as simplistic and worse a bit off I m thinking of the comments about allowing natural selection to take care of the drug problem It may indeed work Terry but I would like to know how Exactly I hope Pratchett lives long Aristotle Detective (Aristotle enough to write his next Moist Van Lipwig novel the proposed one about taxes as that would be really interesting to compare to the half baked ideasxpressed in the Long Earth series The sorely missed Iain Banks Culture novels offer a far sophisticated and realistic analysis of mostly positive self organising societiesI have always Bones, Clones, and Biomes enjoyed Pratchett s anti racism themes in the Diskworld novels my favorite was the Orc rights footballers and models mash up brilliant Yet in this book the Trolls are people too theme just didn t work for me I realize now just howmotionally manipulative Pratchett is as a writer He can twist my heart around his little finger Alas at the hands of a hack like Baxter Nobel Causes are reduced to the Bringing the Empire Home emotional resonance of a cheesy Hallmark CardTime to step sideways and find the world where Baxter wrote half baked ideas for a world on post it notes and Terry Pratchett lovingly populated it with memorable characters and a sharp witty text It s out there in the high megas The Long Earth was the story of the human race after it discovered a way to access infinite parallel Earths It really was a thoughtxperiment really there is a small amount of plot but a lot is just xploring the implications of this discovery And it is done intelligently with humanity and with wit But not the Discworld in your face type of wit Subtle wit The second volume of the Long series is ssentially. Des capaces de cambiar de mundo son muy útiles para Building the Cold War el trabajo físico y los utilizan para su beneficio Antel inexorable avance de los colonos humanos los trolls Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) estánmpezando a desaparecer En su día Joshua Valienté lideró la primera misión de Counter-Amores exploración destos mundos múltiples junto con la unidad de inteligencia artificial llamada Lobsang Ahora una década después Joshua se verá obligado a abandonar su vida apacible con su mujer hijo La Tierra Larga.

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Born Terence David John Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in 1971 from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels i