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In a positive way in the brevity of the book ah the good old times when bestsellers were around 320 pages in a negative way in the general shock this bright outspoken woman creates among the males of the bookThe reason it s only three stars or me the author is rather His Pregnant Christmas Princess fond of ten dollar words which she uses all over the place excuse me which she employs abundantly perhaps in the hopes of sounding elegant but it s a bit hit and miss Also the interaction between the characters often seemed haphazard to me uarrels break outor no reason Through the Language Glass frowns and smiles show eually without motivationStill in spite of these it was a uick and amusing read Murder and mayhem among the Ricardians c 1974I didn t enjoy this as much as the Amelia Peabody mysteries I ve read by the same author but it was an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in bed when I wasn teeling well I thought that this would be an interesting light read because it was written in 1974 and the subject matter was very relevant to the present day I was keen to know how Richard III was perceived retrospectively We have just ound out so much about his physica. 500 year old accusation that he killed the little princess in the Tower of London Jacueline is amused at the group's eccentricities until history begins to repeat itself A dangerous practical joker recreates amous ifteenth century murder metho.

I ve always been interested in Richard III and I really enjoyed the debate in the book did he or did he not kill the young princes The character of Thomas kind of annoyed me though In general it was a decent mystery Thomas is narrating this book He invites Jacueline Kirby to a weekend of semi scholars who are supporting the idea that Richard III did not murder his nephews NOTE this topic was investigated in Josephine Tey s Daughter of Time The party takes place in an English Country house where someone is playing a dangerous game A each member of the party dresses up the role of one of the major historical characters with the host playing Richard The mystery is OK The humor between Thomas and Jacueline charming An amusing mystery story about a group of Ricardians with an attractive lady detective given to a dose of sarcasm You don t have to be a Ricardian to enjoy the story but being a bit of one myself this was my main motivation or reading this and it made me think I should probably take up the old study last endulged something like ten years ago now againThe book was written in the 1970s and it shows. When attractive American Jacueline Kirby is invited to an English country mansion You Are Not A Gadget for a weekend costume affair she experts only one mystery Since the hosts and guests are allanatic devotees of King Richard III they hope to clear his name of the.

L appearance and how he was buried and I wanted to compare that to what we knew Sanctuary forty years ago The story is very light and if you are interested in a beginner s guide to who was who at the court of King Richard then you will enjoy it Iound all of the characters eually annoying they were mainly members of a Ricardian society and most of them are obsessed by the subject They all meet at the home of Herman Weldon Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, for a weekend of make believe and re enactment Weldon taking on the role of Richard III at the gathering The Guests all dress as one of Richard s contemporaries and it is through their constant arguments and theories about Richard that we get theull history lesson of supposed events during his reign I Friendfluence felt that there was just too much information as the reader is bombarded by different speculations and anyone who knew nothing about the events would Ieel come out of it knowing even less than they did in the One Part Woman first place Asor the plot of the story I was disappointed I was waiting Stranger for something to happen but not much does The denouement is very lengthy and I think struggles to tie in all the ends. Ds beheading poisoning smothering and even drowning in a butt of malmsey As the jokes become and macabre one at last provesatalJacueline puts all her observations together or a dazzling solution that will surprise even the most attentive reade.

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