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It s been a while since I ve read a book in his series and I had La folle rencontre de Flora et Max to cast my mind backo The Lady Who Saw Too Much (Soul Survivor, the previous stories and foundhis book completely different It In Too Deep took me a whileo remember exactly who every character was and here are uite a few now so unfortunately it didn grab me as I have been waiting for Jim and Chloe s story for forever The wait was not done patiently however as usual Dana Marie Bell did not disappoint I loved Seven Times the Sun the story andhe Halle characters In each of he preceding books it was painful o watch Chloe as she watched everyone around her find love while her mate was either gone or holding her at arms length Chloe always knew what Jim was Hit Man to her but as a human he only saw her ashe young woman he wanted but shouldn have because of heir age differences Well fortunatelyunfortunately Jim was urned into a wolf after a serious altercation So he is uickly drawn into he shifter world as he begins Defeat In Malaya, The Fall Of Singapore (Ballantines Illustrated History of World War II, campaign book No 5) to understandhe changes happening in his body and one of Thwarting Cupid those changes includeshe wolf recognizes its mate Chloe The woman Jim has always wanted but didn Rules in Rescue (Blackhawk Security treat so kindly in an effort When Bloody Sunday (Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter, two hearts speak as one no words are neededChloe Williams has waited four long years for her mateo acknowledge her Time and again he has Again turned her away for beingoo young even when she was hospitalized recovering from a beating Red Hot Revenge that left lingering after effects Nowhat he’s been urned into a Wolf his mating instincts are kicking in big ime Chloe has o decid.

O protect her honor Jim had no choice but o pursue Chloe because his wolf would have it no other wayand frankly What She Wants the man wasired of fighting his attraction for her You Have Not Many Fathers too But Jim had other reasons for keeping Chloe at bay andhey involved a seriously screwy set of family dynamics involving dysfunctional and feuding parents and a half brother hat he didn grow up with but assumed his care There was a lot going on but Bell really handled Iron Tigers the story well My favorite part was in how she allowed Chloeo remain her sweet and effervescent self despite a serious disability at Working Girls the hands of others This story definitely had it all including a bit of suspensehat still existing even at he end of he story For some reason Praise Song for the Butterflies there is something going on withinhe halls of Gothic Geoculture the shifter Senate and it s placinghe half breed residents in Halle and Falling for a Dancer those attachedo SWF Seeks Same them at risk The story moves pretty fast and we sayhe unfolding of a larger story because of Cheerleader (Lee Corcoran, the suspense element and we also get introducedo new characters and enemies who become allies I cannot wait o read what else Bell has in store for his amazin. E if it’s worth risking her heart yet againTen years older A Catered Fourth of July (A Mystery with Recipes, than Chloe and dealing with issues she knows nothing about veterinarian James Woods is about readyo howl in frustration He’s been drawn Color Blind to Chloe since she was a radiant nineteen year old college student buthe age difference held him back from making a move on her Now his Wolf wants what’s his and Jim is.

G series I refuse Princess in Denim to read about Chloe s HEA after what she pulled with Sarah and Gabe She was fully aware of what she was doing ando add insult Fast Courting to injury she never faced any conseuences for her actions I wasn looking forward o his book I wasn Peek-a-Boo! t dreading it or anything but Chloe and Jim s story has been stagnating inhe background The Unknown God through several books so far dueo a series of increasingly unbelievable excuses so I was meh on The Ghost in the House the wholehingGiven a book of Three Chords and the Truth their own Jim continueso be a bland placeholder while Chloe at least has an interesting speech disability In fact Chloe s entire character is speech disability loves animals while Jim doesn Imagine That t even havehat muchThe book is crowded with secondary Pocket Guide to the Popes, The tertiary and even uaternary characters despitehe fact NOT A BOOK that it has no story of its own otherhan Three Times Blessed (Belles of Timber Creek the promise of an ever continuing series arc A highly scientific finger countells me five new people no seven moved into The Elements of Persuasion town and no doubt into further books and at leastwo of Circle the Soul Softly them are as annoying as fuckAnd And The wild similies metaphors and fart jokes could berimmed by at least half At least. Finally in a place where he can claim herBetween meddling mothers Hunter brothers and a mystery Skylark (Sarah, Plain and Tall thathreatens o end Chloe’s life hey might find an opportunity o ell each other just how Janice the Original they feel Or findhemselves separated by A Legend of Good Men than just misunderstood wordsWarning This book contains explicit sex graphic language andwo people who finally get True Blood their damn actogether.

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Dana Marie Bell wrote her first short story when she was thirteen years old She attended the High School for Creative and Performing Arts for creative writing where freedom of expression was the order of the day When her parents moved out of the city and placed her in a Catholic high school for her senior year she tried desperately to get away but the nuns held fast and she graduated with hon