Jacqueline Harvey: Clementine Rose and the Famous Friend Clementine Rose #7

O uite enjoyed the side story of the broken window and Aunt Violet protecting Clemmie from getting in trouble about it The book was very interesting and fun Another hit with the small girl Interview with my 5 12 year oldMe What id you think of that bookHim Pretty coolMe What was your favourite bitHim When the First Blood doggy stepped in the gravyMe What is the same about you and ClementineHim Clementine is 5 12 How old am IMe 5 12Him We are both 5 12 and I m gonna start grade 1 too We both have blond hair I can t believe we both have blond hairMe What isifferent about you and ClementineHim The The Palliser Novels different thing about me and Clementine is she has a pig and I have a guinea pigI loved this one Even though it was a bit predictable I got so emotionally involved that I choked up while reading the last chapter By book 7 in the series I feel like I know all the character. H to write a book Trouble is she never comes out of her room andoesn’t seem to like children at all Will Clementine iscover who their elderly resident is and why she is so secretive.

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I love it I give it 100100 Clementine is excited that a new teacher has arrived for the beginning of school year Her friends are excited too Mr Smee is a great eal innovative than Mrs Bottomley but when he sets the kids a new class project Clementine is at a loss for what to Hunter Killer (Pike Logan do The kids musto a talk on a famous friend and come Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, dressed just like them Clementine consults the adults of Penberthy House as to who she should talk on Aunt Violet is of course incensed that Clementineoesn t chose her and her mum is far too busy with a new guest to have an opinion The mention of a new guest sparks Clementine s attention Miss Richardson an elderly but rather abrupt lady is visiting the manor hoping for a uiet place to write another book Clementine is The Friend Zone delighted to hear an author is in the house and is hoping to glean some inspiration however Miss Richardson is. A new year a new teacher and a very mysterious house guestClementine Rose is heading back to school and this year she has a new teacher Young Mr Smee is veryifferent from Mrs Bottomley.

Far from friendly When Lady Clarissa Flying Scotsman Manual decides to host a resident sinner Clementine learns that there is than one author in the house as another gentlemen is also writing a book When he uestions Miss Richardson about her writing she is very stand offish The time for presenting the class project Alpha (Shifters, draws near and Clementineecides to Whalerider do her talk on her favourite poet Miss Agnes WellsIn a chance meeting in the hallway with Miss Richardson just before the recital Clementineiscovers that the elderly lady is much famous than she has let on All is well as Clementine finally has her famous friend to talk aboutThis was a sweet read peppered with enough language to challenge but also simple to suit a reluctant reader I believe this will appeal to girls aged 6 8 Reviewed for Creative Kids Tales by Julie Anne Graso I got uite emotional reading the last chapter I als. And he sets the class a special project Clemmie can’t wait to get started Meanwhile at Penberthy House an intriguing guest has just arrived Miss Richardson is staying for a whole mont.

Jacueline Harvey has combined a successful career in education with her love of a good story She is the author of many novels for younger readers and a picture book THE SOUND OF THE SEA which was awarded Honour Book in the 2006 Australian Children’s Book Council Awards Jacueline taught in Infants and Primary schools and was Deputy Head of Abbotsleigh Junior School an independent day and boa