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Nny. D they'll get the hintSPICE up a boring salad by replacing the vegetables with bacon and placing between two slices of breadSTOP your dog from pulling on ts lead by walking a bit fasterPREPARE your children for office life by acting awkwardly around them n the kitchenAVOID the hassle and expense of hair straighteners by not eating your crust.

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Ver. Life doesn’t come with an nstruction manual But f t did and Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse if that manual was cobbled togethern five minutes by a drunken The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, idiot genius thent might look something like these crowd sourced tips and Isabel (Families of Dorset ill thought outdeas Covering everything from how best to turn your cat nto a fearsome stegosaurus to pre empting jellyfish stings this

Y fu. Ook presents the wealth of knowledge gleaned from the dusty vaults of twitter’s hugely popular TwopTwipsFrom the profane to the ridiculous these laugh at loud nuggets of advice with absurd and nformative Jesus illustrations will change your lifen a hugely From the Highest Mountain insignificant wayTipsncludeBORED of a friend's text messages Reply with 'unsubscribe' an.

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