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Tle American town in the middle of nowhere that is only on the map at all because it supposedly is the most haunted town in America And Pine Deep is just that We re starting right where the second novel ended Vic is pulling the strings from the shadows getting the town ready for the Red Wave his master has planned for 30 ears Slowly and people are getting aware of what s happening with some holes to their knowledge of course and pooling their resources even getting outside help from a very cool scholarMike s family situation spirals and out of control Val has basically sacrificed all but the two most important things in her life Crow is in over his head but the only one always having felt it wasn t over and Terry wellThis third and last book was full of action finally bringing together all the elements that had accumulated thus far It is a bit less about character except for Jonatha and about the fight itself and it delivers on all the blood and gore a horror fan could only have hoped for Yes it is still stereotypical but I found myself caring for than one character and of course that meant being sad because the one I had rooted for the most due to his suffering had to die in the end sighsInteresting was the afterword by the author who said that he had started writing this book influenced by his grandmother who must be from the area near me and told him creepy stories even when he was a little boy reminding me of my great grandmother He took those stories added some gypsy and other folklore and VOIL I must applaud the author for much of his accuracy that others can t seem to get right From the dhampirs to katanas and the correct characterization of martial artists no they aren t brainless thugs he put a lot of details in here that were meticulously and correctly researched and I liked that a lotAll in all I wasn t too sold at the beginning but am VERY happy I stayed with the story and read all of it because the books as well as the writing got better and this one even deserves full marks It was an ugly uarter moon stained Chalk Cheese yellow red like bruised flesh and its sickle tip seemed to slash at the treetopsSo finally it has come to this the closing chapter in Jonathan Maberry s Pine Deep Horror Trilogy And it s been a rollicking hayride indeed Now according to the author s foreword this book can be read as a standalone I beg to differ Read it as it was meant to be read that s to say read the following two books first 1 Ghost Road Blues and 2 Dead Man s SongNow on and forward Bad Moon Rising a review some random thoughts The face in the mirror stared at him hard as fists cold as nightIfou have by any chance read my reviews for the two books mentioned above ou will already know that I have been enjoying this story a lot thus far The final book in any series is often the make or break book since it has the unenviable job of tying up loose ends and wrapping things up in satisfactory fashion BMR does exactly this for the most part Night had fallen heavily over Pine Deep He could feel it a silky wet darkness that was alive with predator and prey His body was on fire to run into the shadows to melt with them seeking the human heat in the Ven for death to hold it back Only a handful of brave souls stand against the King of the Dead and a red wave of destruction Daylight is fading and a bad moon is rising over Pine Deep Keep watching the shado.

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To that he is really a master at writing the action scene He reminds me of the fantasy action great RA Salvatore who plays out his sword fights by giving us a step by step swing by swing and blow by blow He colors the moves by giving them cool names and often calls them out once we the reader are educated on them Maberry does this albeit with other weapons like guns fists and samurai swords He paces the seuences that challenges the reader leaves them breathless and makes them unable to peel away from the thrashing words Even though these are horror novels it is Maberry s ability to pen the action that leaves ou the reader sated and wanting Great characterizations Doctor Who you will remember many of them long afterou finish these booksFast fun and well paced with some really good highs and an outstanding endingGreat melding of folk lore modern horror and Urban FantasyPine Deep is as spooky and scary as any Stephen King townAll in all this a very satisfying trilogy that I can see myself rereading I will tell my friends and family to read these I highly recommend these novels to horror and urban fantasy readers Awesome 5 Stars5 Stars for an amazing thrill ride from beginning to end This series was great story telling from the first book Ghost Road Blues that introduces us to Pine Deep to this fantastical ending that is not wrapped up so tidy No prince charming no cavalry just our beaten rag tag group of real humans fighting the good fight against a truly impossible foe I don t think I would have fared so well I appreciate this series for being rather realistic about the odds of mere humans against an enemy that has no definition Who can fight evil Truly and not come out insane or rather inhuman themselves Visible and invisible scars that can never heal and an ending that leaves us wondering Thank ഹിമവാന്റെ മുകള്‍ത്തട്ടില്‍ Himavante Mukalthattil you Mr Maberry for throwing in some true folklore and old wives tales to bring this wonderful series to life Now I am going to do one check under the beds and in the closets before I start reading another one of his books The conclusion to the Pine Deep novels that poor benighted horror loving town is easily the best of the lot All the novels build and build to this epic blowout and I m honestly rather surprised how much I got into it by the endMike is easily getting most of my hero worship that poor abused teen but Crow is geeky awesome and Val kicks butt And most of all I enjoyed the great reveal about the weres and the vamps and the twist to the mythos None of it would be half as good if it hadn t built so slow and steady in the telling A mysterious big bad is always fun than an outright tell all though we do get that by the end If I had to compare this to anything I think of Stephen King Just putting all three of these novels together would have been just fine Think epic horror The kind that goes through a few generations or a whole town Which this does With great detail Fun detail Want bloody Want an epic small town battle against the hoards of evil Helleah This is definitely either an upgrade to the previous novels or the payoff for getting through those two gives this one all the credit This marks the end of the trilogy about a cute lit. Nia town are out for a good time but those who live there are desperately trying to surviveTO A BLOODFESTFor a monstrous evil lives among them a savage presence whose malicious power has grown too powerful

Wow What an exciting and satisfying conclusion I must say that I really and truly enjoyed this trilogy I was so impatient to read it The entire book was fast paced thrilling and just a lot of fun to read I hope that Maberry does return to Pine Deep in the future He has artfully created a very rich setting that seems to have other stories waiting to be told I know that I will be keep an eye out for all of his future books set in Pine Deep or not One negative Gosh there are a LOT of typos in this book and in the previous books too Wonder where the editors heads were when they proofed this seriesAnyway the grand finale for this trilogy kept me on the edge of my seat I was really worried about our good guys as the odds for conuering the growing evil were not in their favor I enjoyed all the mythology brought in by the author especially the dhampyr being The author hints that he might revisit Pine Deep sometime in the future and I ll be first in line for that if he does Last book in the series and it tied it up very nicely Highly recommended if ou enjoy supernatural horror very fast paced action filled and entertaining In two days the Red Wave would wash the town of Pine Deep in blood In two days Ubel Griswold would rise Pine Deep would dieThe world would screamNot bad at all view spoilerand I just loved the cameos of James Gunn he directed and used to write screenplays of very good terror flicks before becoming famous for his Guardians of the Galaxy ones Tom Savini Ken Foree and other horror movie icons hide spoiler Awesome Simply awesome And I am not even a big fan of vampires Or the heroes of this novel Still awesome from beginning to end horror writing at its finestSo I ll start with what I didn t like and believe me these are nit picky nothings that did NOT remotely take away from the read1 Mayberry overuses the word pirouette2 The story and those who lived and died was somewhat predictable though who would kill who was not3 The celebrities seemed thrown in to try a get the book a movie deal And come on view spoiler Tom Savini is amazing hell one of the pics on my Facebook page is me proudly standing next to him btw he s short but he would not be able to fool vampires into believing 35 people are dead with a rush special effects job I believe it had already been established in the trilogy that the vampires could smell the blood of the living And why not make one of the celebrities a real shit heel Fear of a defamation lawsuit probably but hide spoiler 5 StarsThis is really a great trilogy that should not be missed by readers of horror and urban fantasyThis is all a third book of a trilogy should be and Action action and bloody action Halloween comes fast in this novel as The Red Wave decends upon the Town of Pine Deep We pick up right where Bad Moon Rising leaves off and uickly all the story threads are pulled together Yes Malcom Crow was my favorite of our protagonists but Maberry has through out this series proven that Malcolm s fiancee Val a pregnant mother who lost most of her family is arguably the strongest bravest and most bad ass of them all including the twisted cronies of Griswold sJonathan Maberry has proven to me. FROM A FUNFESTEach ear the residents of Pine Deep host the Halloween Festival drawing tourists and celebrities from across the country to enjoy the deliciously creepy fun Those who visit the small Pennsylva.

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