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Rove our disposition on humanity There is alot I took from it for my own knowledge and benefitI believe just like him that every individual has their own journey with faith it may come off as strong aggressive or reachy at first but an avid seeker of knowledge usually ends up in the right Gnosis place of theirath eventually We need to make a conscious effort to focus on ourselves instead of judging those who are new to the faith Being Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina patient and open minded of others and their struggle is always what attractsencourages me to feel confident about my ownersonal belief when it comes to religion Interesting study and representation of the role of Music in Islam A hopeful and honest book I cannot give it any less than 5 stars as its vulnerable and Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up personal A beautiful book and a beautiful human being I find it extremely courageous for someone to walk a certain road and then decide to stop and think and be humble enough to decide a different road is better for them Yusuf Islam s story is full of courage and humbleness His journey to Islam and then his journey navigating the differences in opinion around music in Islam is inspirational May Allah continue to bringeople to Islam through his music and sincerit. E last few decades• A uniue work that chronicles his spiritual journey to Islam• Also available in Arabi.

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19 to read list The fact that he must take A LOT of effort to get to where he s at right now ie a The Wingman Chronicles practising muslim who uses his talent to spread da wah Though WHY I STILL CARRY A GUITAR is actually the 7 in that list I skipped everything started reading this instead A super book it should read by every one who believes Islam is not good It should also be read by all Muslims It was so nice to read YusufCat tell the story of his journey after all these years I have so much respect for this man sassion to do good and seek the truth He has definitely grown in his ideas too I ve been searching for an ebook format of this to download for a while now but had no luck Fortunately I went to a book fair today where the Malaysian Flood Legends publishers of this book had just one copy of Why I Still Carry A Guitar left on their display and my aunt grabbed it aka bought it for the family so we could all read it so YAY for me I finished this in one sitting in a span of an hour and a few minutes I ve never really heard of Cat Steven s Yusuf Islam s music before I might have come across it but his story has always fascinated me and I am glad I got to read his musings andositive message about faith and how it can help us imp. Known as Cat StevensKey Features• A memoir by Cat StevensYusuf Islam one of the greatest music icons of th.

I knew the name Cat StevensYusuf Islam from my mother as a The Best Of Saint Louis pop star who converted into Islam I have some of his songs in my mp3layer eg Morning Has Broken Peace Train among few others I am somehow familiar with his name voice Reading this memoir is just another The Brother-Offended Checklist personal way of getting acuainted with this old singer who has a beautiful voice fascinating views about life If he wasn t a muslim I might not be interested to read about his story I was simply curious about his hijrah his background before after Islam I wanted to know why heurposely chose Islam amidst his fame star studded youthHe remained behind the scene for almost 25 years if I m not mistaken So he disappeared from the spotlight to get to know about Islam to be a faithful student of this religion this deen Now that he s out again roducing songs to get his message across to the listeners he explained in his writing the reasons why he took many years out of the scene finally chose to return Ps I had a mind boggling conversation with Madi over whatsapp about the reality of complexities in Islam today ie eople having different views sometimes distorted ones She brought up Yusuf s name reminded me of this book which happens to be in my 20. 'Why I Still Carry A Guitar' is a memoir by legendary singer songwriter and hilanthropist Yusuf Islam also.

British singer songwriter multi instrumentalist humanitarian and education philanthropist He is a prominent convert to IslamStevens converted to Islam and adopted the name Yusuf Islam the following year He is to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014