Noah J. Efron: A Chosen Calling

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Whole xploded in size at the xact same time that the Jewish contribution did As an illustration the number of PhDs awarded to men roughly 10 doubled from 1950 to 2000 in the US and 17 doubled if I go all the way to this year and for women it 150 doubled So while Jewish communities definitely realised that they could acuire influence in society by advancing human knowledge they did it simultaneously with the birth of modern science and managed to act upon it in stark comparison with many other thnic and minority groups This also at a time when the average Jew was poor. Ish affinity for science through the geographic and cultural circumstances of Jews who were compelled to settle in new worlds in the Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue early twentieth centurySeeking relief from religious persecution millions of Jews resettled in the United States Palestine and the Soviet Union with large concentrations of settlers in New York Tel Aviv and Moscow Science played a large role in the lives and livelihoods of these immigrants it was a universal force that transcended the arbitrary Old World orders that had longnsured the xclusion of all but a few Jews from the seats of power wealth and public steem Although the three destinations were far apart geographically the links among the communities

Ly ducated and could hardly read most of them had been forced to flee persecution and lived in shtetls and Lower East Side dumps So while oft repeated geneticrace arguments in favour of some sort of Jewish superiority are incorrect Efron doesn t really manage to penetrate the reason for the Jewish community s incredibly fficient reaction to the increasing scientification not a real word of society In other words I now know why the Jews wanted to participate in the sciences and in Gone (Gone, engineering but I still do not know why they managed to be great at doing science So why. Erenduring and spirited This shared xperience of facing the future in new worlds both physical and conceptual provided a generation of Jews with opportunities unlike any their parents and grandparents had knownThe tumultuous recent century of Jewish history which saw both a methodical campaign to blot out Europe's Jews and the inexorable absorption of Western Jews into the societies in which they now live is illuminated by the place of honor science held in Jewish imaginations Science was central to their dreams of creating new worlds welcoming worlds for a persecuted peopleThis provocative work will appeal to historians of science as well as scholars of religion Jewish studies and Zioni.

An interesting xamination of the societal dynamics that led Jews to look to science as a way to be accepted and All Seated on the Ground even succeed in America Russia and Palestine then Israel Rather than intellectual superiority he presents the possibility of opportunities as the driving force It s a methodically presented argument This book sort of does what it says on the tin but it also fails to reallyxplain the deeper cultural reasons for the out performance of the Jewish science portfolio relative to others The key issue in my opinion with the analysis is the fact that science as Scholars have struggled for decades to Untitled. explain why Jews have succeededxtravagantly in modern science A variety of controversial theories from such intellects as C P Snow Norbert Wiener and Nathaniel Weyl have been promoted Snow hypothesized an Wiring evolved genetic predisposition to scientific success Wiener suggested that the breeding habits of Jews sustained hereditary ualities conducive for learning Economist andugenicist Weyl attributed Jewish intellectual minence to seventeen centuries of breeding for scholarsRejecting the idea that Jews have done well in science because of uniuely Jewish traits Jewish brains and Jewish habits of mind historian of science Noah J Efron approaches the Jew.

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