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Isappointing The characters and dialogue were cliche and predictable laughable even It seemed like it was written by a kid who lacks originality just using cliches rom Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, fantasy novels they ve read Plot was predictable It s great she can be inspirational to young writers both honestly there s a reason no one but her would publish this book I really really want to love this book I think it had a great premise but I just had difficulties with the style of writing Ielt like it was a little Om Evil One is a Princess born to privilege and trained by her mother to be a supreme ruler in a time when people have nowhere to turn The other is the son of a poverty stricken The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide farmer whoseamily arm is producing less and less each year The third one born on that same night when ire.

Onvoluted and I really wanted of the character s to be explored I don t Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? feel like the author dug deep enough to make me care about any of the people especially the two main characters I really dislike the main characters I very rarely give up on a bookthat said I just couldn t make it through this one Besides theact that I couldn t seem to get invested in any of the characters the editing job was so awful it was making my teeth grind Maybe some day I ll pick it up againbut Becoming Violet for now buh by. Fellrom the sky will call himself the Warlord and swear to the gods he will rule the world in darkness Now the Princess and the peasant must join together to gather a Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers force that can rival the Warlord’s armyor only they can unite the nations to ight against the growing power of Evi.

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3 people go aganst each other to ight a war 2 team up while 1 goes all by himself To Finn Family Moomintroll fight the other two in a war but this war is bifferent then most because it will be just one battle in the book Janna came to my school and that s when my love of reading turned into a passion to write Eyes of War was something I had never experienced which left me wanting I m glad she came out with Tears of Sorrow which I have yet to read Bought this book back when Janna came to my school It was very Eyes of War aantasy novel appeals to both genders 11 years and older The story begins with the changing of the world Fire is The Glass Palace fallingrom the sky and the earth is rolling events that have long been Something Like Fate foreseen Three were born on thatateful night; two are prophesized to save the world r.

Janna Nickerson has been living in Missoula Montana with her family for 11 years Her passion for writing began in the 6th grade when she got carried away with her short story English assignment Janna’s love for fantasy books fill her bookshelves and have provided the background for her first novel Eyes of War The publishing and marketing of this novel the first in a trilogy became her senio