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The author rocked this book so hard it took my breath away The level of craft the level of emotion the gorgeous beautiful language the wonderful story wow And there s enough sex to satisfy the greediest of erotic romance readers Deep Diving was sent to me via Netgalley for an honest review So here goes Deep Diving stars two main characters Samantha and Cooper Sam is a retired triathlon competitor and Coop still lays football They meet on a Diving holiday and become dive buddies Lust at first sight is uickly followed by a growing relationship Will it turn into than just a holiday fling I ll let you read and find out for yourself I have never read a story which included Diving and i found this a lovely surprise It was so full of description and i could imagine being down there with themI loved the competitions they both took Cat Out of Hell part in i found it very cuteThey both aren t great at having relationships and admit that to each other but i love the fact you see their relationship grow as the book goes alongThis is a refreshing book and i really did enjoy itI will recommend to everyoneA great read and well worth 4 A sea side holiday fling between two Australian sportsros held tons of appeal and I was glad to take it down and dust it off my shelf It was sizzling hot but had a nice undercurrent of emotion to drive the relationship forwardDeep Diving is a fast read standalone set on an Australian island for two Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work people looking for a sea diving holiday. From Cate Ellink comes a sun soaked sandy seaside erotic novel about a tropicalaradise two athletes used to getting Mother India physical and a sex filled no strings holiday fling Samantha is celebrating her newly retired status from competitive triathlons with a diving holiday in her favouritelace in the world Australia’s Lord Howe Island But all divers need a buddy and Sam can.

Sam is a newly retired The Late Romances pro triathelete now coach who encounters Cooper a star footballlayer The extent of the story is one week but so much happens from them starting as diving buddies with a strong attraction to holiday bed buddies with rules about Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity parting after and then the feelings get involvedI was all set for this tolay out in the usual way but then I My Curvy Valentine (Perfect Fit, perked right up Sam is telling the story and it is not long before herersonality shines forth Samantha is 38 and she is a vibrant confident and competitive woman She has no Attainment (Temptation, problem saying what she thinks or what she wants She is not abrasive or rude but just certain Though yes she likes her control and likes to dictate theace of things She s used to men wanting her and used to being with hard bodied athletic men so she sees Cooper as a nice distraction and Hatred in the belly part of the holiday At firstThis was hot and thisair got up to some erotic escapades between their wonderful adventures diving snorkeling hiking and running Incidentally I loved seeing Always Be Ready pro athletes acting like well athletes They enjoyed activeursuits but appreciated the view and Encyclopedia of International Development photography in Cooper s case The meal descriptions were sumptuous but not decadent They werelaying and having fun Friends and lovers with common interests but then a relationship snuck up on themSam is awkward with social situations Gender Inequality in Our Changing World particularly when she senses a relationship happening but I thought it was neat how the author used this for thisair. ’t dive solo A chance meeting with rugby league superstar Cooper Sterling in the dive shop seems serendipitous Sam can’t wait to have a artner who might be able to keep up with herIt soon becomes evident that Cooper and Sam are compatible both in and out of the water and things gets seriously sexy But Sam is disinclined to be another football groupie and Cooper has be.

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To have adult conversations about where they are at in life and what they want Oh sure Sam is terrified and wants to do a runner each time she realizes that she is falling just a little bit for Cooper They are uite the air so attracted and Media, Home and Family perfect for each other and I thought their awkward moments of trying to talk about feelings and aossible future was adorableAll in all this book was a delightful surprise Its holiday sports and erotic romance bundled together but it ventures Multicultural Partnerships past the usual and gives a fun story for aair that I really enjoyed for their uniueness I can heartily recommend this one to those who enjoy contemporary sports romance with a than a dash of spice Cate Ellink s writing style is so different to any other author I know that I would have trouble making a comparison but what I can tell you is that if you like her you really like her and that s the case for me There s a frankness and a downright fabulously filthy sexiness in Deep Diving the same that I enjoyed in The Virginity Mission Cate s debut novel A definite re reader I was A Convent Tale provided with an ARC of this book by Escape Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review If you are in the market for a fun sexy likeable and hot love story Deep Diving will be entirely up your alley It would be aerfect read for sitting by the Contemporary Issues in California Archaeology pool Just make sure you grab yourself a fan because things do get steamyYou can check out the full review at My Written Romance45 out of. En burned before So the rules are clear a holiday fling no strings attached and theyart as friends at the endBut as the final days of their time together come to a close and a life apart becomes a reality Sam and Cooper start to uestion their decision Is this holiday fling really the finish line or can Sam and Cooper turn their friendly competition into than sizzling sex.

Cate Ellink became intrigued by the erotic when her grandfather used to pass books to her father saying “Don’t let the girls read page X” Although her mother and sisters never bothered to chase those pages Cate always did Invariably her imagination was better than what she read While pursuing a career in science Cate amused herself by writing about ordinary events and giving them an erotic