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Of this story Bryan really doesn t now I wonder if this is the first munch Dylan and he have hosted That would explain their reactions Bryan trying too hard maybe too wrapped up in trying to impress his friends to actually think the whole situation through and Dylan messing about for the same reason Dylan was as much at fault for not saying no and simply tolerating the punishment without protest even though Bryan new he hated it I love the reality of this situation Two people still learning still unsure neither wanting to let the other or their friends down and both getting it oh so wrong Mistakes on all sides Bryan for humiliating Dylan without permission in a situation where Dylan really had no choice if he was not to embarrass his dom Dylan for getting into the situation in the first place especially if this WAS their first time hosting a munch and the friends for not having uiet word with the pair of them and making it something they could all laugh about There is a little too much telling eg Marshall had mentored Bryan when he and Dylan had joined but we are made aware that Bryan and Dylan are relatively new to thisI felt real sympathy for Bryan doing what he thought was right and I can honestly say I understood WHY he acted the way he did Bryan comes over as very unsure of himself and I think the whole story is summed up perfectly a couple of places Doms are human too pet We can mistakes as well And this They had let one another down he and Bryan Now for the uibbles The story drags in places and I think it could have been shortened without losing any of the tension A good editor would have tightened it up However the author DID fulfil a pretty exacting prompt I would have like fewer info dumps There were a few too many incidental characters and later on the dialogue becomes somewhat clunky e g Oh Bry It s nothing personal but it will always be your fault as D is my brother But when it comes down to it this is just right People DO act in silly ways either from ignorance or fear or trying to show off in front of others People DO walk away after being humiliated BDSM lite Exactly Loved it Let me explainNo There is too much Let me sum up Inigo MMisunderstandings poor planning and acting before thinking I have a hard time enjoying stories based on miscommunication Add in the retrospective chunk of time that predominates the story and we end up spending only a few paragraphs at the beginning and a few at the end with the characters actually occupying the same space I just had a difficult time connecting with the characters and their relationship On the upside I liked the mentoringsupport aspect to Dylan and Bryan s communit. Ce Group's Love’s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

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Your story but I don t think I can after all I have a heard time with TPE and I especially don t like it when it involves humiliation at allBut that s the only reason I m not reading it I want to thank you again for donating your time energy and creative spirit to Love s Landscapes and I hope you eep writing You will continue to improve and hone your skills as you go Most popular writers started out with bad reviews This was lovely even given a few issues with the writing it was still enough for a full on 4Like An Old Fashioned Love Song this story features recognisable realistic BDSM with recognisable real people as the Top and bottom And like nearly every other recognisable and realistic BDSM story out there this gets downrated and downtalked for being too sweet no proper BDSM and too fluffyWhen I look at such completely zany reactions as those I read regarding this story I get all ragey over the fact that by now BDSM and ink are so utterly misrepresented to romance rea Okay ish Too much telling versus showing It looked to me the men wanted somewhat different things from their relationship This was an enjoyable change of pace the two MCs spend 99% of the story apart as they reflect on their relationship and communication I wouldn t want every story I read to be like this but once in a while it s nice 35 stars Nice prompt and image but the execution was a mess This story was a lot of things but not BDSM Both men acted like children I didn t see a Dom and sub here I saw two idiots Writing was okay but there was no plot and the MCs were one dimensional The incident that triggered the punishment was ridiculous This was an all around aggravating story no steam and almost no interaction between the MCs Enjoyable short story good writing and I loved the pic and prompt Many thanks to the author for participating in the Love s Landscapes event Okay It s been a stressful day but I really want to write this review so forgive me if it ends up being a bit scrappy First off The prompt is very specific and somewhat constraining and udos to M A Jackson for fulfilling it so well I particularly liked the BDSM Lite tagThe start of the story is lovely showing us just how upset and angry Dylan is over his treatment Great dialogue here Fucked up big time Bryan So Bryan has humiliated Dylan and now realises what a mess he has made of their relationship The description of the backyard after the party is understated and yet so sad in a way a sense of emptiness after what was not long before a cheerful noisy munch with friends Now the empty backyard seems to mock Bryan as he stand there wondering what he has done wrongAnd that is the beauty. At an intense tennis camp where they are not allowed to have any contact with anyone except for emergencies The camp ends next week Friday will he come back to me or by humiliating him did I lose him for good I love him Please write this story and let him now I love himPhoto Description A young man stands facing a wooden privacy fence arms raised behind his head He wears a flipped sun visor no shirt and his white shorts are pulled low exposing his muscled back and tanned bottomThis story was written as a part of the MM Roman.

I didn t like this story but I am giving it 4 stars for the writing I think the author did a good job and my problem was with the prompt than the writing The prompt sounded alright But reading it over it places far too much blame on the Dom And the author did to eualize the blame than the prompt And I think the author did a moderately good job writing a relationship a BDSM world and some concept of BDSM I don t totally agree with her concept but realistic than a lot of BDSM writing And there weren t noticeable flaws in writingI could imagine a sub acting the way Dylan acted And a Dom does have a responsibility not to push their sub too far And to talk to them before ending a scene This was a major failure of communication However the sub also has a responsibility to communicate when he is uncomfortable And to follow the contract not leave in anger And it wasn t clear to me that either member of this relationship understood where things went wrong or adeuately apologized And the story also made a big deal about the reason why Dylan was punished which I felt was arguable an appropriate reason but also clearly an excuse for what Bryan felt was a pre planned sceneSo really this wasn t good for me at all in the BDSM story But the writing was fine and I d like to see from Ms Jackson I fear I need to stop reading BDSM stories or I ll throw my laptop one dayview spoiler The punishment in the beginning was than deserved so I really don t see what the fuss is about and the Dom warned his sub about the whole thing Humiliated him As if all Bryan did was doing his job as Dylan s Dom And how Dylan acts in the end Like a spoilt brat A sub like him He needs a cock cage daily spankings boundaries so tight he gasps for air and a Dom that really shows him his place My Master would not have been so forgiving hide spoiler Dear MA JacksonI would send this personally but as you aren t a Goodreads Author you don t have a message option Sorry is the magic word I am SO sorry for how some people are treating you with this story If people don t like it that s fine but they don t need to get mad at you for following the prompt especially when you gave a warning at the beginning that your view might be different than others It is possible to have TPE without the humiliation aspect Gillibrand from Fun With Dick and Shane is in a TPE relationship and he is not purposely humiliated and that is a true story Your story sounds really sweet to me actually like the dom actually thinks about his sub as a human being capable of emotions There are times for total dominance and submission and times when exhibiting that may not be appropriate I thought I could read. Dear AuthorI am a Dom who blew it with my boy; see the picture and you will see I sent him to the corner for punishment out in my backyard Unfortunately when I did that some friends of mine and some of his friends were there also for a BB party After the party was over he left and it has been five days He isn’t with any of his friends or his family and I am worried I have tried calling him emailing him and texting him but no response I finally got a clue I remembered him telling me about a chance to be a counselor and trainer.