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Ppened to Charlie I just wish it had never hit that point for him and the drugs hadn t won Good n Rosie for giving him a new chance Beautiful childA sad story a beautiful child who attaches himself to the foster carer loving the closeness and cuddles he receives Which is something he probably had never experienced before The actual story how it is laid Fantastic Post Office 03 out is very easy to read and get into didn t want to put it down A little gemI ve read a numberf fostering memoirs mainly Cathy Glass with a couple Tim Crouch of. Rty council flatLaying alonen a pile f rubbish until concerned neighbours hear him whimpering Charlie is taken to hospital by police fficers who are unable to rouse his motherWith a gash to.

To short didnt get into the character development like I did with cathy glass novels and Drawing the Human Head other booksf this sort True storyReally enjoyed this book a very good read Would recommend it to my friends have read a few Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics of this writers books I don t uite understand why the story is so brief unless it s partf a series about all the children fostered by Rosie it s a lovely but sad memoir SaddeningIt is a shame that this is not a new form DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle of tale However I am very glad to see the changes and findut what ha. A heartbreaking and shocking short story from foster carer Rosie LewisToddler Charlie falls from the second floor window f his tower block home while his mother is busy shooting up in their di.

Casey Watson s mixed in I therefore kept seeing Rosie s work popping up in my recommendation lists to read n so I thought I would give her short stories a try I must admit to initially being uite skeptical as I couldn t fathom how she could do justice to a child s story in such a story form However I now realise how important these stories are to understanding fostering You don t always get the full picture as a foster carer and stories such as these demonstrate that I ll definitely be reading f her work. His head a terrified Charlie is delivered to foster carer Rosie Lewis’s home As Charlie pens up about his past a picture f the traumatic life the little boy has endured so far becomes clea.

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Rosie Lewis has been a short term foster carer for over seven years and in that time has shared her home with over twenty children Since childhood Rosie has had an obsession with books and is now delighted to combine fostering with her other passion writing by recording some of her experiences in a series of memoirs Based in northern England Rosie writes under a pseudonym to protect the iden