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I ran across Frontier at the local Walmart I bought it I wasn t disappointed The writing is ood the characters believable and best of all it was thoroughly. Ous Dakota Territory At his command is a rising young officer Mark Reynolds and his spirited bride Rose who longs for danger and excitement Her wish comes true when army scout Jack Gregory learns that three native tribes are preparing to defend their land against Carrington’s troops As the drums of war intensify Greg.

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A Pretty interesting well written maybe a little disjointed I read SK Salzer s first novel Up From Thunder several years ago and really enjoyed it so when. Fort Kearney Nebraska is the ateway to the west for a new breed of pioneers Civil War veterans and widows card sharps and Indian agents and drifters they arrive every day hoping to forge their destiny Colonel Henry B Carrington of the US Calvary is assigned the unenviable task of securing a trio of forts in the danger.

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Researched I m a huge fan of well researched historical fiction and Frontier fits that category to a T If you feel the same I d highly recommended this nove. Ory takes off on a deadly mission of his own Rose risks temtation in the arms of an army surgeon and Carrington faces the reatest foe he has ever knownNow at a lonely outpost in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains they must make one final stand The fate of a nation and the history of America will be written in bloo.